5 Boot Trends You'll Be Coveting This Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, and you may know what that means: coats, tights, and cute outfits galore. Fall fashion is officially here. With this cold weather approaching, the ultimate season's staple must-have is back: boots in all shapes, sizes, and styles. And who doesn't love a cute pair of boots? There are so many styles of boots, too ... some that are perfect for mild weather and others that will get you through the snowiest days. Stylishly Me breaks down some of the boot types.

Now that you know the types, it's time to get ready to rock this year's hottest boot trends that can work with just about any outfit. With the variety of silhouettes out there, you will not be left without styling options. In fact, you may be able to incorporate it into your personal style just the way you like. The versatility of a good pair of boots offers so many opportunities for different looks. If you don't already have some of these trending styles in your wardrobe, consider how they can elevate your favorite fall fashion outfits.

Sleek skin-tight

Aim for a slick look with a skin-hugging kind of boot. Do you remember when Cardi B sang, "I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks"? This was an ankle heel boot that brought the skin-tight look back in action. In fact, this has been kind of a classic boot that never goes out of style. These are often found in a variety of boot heights with a thin heel for a sexy, elegant look. Style these boots with something as daring as a mini-skirt with tights or a longer flowing dress and long coat. These boots can give the same effect and warmth that a pair of leggings or socks can, making them a perfect shoe for the fall (via Footwear News).

Classic thigh-high look

Another classic style is the thigh-high boot. This can be sexy, elegant, or casual and comes in colors or styles that fit just about anyone's preferences. If you are considering trying the thigh-high look, there are several things to consider. This style of boots can be loose but also skin-tight. Plan your outfit accordingly. Shoe expert Sandra Hagelstam for Vogue Scandinavia says you should consider the style of your boots and how they will work with your outfit. For example, wear something loose if the boots are tight and something more form-fitting if the boots are loose. Consider how the layers, textures, and colors of the boot will look with your planned outfit. The great thing about these boots is the variety you will find to make dressing them that much more fun.

Platform style

Get a little bit more daring by choosing to wear a platform boot. Taking over the runways and going viral on TikTok with over 81.4 million views, the platform boots offer a Y2K-inspired touch. This style of boot is the fashion obsession this year, making it the perfect style for fall. The platform aspect steals the show and can even make you feel empowered. It can offer both an edgy take or an elegant look, depending on what you choose to wear it with. Have fun dressing the platform boots up or down, working with just about any style.

Fun rain boots

When function meets fashion, you get the best of both worlds. Today, many products that began as functional pieces, such as Crocs for comfort, have taken a turn to become some of the top trending styles. You can see the same happening with rain boots, and often rider boots which carry a similar look. Yes, these boots are perfect for a stormy day, but who says you can't be fashionable at the same time? These boots can come in their original Welly style with a high fashion twist, or they can look completely different than what you're used to, but with waterproof material. These look perfect with a casual look, often street style. And, of course, they pair perfectly with a long coat.

An edgy grunge

With this weather change, you will start seeing darker tones to accompany the moody fall feel. These muted tones offer perfect opportunities to go for an edgier, grunge-style look. Boots in this style can have a bit of a punk-rock feel with extra straps, zippers, buckles, or other embellishments. This can be found in the style of popular combat boots with or without a platform or even something more elevated and dressed up like a stiletto heel boot (via Essence).