Scorpio: Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Zodiac Sign

If you were born between October 23 and November 21, you are a Scorpio. Per the tenets of astrology, this means the Scorpio zodiac sign was located on the eastern horizon on the day you were born. The sign is a powerful predictor of your personality, your communication style, what kind of partner and friend you are, and even how you work with others. 


No zodiac sign is as intense or complex as Scorpio. The sign's association with death, transformation, and insight coincides with their passionate natures (via Tarot). They draw others to them with their magnetic personalities and their charm. According to AstroGraph, Scorpios are highly attuned to the power of transformation, both in themselves and others. This sign gets a bad rap for being moody or difficult, but in reality they are often simply misunderstood. Scorpios are loyal, intense, emotional, and sensitive people who bring value and deep conversation to the lives of others. Here's what else you should know about this alluring sign.

The myth of Scorpio

The fascinating story of Scorpio and its honored place in the night sky comes from Greek mythology. According to Globe at Night, Orion was a valiant huntsman who once had plans to rid the Earth of all animals. This vow infuriated Gaia, the goddess of Earth and protector of animals. To guard her domain, she sent the colossal scorpion named Scorpius to battle Orion. Scorpius stung the mighty hunter with its stinger, killing them both. To honor Scorpius, he was raised from the ashes and placed among the stars where he can be seen in the sky pursuing Orion. In other versions of the Scorpio myth, Orion angered the hunter goddess Artemis with his violent vow. Artemis sent the scorpion after Orion, who killed him with its stinger, and was placed in the heavens by Zeus as a reward.


The Latin name Scorpius translates to "creature with the burning sting" (via Space). In western astrology, the scorpion is universally acknowledged as Scorpio's symbol. However, the constellation is not viewed as a scorpion in every culture. For example, Chinese mythology depicts the constellation as a dragon, while ancient Hawaiians believed the constellation represented Maui's magical fish hook. Scorpio is also associated with the eagle, the phoenix, and the lizard.

Scorpio modality, element, and season

Scorpios are fixed water signs who rule the fall. As a fixed modality, Scorpios are resourceful, ambitious people who let their determination and drive take center stage. They become easily rooted in their opinions and ideas, which makes them difficult to argue with, and have a relentless need to be in control. Like other fixed signs, Scorpios have a tremendous ability to persevere even when something appears to be unattainable (via Astrology 42).


In addition to ambition and determination, this water sign experiences intense emotions, per Astrology Zone. The flow of inner emotions helps them express their sexual and creative energy but it also contains immense depth. They have strong feelings, although they don't often share them with others. It is common for a Scorpio to have powerful reactions to their emotional triggers. Despite this, their introspective natures and intuitive understanding of their own emotions also allow them to go through periods of self-discovery (via USA Today).

As a fall sign, Scorpios are attuned to the changing season. The shorter, darker days that inspire melancholy in others provide Scorpio with an influx of restless energy. It is also the time of year when supernatural themes are abundant and feed the side of Scorpio that craves darkness and mystery.


Symbols of Scorpio

In addition to the stinging scorpion representation, numerous natural and alchemical symbols are associated with Scorpio's sun sign. They are believed to correlate with the unique personality and characteristics of this sign, providing them with an abundance of luck.


The Scorpio glyph is a curvy capital M with an upturned arrow on the end. According to Cafe Astrology, the curves are said to represent the fixed sign's sensible nature while the upturned arrow, which resembles the barbed stinger of a scorpion, symbolizes the need to move forward through either creative or destructive means.

Chrysanthemums and geraniums are the birth flowers associated with Scorpio. There are multiple gemstones associated with Scorpio, including the opal and the strength represented by topaz. Strong metals like steel and iron denote a Scorpio's courage and unending strength. Black is the color most often attributed to the mysterious Scorpio (via Colors Explained). However, fall colors like brown, gold, purple, and dark red also align with the sign's moody, transformative personality.


Scorpio is a feminine sign

The 12 signs of the zodiac calendar are split into masculine and feminine signs. This categorization has nothing to do with sex or gender. Instead, it explains the type of energy a particular sign emits (via Medium). According to Spirit Daughter, Scorpio is a feminine sign that obtains its energy from the moon. Generally speaking, feminine signs are receptive, patient, and focused inward. Although a Scorpio's outer appearance may seem cold, harsh, or distant, their rich emotional lives and sensitive natures are a result of their powerful feminine energy.


This fixed feminine sign takes time to process their emotions and react thoughtfully to new people or situations. Their high levels of intuition help them to clearly see what others might overlook. They rely on this strength to help them navigate new relationships and use it to decide whether or not someone is trustworthy.

The planetary rulers of Scorpio

The majority of signs have only one ruling planet, but the unique, polarizing Scorpio is ruled by two: Pluto and Mars. The influence of these ruling planets helps paint a clearer picture of who a Scorpio is and their specific personality traits (via Birthdate).


Pluto, ruled by the Greek god of the underworld Hades, is the planet of shadows, regeneration, and death. This planet drives Scorpio's interest in supernatural phenomena. It also explains why so many Scorpios are intuitive to the point of possessing seemingly psychic powers. They are drawn to the darkness and mystery of life with a sense of fearlessness and are keen observers of human nature thanks to Pluto's ruling power, per Love to Know. The sign's intensity, ruthlessness, and penchant for secrecy can be attributed to Pluto's influence.

Before Pluto's discovery and the subsequent dual-planetary rulership, Mars was the ruling planet of Scorpio. According to Cafe Astrology, Mars is associated with anger, aggression, and survival instincts. It possesses a fiery, masculine, and raw energy that correlates with adventure. Mars also has the ability to negatively sway a Scorpio's self-worth, normally expressed in outward, manipulative ways.


Scorpio rules the eighth house

According to Labyrinthos, Scorpio rules the eighth house. This house is the house of sexuality, death, transformation, and resurrection. In addition, it is considered to be a gateway to the spiritual realm, which corresponds to magic and the occult. The themes of change and transformation in this house help support a Scorpio's ability to achieve soul-affirming liberation, particularly from the more negative aspects of their personalities. Scorpios never hesitate to ask deep, important questions about the world and their place in it. They are unafraid to tackle tricky topics or messy entanglements. No other sign or house has the ability to face its fears with unflinching courage.


Other people's wealth and personal finances can also be attributed to the eighth house. This can be in the form of inheritances, a spouse or romantic partner's finances, real estate, taxes, or debts. For a Scorpio, this means several things. On a personal front, they are careful with their money (via Horoscope Joy). Their funds can cause arguments in a Scorpio's relationship as well. Financial security is extremely important to Scorpio, and if they or their partner misuses their money it can cause extreme internal and external strife, per Girlboss.

Personality traits of a Scorpio

People born under the sign of Scorpio are often misunderstood. This is mainly because they are complex individuals who are often hard to get to know.

On the positive side, Scorpios are immensely curious and insightful people. They will spend their free time unearthing secrets and the mysteries of life to the point of obsession. They are emotionally intelligent creatures who prefer to control their own destinies (via Zodiac Enthusiasts). They frequently possess a rather dark sense of humor in line with their shadowy selves. However, Scorpios also have a huge capacity for empathy. They easily attract others and connect with the people in their lives if they choose. Furthermore, Scorpios are confident, disciplined people determined to live their best lives.


Although Scorpios are amazing people, they come with some negative personality traits. They are shrewd and observant with an unbelievable charisma that draws people to them like moths to a flame. They also have a talent for persuading others. Generally speaking, these are not bad traits to possess. However, when combined to get what they want, Scorpios can easily become manipulative or deceitful. According to Scorpio Personality Traits, this sign is overly sensitive, which can open them up to resentment and vengeful behaviors. Their fantastic memories make it easy for them to hold grudges and keep them from being able to trust others easily.

Scorpio in love and relationships

Scorpios are the kings and queens of the romance department. According to Co-Star, Scorpios are unabashed, uninhibited flirts who use their charisma, wit, and charm to gain control of a situation. They are not particularly nice or chatty at first, preferring to say exactly what's on their minds. This tactic can be unnerving for the people on the receiving end.


When it comes to love, a Scorpio is always direct and real. While they are more than fine with dramatic flings, Scorpios long for someone who truly sees them for everything they are. They crave intimacy and want to establish a deep, soulful connection with their romantic partner (via Tarot). Attraction and lust are also a major part of the romantic Scorpio sign, as is getting physical (via Thought Catalog).

In order to have a successful relationship with a Scorpio, it is necessary to be honest and transparent. It is also important to accept the intensity Scorpios bring to a partnership. They are passionate and can exhibit possessive, jealous, and suspicious behaviors when they are feeling vulnerable. Scorpios reward the partner who sticks around with healing support, loyalty, and protection.


Scorpio in friendship

The devotion and loyalty a Scorpio exhibit in their romantic relationships also translates to their platonic friendships. A Scorpio is a lifelong friend that will be there through thick and thin. Their generosity and compassion know no bounds, and their ability to understand their friends' emotions makes them great people to have around in a crisis (via Horoscope Joy). Secrets are safe with Scorpios as well. They value genuine connection and honesty from their friends and would never betray their trust.


Because Scorpios do not trust others easily, they rely on their closest friends for emotional support (via Power of Positivity). Sometimes this comes off as selfish or needy, and patience is required to deal with a Scorpio. They have high expectations of their friends and their intense emotions can feel overwhelming at times, but they also encourage their friends to fulfill their true potential. No one is a better defender of their friends than a Scorpio.

Scorpio at work

The zealous, complex, and resourceful nature of Scorpios makes them unique but valuable co-workers and employees. The traits that can sometimes make Scorpios difficult to understand are also highly useful in the workplace. They are assertive and independent, but also goal-oriented and straightforward. Scorpios communicate well with their colleagues and superiors, but prefer to have their personal space (via Career Trend). They feel suffocated by micromanagement and prefer solitary tasks or projects.


Scorpios are extremely hard workers who pride themselves on a challenge. Although they value financial security, they do not want their wealth to come too easily. If they didn't work for their money, they don't feel that they deserve it. In a crisis, Scorpios are calm, take-charge people who put their extreme need for control to good use. Despite their emotional natures, at work, they hide their feelings behind a cool, detached demeanor (via Futurescopes).

Compatible signs for Scorpio

In general, Scorpio is most compatible with Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, and Pisces. Scorpios require a partner that is honest, respectful, and intelligent (via PrepScholar). As a sign that doesn't fall in love easily, they also need someone who is patient and willing to ride the waves of their emotional unpredictability. Their inquisitive and serious natures also benefit from a sign that can break them out of their shell and encourage them to be more playful.


Scorpio and Capricorn are both hardworking signs that have drive, ambition, and value financial security. Scorpios are much more invested in their emotions than Capricorns are, but they both are good at communicating their wants and needs. According to The Times of India, Aries is a compatible sign with Scorpio. The fiery and playful personality of an Aries sign complements the deep, serious nature of a Scorpio. Although Aries may initially dislike a Scorpio's need for control, over time they are good at achieving balance in their relationship. Scorpio and Taurus also make a great pair. Taurus provides the stability Scorpio craves, and they are both extremely loyal partners that like long-term relationships.


Pisces is the most compatible sign for Scorpio. Both water signs are creative and emotional people that have similar sensitive natures and outlooks on life as well. Both signs are highly intuitive and perceptive of other people's needs and wants.

Incompatible signs for Scorpio

Thanks to their obsessive, stubborn, manipulative, and jealous tendencies, Scorpios can be difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with. They don't care to compromise and hold fast to their independence, which doesn't work well with signs that are also controlling or argumentative. This makes Aquarius and Leo incompatible signs for Scorpio.


It is impossible to deny the attraction between Aquarius and Scorpio, but it unfortunately does not usually equal compatibility. Both signs share a razor-sharp wit and are private in their relationships. However, Aquarius hates Scorpio's natural desire to control and dominate, while Scorpio can't deal with the social needs of Aquarius, per LiveAbout. Aquarius is also a strong-willed fixed sign who appreciates big picture views rather than deep dives, which may be baffling to a curious Scorpio and can lead to misunderstanding.

Scorpio and Leo are opposites. Leos are generally bright, vibrant, outgoing individuals who crave the spotlight and thrive in dramatic scenarios. They love a juicy piece of gossip and sharing secrets, something that Scorpio despises. Leos are also romantic people that value grand gestures and extremes (via Indastro). While Scorpios are sensual people who desire intimacy in all of its forms, they don't often appreciate the showy romance Leos are known for. The pair's extreme differences in personality can cause their relationship to turn toxic fast. Not to mention both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, which hinders their ability to compromise and communicate effectively.


What do Scorpios fear?

The natural darkness within the Scorpio sign makes them relatively fearless. Per Co-Star, Scorpios are unafraid of the parts of life that deeply frighten others. They do not fear death or pain, and they definitely aren't afraid of what lurks in the shadows. It is these strange, mysterious, and mostly unknowable elements of life that excite them the most.


Instead, Scorpios fear vulnerability and the possibility of being betrayed by the people they bring into their inner circle. According to The Law of Attraction, Scorpio's difficulty with trust stems from their fear of being betrayed. They are also terrified of being judged or humiliated by someone else, which is why it takes them so long to make connections with people in the first place. This fear is what drives their need to be in control. If they feel as if they have the power in a relationship dynamic, they can choose how close or distant they keep themselves.

Which tarot cards represent Scorpio?

Tarot cards are used as a tool for fortune-telling, relying on numerology, astrology, and other symbols to give them meaning. The tarot card most commonly associated with the Scorpio sign is the Death card.


It is a common misconception that the Death tarot card symbolizes the end of life. As with all things Scorpio, this card actually translates to transformation, regeneration, release, reinvention, and rebirth (via Tarot). There are endless interpretations of the Death card in any given reading, depending on the cards around it, the intention, or the question that was posed to the cards. However, this card generally indicates letting go of something painful to make way for something better. It symbolizes the inevitability of change, per Astrology Answers. Scorpio and the Death card also highlight the importance of enduring the most difficult parts of life in order to be reborn or transformed.

The numerous famous Scorpios

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you are in good company. According to Forbes, numerous artists and entertainers are Scorpios, including Julia Roberts, Whoopi Goldberg, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Goldie Hawn. Other famous people known to be Scorpios are Winona Ryder, Drake, and Frank Ocean.


Some of the world's greatest painters were Scorpios. Their innate ability to connect with their emotions as well as their attraction to the dark and mysterious aspects of life gave way to new art movements celebrated to this day. Pablo Picasso was a Scorpio as was Claude Monet, the founder of impressionist painting (via Artnet). Famous landscape artist Bob Ross, who was born on October 29, 1942, spread his love for painting with thousands of people.

Plenty of Scorpios have also held leadership roles in government, including U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.