Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fixed Signs

Understanding who we are, how we express ourselves, and why we do the things we do is a fascinating subject. In astrology, the 12 zodiac signs and their presence in the yearly cycle help us answer those questions. According to the New York Post, the zodiac calendar is split into three categories called quadruplicities or modalities, and they are cardinal, mutable, and fixed signs. Each modality consists of four zodiac signs, more commonly known as sun signs, which correspond to a person's birthday. These signs share similar strengths and weaknesses. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, fixed signs are the loyal BFFs of the zodiac calendar, with elements of creativity, determination, and uncompromising stubbornness running through their veins (via Cosmopolitan).


Of course, not all fixed sign traits apply to every individual. However, if you are a fixed sign, understanding the general makeup of your dominant energies can help illuminate your choices and personality quirks. It can also explain how you interact with others, clarify why certain goals are more important to you than others, and show you what kind of partner you are. Now, let's break down everything you ever wanted to know about fixed signs, from their personality traits to their compatibility with other signs.

What are the fixed signs?

There are four fixed signs in the zodiac wheel, each of which is attributed to one of the four elements. They include Aquarius (air), Taurus (earth), Leo (fire), and Scorpio (water). Unlike the cardinal and mutable modalities, which are located at the beginning and end of the spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons, fixed signs are found in the middle of each season. According to YourTango, this sturdy placement makes them traditionalists. The fixed signs are achievers and doers who get things accomplished. Their stability and grounding presence is necessary to balance out the bold leaders and flexible natures of their calendar counterparts.


Each of these fixed astrological signs experiences the world in similar ways. It is generally understood that individuals born under these signs are opinionated, stubborn, rigid, hard-working, and loyal to their causes as well as their relationships. However, due to the different elements the signs correspond to, each sign uses its fixed traits in unique ways, per Bed Threads. They have a bad reputation for being stuffy individuals when, in reality, they are far from boring or overly conservative. In fact, many fixed signs are just the opposite. This group finds comfort in tradition, structure, and plans, all of which are put to good use when paired alongside signs from other modalities. 

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Aquarius fixed signs belong to the winter season. Its symbol is the water bearer, although the sign belongs to the air element, which can cause confusion amongst those unfamiliar with the zodiac. However, while water signs are artistic and wildly imaginative, air signs like Aquarius are much more intellectual. Aquarians are rebellious humanitarians who maintain a deep connection to their communities and believe in making a difference (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). They are innovative thinkers who dream of making large-scale, systematic changes. Aquarians are the leaders and free spirits of the fixed modality as well, which means they don't mesh well with authority figures.


Aquarians are known for losing themselves in their projects. They pursue their goals with dogged determination, sometimes to the detriment of their personal lives and individual well-being. At first glance, many Aquarians appear cold and distant personality. It can be challenging to build and maintain a relationship with this fixed sign as a result. The reality is that Aquarians simply don't wish to engage in meaningless conversations. They're always looking at the big picture and are often lost in their own ideas for revolutionary change. They approach things from a clinical perspective, which can be confused with being unemotional or unfeeling. Furthermore, they appreciate theory over practice, which can lead to disconnection from others.


Per The Times of India, Aquarians are excellent communicators who thrive when exhibiting their intelligence and innovative ideas. They understand how to thoughtfully express their strong beliefs and bridge different perspectives in difficult conversations, which comes in handy when they are championing a cause they believe in. Overall, Aquarius may be a bit restrained and distant, but they are loyal to a fault and make excellent life partners.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Taurus is the first fixed sign on the zodiac calendar, represented by the bull. This sign belongs to the earth element and occurs during the middle of spring. Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and wealth. As a result, they are the more sensual of the fixed signs. They adore being pampered and devote as much time as possible to luxurious self-care. In addition, they are attracted to material possessions and create cozy, well-decorated homes for their families.


That isn't to say that Taureans don't know the value of hard work. They earn their money, putting their ambitious natures and supreme focus to work to obtain security in every aspect of their lives. Per LiveAbout, Taureans embrace their connection to the earth by building strong foundations in every aspect of their lives. They are deliberate in their choices and actions, with long-term goals of creating things that last. This dedication makes Taureans reliable, loyal, and consistent. However, this extreme commitment to their work, their beliefs, and their relationships can make this fixed sign seem unnecessarily stubborn to others.

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Summer's fixed sign is Leo. As a fire sign, Leos are passionate, creative individuals with a powerful sense of self-expression.  Leos thrive in situations where they can receive recognition for their accomplishments and be praised. According to Co—Star Astrology, Leos are confident characters. They are larger than life, forces of nature that love the spotlight. They are the life of every party. A Leo is the first to jump into the pool or snag the mic on karaoke night.


Their excellent organizational skills make them the go-to people for party planning and family get-togethers. In fact, Leos feel a strong sense of responsibility to bring their loved ones together. From their perspective, traditions are to be celebrated like special events. Of course, not all Leos are actors or singers. Many Leos are simply vibrant, fun people who like to have a good time. According to Women's Health, extravagance and lavishness are important to this fiery fixed sign, but so is the ability to express themselves freely. If Leos do not have the ability to do so, they may feel creatively stunted.

From the outside, Leos can appear self-centered and dramatic. They do love harmless gossip and receiving gifts, but the truth is most Leos are dependable, supportive, and straightforward. They may tell it like it is, but they do so warmly. Leos make incredible friends and partners who want nothing but the best for the people in their lives. Their compassion and generosity know no bounds.


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio is a fixed water sign symbolized by the scorpion and fueled by the fall season. Scorpios are the most emotional of the fixed signs, and they are also the most calculating. Scorpios are witty and intense and have magnetic personalities that attract all kinds of people. Pluto rules over Scorpio, which lends the fixed sign a blend of ambitious energy, boldness, and relentless need for control (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). It is easy for Scorpios to let their passionate, determined natures run wild. They are prone to obsession, experience higher levels of jealousy and resentment, and are great at holding grudges when they feel they have been wronged.


Like their fellow fixed sign Aquarius, Scorpios may initially come off as aloof or distant. According to The Times of India, there is actually an ocean's worth of emotion stirring beneath the surface. It is common for Scorpios to be hard on themselves and suppress their intense emotions for fear of being vulnerable to others. However, they are not easily swayed and hold fast to their preconceived opinions.

Scorpios are also empathetic people who make loyal, trustworthy friends. They believe in honesty but don't have time for gossip. They also forge deep emotional and intellectual connections with the people they love. In typical fixed sign fashion, Scorpio prefers routine and stability over change. They are naturally domineering but possess deep vulnerabilities and sensitivities that they try to hide from others. Overall, Scorpios are incredibly complex and alluring people.


What are fixed signs like in romantic relationships?

Although fixed signs share many common traits, each acts differently in the romance department. According to Astromatcha, naturally immovable Taurus are difficult communicators in a relationship. Once they form an opinion about something, they are unlikely to see their partner's side. They also have firm ideas about what a relationship should look like, which may not always align with reality. Taurus are big fans of romantic date nights, thoughtful gifts, and love being in love. 


Bossy, brash Leos are adoring lovers who also demand to be adored. They are supportive and loyal through thick and thin. BeBeautiful notes that the supreme confidence of a Leo partner can translate to blunt deliveries and strong emotions, which may be difficult for some people to handle. This fixed sign is often worried about being cheated on and requires constant assurance that they are their partner's top priority.

Aquarius requires a romantic partner that can cope with their inflexibility. They show their affection in untraditional ways and don't often show their emotions, choosing instead to remain calm and logical. Aquarius often sacrifice relationships for their projects and need help finding a balance between the two. According to Today, Scorpios are loyal and devoted partners. They have deep reserves of emotion but need practice expressing those feelings. Initially, they may be temperamental and argumentative, but with the help of a patient lover, can learn how to be both gently assertive and sensitive.


Are fixed signs compatible with mutable signs?

When it comes to astrology, there are no absolutes. No two signs are meant–or not meant–to be. However, some fixed signs are more compatible with certain mutable signs than others in platonic and romantic relationships. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, mutable signs go with the flow (via HelloGiggles). They actively embrace and seek out change, love to be on the move, and carefully consider the perspectives of others.


The chill natures of mutable signs make it easy for them to get along with others. However, fixed signs don't always appreciate the happy-go-lucky attitudes or the indecisiveness that comes from looking at everyone's point of view. They are also unlikely to enjoy the way mutable signs embrace movement and change. According to MeetMindful, two of the best mutable signs for a fixed sign are Gemini and Virgo. Geminis are good communicators but not mushy romantics. Virgos take their time in each phase of a relationship, and although they are not overly affectionate, they are warm, kind, and supportive counterparts to the rigidity of a fixed sign.

Are fixed signs compatible with cardinal signs?

Cardinal signs are the leaders of the zodiac calendar, kicking off each season. Generally speaking, cardinal signs are driven and ambitious, sometimes to a fault. They are born leaders who have a competitive streak a mile wide but believe strongly in commitment, comfort, and security. Although some of their stronger traits overlap with the fixed signs, Cardinals tend to find more success in relationships with mutable signs, per astrologer Bridgett Walther. However, cardinal signs often find fixed signs irresistibly attractive.


MeetMindful states that Scorpio is compatible with nurturing but assertive Cancer. Both signs are initially guarded when it comes to love and tend to enter long-term relationships slowly. However, they both desire stability and are extremely loyal partners. Leos and Libras get by on the fact that they both love being in love. Libras balance out the dramatic nature of Leos and provide them with the validation they crave, while Leos bring some much-needed fun to the reserved and analytical Libra.

Are fixed signs compatible with fixed signs?

Certain fixed signs make highly compatible matches with other fixed signs. This is a result of their common traits and similar outlooks on life. All four signs crave stability and structure, pursue their goals with relentless determination, and believe in loyalty and honesty. For example, according to Astromatcha, Scorpio and Taurus make a good match because they each crave stability and structure in their day-to-day lives.


Not all fixed signs are compatible with one another, however. The stubborn streaks in Aquarius and Scorpio will make it virtually impossible for the two signs to ever compromise, making them an unlikely pairing. According to the Astrotwins, whether fixed signs are compatible with other fixed signs is ultimately dependent on how aligned their values and goals are (via MindBodyGreen). If two people can learn to compromise and be more flexible with one another, a successful relationship is possible regardless of what their birth chart indicates.

The negative traits of fixed signs

There are a handful of negative traits associated with fixed signs. Firstly, this grouping is not known for being flexible or going with the flow. They prefer to stay the course and keep everything in their life exactly as it is, forgoing change and new experiences for what is normal and comfortable. Although this level of consistency can be a good thing, it becomes a negative trait when it inhibits their ability to grow. According to the New York Post, fixed signs don't view failure as an option. They possess an incredible endurance and work ethic that many other signs do not. They are unwavering in their belief that they are not only correct in all matters but that the only option is to succeed. This trait makes them challenging to work with, particularly in group settings.


Per Love to Know, the fixed signs are also known to be stubborn individuals with a penchant for petulance. Furthermore, fixed signs are often bossy people who don't shy away from voicing their strong opinions. They are also deliberate with their actions and set in their ways, preferring to take the reigns and control the situation at hand. It is difficult for fixed signs to let go and move on. This combination of traits can make fixed signs appear rigid, distant, and uncompromising until you get to know them on a deeper level.

The positive traits of fixed signs

Thankfully, these negative traits are tempered by the many positive traits the fixed signs possess. Love to Know describes fixed signs as the builders of the zodiac. They are self-reliant and confident people with the desire to work hard and create lasting change. Fixed signs have an incredible sense of purpose when it comes to causes they care about. Once a fixed sign gets something in their head they wish to accomplish, they will work tirelessly to achieve their goals. This is especially true when those goals align with changes that benefit the human collective. They are the most focused, productive, and task-oriented of the modalities.


Determination is another signature trait of fixed signs. Few signs can overcome obstacles quite like fixed signs. However, these individuals should be mindful of how they express their determination, as it can morph into stubbornness when left unchecked. Per YourTango, fixed signs are also meticulous. Perfectionism is desired by all four signs, which makes them highly responsible. They are excellent project managers, whether at work, traveling, or in their personal lives.

Overall, fixed signs, be they Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, or Taurus, thrive when they have control over the direction of their lives. They work hard for what they have and use their ambition to succeed. Their passion and determination can lead to stubbornness and a lack of desire to change, but it also makes them the best friend or partner a person could hope for.