5 Ways To Style Your Favorite Oversized Tops This Fall

The oversized silhouette trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so say goodbye to your bodycon dresses and skinny jeans. From your Instagram feed to the runway, baggy and oversized is the outfit trend it is impossible to miss. Designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Prada have continuously shown that oversized reigns supreme on the runways.

The style isn't a new fad, as it was a hit in the '90s with the grunge skater boy look. From low-rise baggy denim to oversized graphic tees, bigger was most definitely better. Stylist Zadrian Smith tells Vogue that "we're seeing a return of '90s trends in general, and we really love to see the re-emergence of hugely oversized pieces — they can be so fun to play with".

One of our favorite oversized pieces is the baggy-fitting top. While the oversized top trend can be intimidating, especially in a world that has been known for glorifying tight-fitting clothing that sucks you in, it truly is one of the easiest looks to style. Not to mention, oversized tops are basically big, comfy blankets. Here are five of our favorite ways to wear oversized tops this fall.

1. Wear them like a jacket

For those early fall days, a light jacket is a necessity. So why not use your oversized button-down tops as lightweight jackets? The shirt-as-a-jacket trend blew up last year with the emergence of "shackets" (a mix between a shirt and a jacket). These "shackets" are truly just oversized shirts made of heavier materials, according to fashion blogger Hang Ngyuen (via CNN). You may even already have one in your wardrobe in the form of a flannel.

2. Leggings are always a good choice

Leggings are not only comfy but also a versatile wardrobe staple that can be styled with even your fanciest tops. Styling your oversized tops with leggings is always an easy option. Depending on the type of top, leggings and a long shirt can be just as suitable for work as it is for the gym. Consider pairing an oversized button-down with leggings and flats for an office-appropriate outfit (via Instagram). If you are running errands, simply swap out the button-down for an oversized t-shirt.

3. Baggy t-shirts over turtlenecks

For a more grunge look on cold fall days, consider layering your oversized t-shirt over a turtleneck (via Instagram). This is a great way to spice up the traditional baggy t-shirt and leggings look. It will still be warm and comfortable but a tad more "cool-girl" centric. In true '90s style, you can also pair the layers with low-rise baggy denim for a completely oversized fit. To complete the look, add a beanie, Doc Martens, and silver jewelry.

4. Tuck it in

Just because a top is oversized doesn't mean it can't be styled tucked in. Tuck an oversized button-down into a midi skirt for a classy look that accentuates your figure (via MasterClass). The bagginess of the shirts should still show if the shirt is loosely tucked. We also love a big shirt half-tucked into a pair of denim. You can also leave several top buttons open to amplify the bagginess and show off any necklaces.

5. Wear your shirt as a dress

Some tops are so oversized and long that they could pass for a dress, so why not wear them as one? Whether it be a button-down or a graphic t-shirt, it is easy to style on its own with a pair of tights and boots. If you are looking to snatch your waist to avoid looking quite as frumpy, it is easy to throw on a belt to accentuate your figure (via Instagram).