The Underappreciated Magic Of Clear Lip Gloss

Top coat nail polish, clear mascara, and clear lip gloss are working hard to prove that the best things in life are free (from any pigmentation). Alright, the slogan needs work, but the product's been perfected. Clear lip gloss, in particular, has been a favored makeup statement since the '60s and '70s, with Lacome Paris reporting that many disco fashionistas loved how the look would reflect the light.


Nowadays, clear lip gloss is an essential item for any makeup lover. Whether you're adding a subtle shine to a favorite lipstick or putting the finishing touches on a fresh-faced look, there's no easier way to elevate your everyday looks. Even Kylie Jenner, the queen of matte and overlined pouts, has recently favored glossy glam, as seen on Instagram.

As clear lip gloss makes its revival in modern looks, makeup artists are proving that it can also be used for far more than lip-centric shine. It's time to discover why this beauty basic has everyone talking.

It's ultra versatile

Lip glosses and chapstick have a reputation: You're always sure to lose the tube before you use up all the product. Still, with the endless ways to make the most of your clear lip gloss, you might actually find yourself needing a refill. The most obvious uses for this makeup bag staple are exactly what the product's name would imply. Apply a simple coat to the top of a lipstick or colored gloss in order to achieve a fresh shine. The emergence of the "clean girl aesthetic" on TikTok — described by the New York Post as "just got out of the shower, and I'm effortlessly gorgeous — has seen many gurus applying gloss to bare or nude-colored lips to achieve a fresh, dewy look. 


Gen X might be known for reviving nineties trends, but they're also not afraid to innovate, and the latest trend is glossy ... eyelids! Makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran told Byrdie that gloss is bound to crease in this location so to ensure your high-shine look lasts as long as possible, she advises first priming your lids. "You just want to use the tip of your finger to blend [the primer] out," she said.

This shiny look leaves your lids looking refreshed, without appearing overly wet. After all, finding a great makeup hack can bring a tear to your eye, but you don't want to look like you're coming from a crying session. 

It's a must-have handbag accessory

Need more excuses to treat yourself? Clear lip glosses — and their receptacles — are small and highly portable. The ultimate hack for this product is to keep one in your purse at all times. Swiping on a quick layer can easily freshen up your look, without the heavy feeling that can come with repeatedly reapplying lipstick. Best of all, this gloss's lack of dye or harsh pigments means there will be no explosions of color on your purse's lining should the product leak. 


Of course, clear lip gloss can't entirely replace the other beauty essentials in your bag. Although the product can appear to give your lips a dewy and refreshed look, Classpass writes that gloss isn't as effective as lip balm or chapstick when it comes to actually hydrating your lips. Your best bet in that regard is to use your favorite chapstick as a base layer for your gloss.