Which Activity Are You Looking Forward To Most This Winter? - Exclusive Glam Survey

Winter is a fan-favorite season, not necessarily because of the cold weather but because of the feelings that we get during the season. The food, entertainment, clothes, and activities jump to a whole other level in winter, adding to the overall coziness of the season. Not to mention that kids are out of school, and families finally have time to reunite. We look forward to this time together all year round. Activities, particularly during winter, are a part of the holidays that help us stay grounded and connected with each other.

Though all winter activities are meant to unite us, the exact activity type may vary by country. Some winter activities are unique to different countries and families around the world. During the beautiful Nordic winter, it is common to ride on a dog sled, hunt for the Northern Lights, or explore an ice cave (via Explore Nordic). In Japan, it is more common to go to a hot spring or have a crab dinner, per JW. Still, every person has their own special favorites.

While we all have our differences, there are certainly some activities that are universally enjoyed. We surveyed more than 600 Glam readers to determine what activities they are most looking forward to this winter season, and the answers may surprise you.

Tradition reigns supreme

Families worldwide come together to celebrate holidays during the winter season, so it is no surprise that 31.73%, or 191, of those surveyed by Glam say the winter activity they are most looking forward to is gathering with friends and family. After several seasons of less traveling, many people are ready to see their loved ones again. People will travel far and wide with loved ones or to visit loved ones, with 43% of people in a recent PWC survey answering that they will be traveling this holiday season.

Glam readers love a yummy winter treat, too, with 26.41%, or 159, of readers saying that they are most looking forward to baking their favorite goods this winter. Maybe we are just reverting back to chilly days in the kitchen with our family members, but winter goody-making has been a tradition for hundreds of years. 

Another activity that ranked highly among Glam readers was watching festive Christmas movies. In fact, 25.58%, or 154, of those surveyed say that they are most looking forward to hitting the couch and watching movies this winter. Not only is movie-watching a great family night or date night idea but it also brings back sentimental feelings in all of us as we often revert back to movies from the past. Knowing this, it is no surprise that Rotten Tomatoes ranks "The Shop Around the Corner," a movie released in 1940, as the number one Christmas movie of all time. The classics never go out of style when it comes to winter favorites.

Fun memories over material objects

A childhood favorite may be less sought after by adults, as only 12.13%, or 73, of respondents are looking forward to playing in the snow this winter, though it is still a fun memory — and many of us who live in colder climates with children will still participate. Playing in the snow often makes adults sentimental, as it is something they remember doing as children, which will lead them to let their own children loose into a winter wonderland. While playing in the snow is beautiful and fun, it can be dangerous, making fewer people look forward to it as they once did.

While it may sound surprising, only 4.15%, or 25, of respondents said they are most looking forward to shopping this winter. Instead, these readers chose experiences more enjoyable with family. Plus, now most holiday shopping is done online. Back in 2021, 57% of people said they were shopping online rather than in stores for holiday gifts (via Statista). Even for those who love adding new "glam" to their life and shopping for friends and family, celebrating traditions reigns supreme.