How To Pull Off Your Favorite Over-The-Knee Boots

If you have a pair of over-the-knee boots you love, it's time to bust 'em out of the closet. While knee-high boots might be more conventional, that doesn't mean that your favorite thigh-high footwear is a fashion don't. It's all about how you style them. 


Sure –– a pair of tan suede over-the-knee boots over dark blue skinny jeans may seem so 2010, but the extra-long shoes have come back with a vengeance in the 2020s, per Insider. The style has evolved, though, and there are so many ways to style this fashion find. 

These days, instead of styling our footwear the way we did back in the days of Tumblr autumn fashion (although Fashion Magazine notes that this aesthetic has also made a comeback), we're wearing our over-the-knee boots in new, updated ways that make them look fresh and statement-making. We've got the best ways to make your cooler weather wardrobe pop with over-the-knee boots as your base.

Over-the-knee boots under skirts

Pairing boots with a chic skirt is a timeless look, and one of our favorite ways to style over-the-knee boots is to sport them under midi-length skirts and dresses. While we usually think of over-the-knee boots as an accessory that's meant to be showing entirely, layering them like a pro under a longer skirt can be the perfect way to take a midi-skirt or dress you love in spring and summer into the cooler months. 


Pairing tights with midi-length skirts often looks bulky and awkward, and leaving bare legs can make you look and feel like you're stuck in the wrong season. Popping on your fave pair of over-the-knee boots under your midi-length skirt is the perfect way to style this piece. Not only does it anchor your outfit and let your skirt or dress do the talking while your footwear blends into the background, but you'll also stay warm.

Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colors or even use your over-the-knee boots as a pop of color to your outfit, per Glamour. Printed boots or boots in a bold color can look fun popping out from beneath your hem. Playing with layers by adding a trench coat or cropped jacket are other great ways to add interest and freshness to this look (via Who What Wear).


Thigh-high boots over tights

Another way we love to see over-the-knee boots styled is over tights. This puts a whole different spin on your over-the-knee boots if you're looking for something on the sleeker and more streamlined side. Sheer black tights paired with over-the-knee boots puts a subtly sexy twist on shorter skirts or dresses. Alternatively, opt for more opaque black tights with black over-the-knee boots for a sleek, form-fitting, monochrome look. Choose what height and type of boot you pair with your tights and dress to dictate how casual or dressed up to make this outfit.


If you're unsure of how to rock a pair of over-the-knee boots but you know you want to try, a monochromatic, black ensemble is foolproof, per Glamour. Pair a black pair of over-the-knee boots with black tights, a short black dress and a black jacket. You're sure to look cool and sleek while not actually putting too much effort into coordinating your ensemble. That really has the makings of a go-to outfit. Another option is mixing neutrals like browns and blacks; this can be an easy yet modern look (via Life with Mar). If it's really cold, MasterClass suggests leggings as a warmer alternative. 

Make a footwear statement

Over-the-knee boots are great for creating seamless, put-together looks, but they can also be used as a bold accessory. Take a page from Lupita Nyong'o's book at the NYC screening of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever", and don't be afraid to incorporate over-the-knee boots into more dressed-up outfits (via the Daily Mail).  If, like Elsa in "Frozen," the cold doesn't bother you, pair your over-the-knee boots with a skirt or dress that ends slightly above them. This definitely makes a statement while looking chic at the same time. Avoid going too short with your skirt when wearing thigh-high boots to ensure that your ensemble looks updated instead of dated, warns Her Style Code.


Investing in a pair of bright or boldly patterned thigh-high boots can become a wardrobe staple for when you want to add a little bit of interest with a big impact. Ultimately, thinking outside the box you're used to considering when building an outfit around thigh-high boots can make for some fun and updated fits.

Wear them with denim in winter 2023-2024

Wearing over-the-knee boots with body-hugging jeans screams "2010s," but we all know that trends return in a circular fashion. And whether you like them or not, skinny jeans are returning in a big way in 2023. As such, a fun winter 2023-2024 trendy fashion throwback is over-the-knee boots over curve-hugging jeans, and influencers are already pioneering it. For instance, fashion-focused TikToker Evgeniya Frolova showcased outfit examples of over-the-knee boots and jeans with sweaters, tank tops, blazers, and more. The TikToker described the look as "love it or hate it," but we can't imagine why anyone would hate such a bold, figure-enhancing look.


Moreover, jeggings are a cozier option if you like the skinny jeans and over-the-knee boot combination. "Jeggings can really accentuate and highlight your figure while still allowing you ample room to move around and stretch... Really anyone who wants to hype up their figure without feeling restricted would love a pair of quality jeggings," Ali Levine, the celebrity stylist who founded the "Everything with Ali Levine" podcast, told Well + Good.

But if you prefer baggier jeans, which have been in style throughout the 2020s, you can easily pair the already-trendy garments with over-the-knee boots. Just let the jeans fall over the boots, as TikToker @itstaylareese did in a video in which she flaunted her stylish work outfit featuring baggy jeans over pink-ish boots.