The Best Inspo For Pairing Your Boots With Chic Skirts This Fall

Fall fashion is what we look forward to every year. The sweaters, faux fur, leather — need we say more? Fall style is elite. Perhaps the most classic fall outfit is the skirt and boots look. Every celebrity and designer has had their own version of the look, and year after year, we see it reinvented. Throughout model Bella Hadid's career, she has been photographed in a wide array of different boot and skirt outfit combinations. Most recently, she was seen at Paris fashion week rocking knee-high boots with a denim midi skirt (via Footwear News).

The look itself is versatile, which is why it is so simple to style. Whether your aesthetic is western, bohemian, Y2K, dark academia, or anything in between, the boots and chic skirt look will be an option for you. As the look combines a traditionally masculine boot with a traditionally feminine skirt, it makes for great contrast, no matter your personal style. If you are ready to try the skirt and boot look but aren't sure where to start, you are not alone. We have curated five chic skirt and boot styling ideas for you to recreate this fall.

1. Ultra miniskirt with snow boots

In fall 2021, we saw the popularity of both Ugg Ultra Mini Boots and Moon Boots soar. Both of these are traditionally worn with winter outerwear to keep warm, but as proven in fashion, some of the most fashionable trends come from breaking tradition. So rather than pairing your warm winter boots with other warm layers, pair them with an ultra-miniskirt (via Instagram). While not the most practical, this can be a fun look for the early fall days or a night when you are certain you will mostly be indoors. Plus, you can always pull on a pair of tights!

2. Denim midi skirt with cowboy boots

Channel your inner cowgirl with a chic take on western wear. Not just for the wild west anymore, western style and cowboy boots have infiltrated the fashion world over the past two years. Cowboy boots especially have risen in demand and now it is possible to find them in almost any color or design your heart desires. To create a western-inspired fall look try pairing your favorite cowboy boots with a denim skirt for a chic look (via Instagram). If you're really ambitious, add some fringe on top of the look.

3. Plaid mini with combat boots

If you are looking to try out the hottest aesthetic of the season, this look is perfect for you! Dark academia is a TikTok fashion aesthetic for those who yearn for knowledge and take inspiration from literature, the arts, and classic gothic architecture. A specific fashion piece associated with the aesthetic is a plaid skirt, due to it often being part of a school uniform. Make your plaid skirt a little "darker" this fall by pairing it with grunge combat boots (via Instagram). This look will be a picture-perfect representation of the dark academia aesthetic.

4. Micro-miniskirt with over-the-knee boots

It's not truly fall if we don't break out the tall boots in true Ariana Grande fashion. As Y2K fashion rages on this fall, micro-minis are a big part of the fashion scene. Since the micro-miniskirt isn't super practical for chilly weather, it needs to be paired with a shoe that covers most of the leg, which is where over-the-knee boots come into play. One of our favorite combos is a white miniskirt with snakeskin knee-high boots, as it adds both extra print and fun texture (via Instagram).

5. Printed maxi skirt with ankle booties

A fun pattern is a must for fall. If you're looking to spice up the traditional jeans and ankle booties look, swap out your denim for a patterned maxi. This will create an elevated look that is sure to turn heads while still keeping you warm. We personally love florals this fall, so perhaps try a floral maxi with a cute pair of ankle boots (via Instagram). Throw on a sweater or denim jacket for good measure, and you will have a full fall outfit.