Tips For How To Wisely Build Up Your Bra Collection

For many, a well-fitting bra is a base layer that can help you feel secure and confident in any outfit. They allow you to get some much-needed support, maximize or minimize your breasts' look, and even help to prevent back pain in people with larger chests (via Humanitas University). Despite this, many still see bra shopping as a chore, instead sticking with one or two worn-out bras that are incorrectly sized or no longer provide the support they need.


We get it — finding the perfect bra for you can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing — but it doesn't have to be such an intimidating process. If you're looking to create a wardrobe of bras that can keep you feeling supported and confident for just about any occasion throughout the week, keep reading to learn the top tips to keep in mind while you search. Trust us, you'll be feeling the benefits of your new, well-fitting bras in no time. 

Get measured

Before you start buying new bras, you need to know your actual size. According to a study by Chiropractic & Osteopathy, a whopping 80% of people surveyed were wearing the incorrect bra size for their body. This statistic has been popularized by lingerie retailers across the globe, but each person having one correct bra size is a simplified version of what's actually going on. The truth is that there's not one standard sizing chart, and it varies across brands, retailers, and even by country.


Because of this, getting properly measured and asking for your exact numbers routinely can help you out when you're looking for a new bra. Instead of just remembering that you're a 36C at Victoria's Secret, jot down your band and cup measurements. This way, you can easily translate those numbers using each brand's sizing chart, guaranteeing that you'll find the best fit possible wherever you look. It's a bit of an annoying process, but until there's a global overhaul and universal bra sizing, knowing your personal measurements is the only real way to ensure you find your correct size. 

Find the best bra shape for your goals

One of the best — and worst — parts of bra shopping is that there are near-endless options to choose from. It's easy to just go for the option you think is cutest, but catering your selections to your breast shape and ideal look can help you find something you're comfortable and confident in.


According to Healthline, there are a whopping 12 different categories of breast shapes. The archetype — round and full, with a slight point — is understood to be the most common, so it's what bra retailers frequently design their bras to fit. Nowadays, however, it's becoming more common for brands to cater their designs to a variety of bodies, and some brands, like Bare Necessities, even have convenient quizzes to help you determine what style will best fit you. Choosing between a balconette, plunge, or push-up isn't just all about aesthetics — these styles will look and function differently across a variety of breast shapes and sizes.

Invest in multiple options

So you found your ideal everyday bra. What now? According to Third Love, you should keep shopping. Having at least two basic, skin-tone bras can prevent you from wearing your favorite out too quickly and constantly having to do laundry, but the brand also recommends grabbing a third, everyday bra in black or another neutral color for some variety. It's also important to invest in special occasion bras that work with your wardrobe, like strapless or low-back options. You may not wear these quite as often, but they will save you from the last-minute scramble of trying to hide straps and hooks before a special event.


After you build your base closet, there's always the option to have a little fun, too. Most people don't wear their sexy, strappy lingerie every day, but investing in a few special pieces that make you feel confident and beautiful is still an important part of building your bra wardrobe. 

Properly care for your bras

Many of us either don't know how to properly care for bras or don't want to go through the effort, but taking some extra time during laundry day can majorly extend the life of your bras. Care will vary depending on your bras construction — consider yourself lucky if you're a fan of seamless, wireless options — but there are a few tips to keep in mind regardless of the style.


According to Panache, hand washing your bras is the best option, especially if there are hooks and delicate lace involved. Straps can get tangled, fabric can rip, and hooks can get ripped out entirely, so it's best to rinse them in your sink or bathtub with a mild detergent every few wears. If you're planning to wash a hookless option or something without an underwire, the washing machine is a bit less risky, but using a garment bag can still help prevent any mangling. From there, avoid the dryer entirely. Bras are either made of delicate fabric or stretchy materials, and the high heat and tumbling of a dryer can wreak havoc on your investments.

Replace your bras as needed

We all have that one bra that's been hanging on for dear life since 2018, but it's important to accept when your lingerie is at the end of its life. Just because it still technically fits on you doesn't mean that it's providing the necessary support — bras are complex and require each component to be in good shape to properly work. A worn-out band or stretched-out straps might seem like minor issues, but they make a major difference in the bra's overall functionality.


According to Knix, bras should be replaced, on average, every six months. This, of course, varies depending on how often you actually wear them — that strapless bra you've worn about four times is probably still good to go — but everyday choices have a quicker turnaround. If you find yourself on the last hook of your bra and the band is still rising on your back, you notice fraying or damage to the fabric, or the cups are misshapen, it's probably time to invest in something new.