Sneaker Trends That Are Falling Out Of Favor In 2023

When footwear trends are discussed, sneakers are often left out of the conversation altogether in favor of more classically fashionable pumps, flats, and boots. However, sneaker fashion is a class all its own, fueled by collectors, known as "sneakerheads," fashionistas, functional users, and casual wearers alike (via Dictionary). Each year, the most popular sneakers become more elaborate or minimalist, brighter or more muted, lower or higher profile, heavier or lighter, and so on.

As 2023 begins to come to life, so do this year's sneaker trends. When the trend cycle shifts, new popular styles emerge, and others take a backseat for the season at hand, as detailed by The Collector. Some of these castoffs will return in a future cycle, and others will just quietly fall to the wayside. Here are the sneaker styles that appear to be falling out of popularity to make way for new trends this year. 

Nike Dunks

Nike Dunks, originally released in the 1980s, saw a major resurgence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chunky and bold with a large, flashy, unmistakable Nike swoosh, these sneakers were ideal for lives lived through social media selfies and Zoom dating. As people return to life in person, sneaker trends are taking a sharp turn toward the subtle, sending Dunks back to their rightful place in history. 

New Balance 550s

Similar to the Nike Dunk, New Balance 550s are a 1980s retro sneaker that enjoyed an era of popularity for a couple of years around 2020. However, they weren't particularly popular in their original day, according to Shoe Palace. You may recognize them as "dad" shoes, frequently featured, grass-stained, in memes about lawn mowing. Perhaps this explains their rise to fame during quarantine. 


The fact that Yeezys have fallen out of favor probably doesn't require a great deal of explanation. Between a very public messy divorce and a slew of un-erasable online anti-sematic comments, the artist formerly known as Kanye West has self-destructed as the world watched on (via Forbes). Unsurprisingly, Adidas has ended its association with the controversial celebrity. 

Bright colors

Another relic brought back from a past decade, neon and other bright-colored sneakers are on their way back out of style. As life returns to normal — or at least takes on a new normal — for most people, such blatant displays of dopamine seeking through nostalgia are no longer needed. 


As sneaker trends exit the bright, chunky, retro phase of the past couple of years and morph into a more polished, sleek, and minimalist era, high-top sneakers will see a decline in popularity. In their place, you'll see lower, simple, low-profile options rise to the top of the market once again.