What Are Enneagram Type Twos Like In A Relationship?

The study and understanding of personality is a perennially popular subject, and Enneagram personality types are one of the most insightful and interesting avenues of self-discovery. Understanding the intricacies of why you function the way you do and the dynamics of your interpersonal relationships is a healthy practice, and while some may be more drawn to astrology or numerology, the Enneagram also has devout followers. All you need to determine your Enneagram type and learn more about your dominant personality traits is to take an online test, like this one at Personality Path.


If you're vaguely familiar with the system, then you likely know that Enneagram Type Twos are known as the helper or the giver. Type Twos tend to prioritize their loved ones and friends over themselves, and they have a welcoming vibe that draws people in. They are upbeat and magnetic people (via Truity). But, what is this particular Enneagram type like in a relationship?

Enneagram Type Twos are warm and compassionate in relationships

You're likely to find Enneagram Type Twos in committed, long-term relationships. Twos are loyal, and they pour their loving energy into their romantic relationship from a place of compassion. They adore their partner and are sensitive in making sure they are seen, heard, and uplifted. They love dates, have a propensity for romance, and are likely to want a big family (via Truity). It's a gift to be loved by a Two, and it should never be taken for granted.


Type Twos are tuned into the deeper emotional states of others, and they go out of their way to make sure people feel comfortable and at home in any way they can. But they don't do this to receive praise. They genuinely want their loved ones to have a good time and enjoy themselves wherever they are (via Nine Types). As the type implies, they are true givers — but this isn't to say they expect nothing in return.

Types twos need reciprocity

When a Type Two goes above and beyond for their partner but doesn't experience the same amount of attention and care in return, resentment can begin to build up. "They neglect their own needs and they end up in a cycle of giving to get, in which they love or help as a means to receive the same in return," Steph Barron Hall, certified Enneagram coach and author of "The Enneagram in Love: A Roadmap for Building and Strengthening Romantic Relationships," told The Zoe Report


This can sometimes begin to feel manipulative to the partner in a relationship with a Type Two, which is why this Enneagram type needs to be paired with someone equally generous. Twos want to experience a deep and true knowing that they are a genuine priority in their partner's life, and anything less will likely become a bit of a roadblock in this partnership (via Personality Growth). In addition to choosing a partner who gives with the same passion as they do, Type Twos would benefit from taking the time to fill their own cup and practice a little self-love too.