The Trendy Looped Bun Look Makes Styling Short Hair Easier Than Ever

Buns always seem to be in style. There are many bun styles to explore, from classic tight ballerina-inspired buns to chic, slicked-back buns to updated versions of the early aughts spiky buns to playful, intentionally messy options. Unfortunately, many timeless and trendy buns are only doable for long locks, as shorter lengths don't provide enough hair to make it possible to create some of those hairstyles. However, the on-trend looped bun is fun and convenient for people with short hair.

The sleek and low looped bun looks like a small knot with a loop design at the back of your head, and it's not too challenging to create as long as you have a hairbrush. "Start with a low ponytail and make sure you have a hairbrush to hand... Once the hair is looped round the hairbrush, the ends are pinned into the base of the ponytail, and the hairbrush should be pulled out to create that fold," Sam McKnight, a famous hairstylist, told Refinery29. There are many variations of this easy-to-achieve, versatile, loop-inspired bun.

Incorporate a rope-inspired design into the hairstyle

Twisting two sections of hair together to create a rope effect at one side of your head before creating the looped bun is a quick and creative way to add more dimension to the look. That stylish rope-inspired touch will add more texture to the hairstyle for a unique appearance.

Leave a few strands out at the front of your head to frame your face

Looped buns are typically sleek and stylish on short hair because of their compact size and structure. If you want to soften the look, leave a couple of strands of hair out of the bun and let them hang by your face for a more girly, delicate look. This technique is better for short hair because it frames the face more than overly long locks, which can get in the way.

Add floral embellishments

If you plan on wearing your hair in a looped bun to a party, wedding, date, or family event and want a cute way to dress it up, add floral embellishments. Adding flower-themed details such as clips, barrettes, or hair gems to your hairstyle will help you rock the trendy bloomcore aesthetic and be perfect for spring.

It's okay if it's messy

When you think of a messy bun, you probably first think of the casual updo you've seen in countless movies, such as dramas about stressed yet fun-loving college students or romantic comedies where the main character has a busy girl-on-the-go lifestyle. Now, thanks to low buns, you can still rock a variation of the messy bun if you have short hair! Instead of an updo, flaunt a chic, undone looped bun — and don't bother making it look perfect.

Draw attention to your highlights, if you have them

Not only are looped buns excellent for people with short hair, but these hairstyles are also great for showing off your highlights. Since your short locks will be tied back in that little bun, the small structure will bring out any highlights in your hair. Thus, the contrast will appear more noticeable, so you should use a looped bun to emphasize your highlights.