How To Rock An Updated Version Of The Early Aughts Spiky Bun

When the modern "clean girl aesthetic" meets the trendy hairstyles of the Y2K era, we get a look that is sleek, fun, sophisticated, and oh-so-2000s: the spiky bun. With the styles of the early aughts making a full comeback, it's no surprise trendsetters (more like trend resurrectors) would go all the way with their collective appreciation of the past and bring back hairstyles we never thought would resurface.

And although the nostalgic spiky bun back in the day was often messy and relaxed, think young Lizzie McGuire and Mandy Moore, today, we're seeing the spiky bun take a more polished, sophisticated turn. And that's no surprise, considering the American Institute of Beauty categorized sleek buns as a "popular runway style" in 2022 and is the quintessential hairstyle of it-girls everywhere, including the iconic Hadid and Kar-Jenner sisters.

If the spiky bun hairstyle speaks to you, join the club. The red carpet at the 2022 Grammys had no shortage of them, with award-winning pop icons Doja Cat and Billie Eilish sporting the nostalgic 'do. And we know you're dying to recreate the updated versions of the early aughts bun in all its spiked glory, and luckily, we have a list of fun styles to try.

The spiky bun meets a sleek and modern side part

We're used to seeing middle parts when coupled with a sleek bun, but this fun twist entails a gorgeous side part with feathery, spiky strands sticking out. Although the middle part vs. side part debate continues, with #SidePartMiddlePart racking over 37 million views on TikTok, we can't help but notice how sophisticated and chic this side part is when coupled with a spiky bun. Sure, the middle part always seems to take the crown, but with this spiky bun? Side part all the way.

A polished spiked bun with spiky bangs to match

For those with short straight-across bangs that you can't fit into a bun, rest assured, you can still rock a trendy spiky bun. In fact, short bangs only elevate the look of the bun even more, especially if they're just as spiky. According to Love Hairstyles, a bun and bang combo is cute while effortlessly flirtatious. But add a spiky and sleek hairdo into the mix, and you'll be left with a soft yet edgy look that's bound to turn heads.

Mix two Y2K trends together with a spiky bun and claw clip

If you thought we couldn't get any more nostalgic, here we are with a claw clip and spiky bun pairing. Although the spikes on this style are pointed downward, there is a fun yet sophisticated look that fits both the early aughts and contemporary hairstyles. Perfect for lounging around the house or running errands, this look is relaxed and casual, with a refined touch. 

You don't need to pull all your hair up to have a spiky bun

You can have a half-up hairstyle with a spiky bun, too! Even though this look is gorgeous on long hair lengths, those with short hair may benefit the most from this hairstyle. Tara Simich, the founder of haircare company Mermade Hair, told Women's Health Magazine, "Short-haired sisters can also do a half-knot if you are struggling to get your whole mane into a bun." It may just take a lot more pinning and pulling with the help of bobby pins and hair ties!

Of course, there's the classic low spiky bun with a middle part

You didn't think we would leave out the classic, tried-and-true low spiky bun, did you? Sleek and sophisticated, this low bun with a middle part is your typical "model-off-duty" look many celebs are often seen sporting, including Olivia Rodrigo at the 2021 Met Gala (via Grazia Magazine).

The best part about this bun? You can have unwashed, greasy hair and still rock the style like you're headed to the red carpet. It truly doesn't matter what state your hair is in to be able to rock that spiky bun we all can't get enough of.