Face-Framing Tendrils: Yet Another '90s Hair Trend That Has Returned To Prominence

Fashion and beauty's embracing of '90s and noughties trends just keeps on trucking as we move toward the spring and summer seasons of 2023. Along with throwbacks like slip dresses, baggy jeans, and corset tops, there's a new (old) hair trend in town and unlike some of the aforementioned fashion trends, it actually looks good on literally everyone. Ready to take your daily ponytail or messy bun to the next level with hardly any effort at all? Time to explore the magic that is face-framing hair tendrils.

Not quite sure if you're ready to pluck out a couple front sections of hair and let them hang free like a Y2K goddess? Take a look at these inspiring examples of how much loosening a tendril or two on each side of your face can accentuate your facial features and transform your hairstyle into something just a little more whimsical.

Formal and curled

When it comes to face-framing hair tendrils, the most classic example lies in the formal updos often showcased by brides, bridesmaids, and other formal event attendees. Likely the inspiration for the more casual loose tendril trend, these styles typically feature hair that is pulled back into a timeless twist or chignon with two perfectly face-framing tendrils curled into uniform spirals with a curling iron barrel.

Low and casual

If you're a fan of the classic look of formal face-framing tendrils but looking for a way to incorporate them into an everyday look without appearing over-styled, look no further. Opt for a sleek, no-fuss low ponytail featuring a part down the center. Before you secure the pony, simply pluck out a section on each side of the front of the part. Instant upgrade.

Softening an undercut

An undercut is one of the most foolproof ways to bring a little edginess to your aesthetic while still reserving the right to occasionally reach for softer styles. A low bun or ponytail is perfect for days when you're looking to bring that softness to your undercut. Pull your hair straight back and then pull a tendril from each side of where a center part would fall for maximum whimsy.


If you're looking to bring the late '90s back in a more literal way, consider twisted tendrils. Ensure that your face-framing hair sprigs stay put all day long by adding a small amount of wax or pomade and twisting each section away from your face. Vintage ball chain necklace optional. 


Millennials, rejoice. There is no reason to ditch your beloved side part or your messy bun to rock the face-framing hair tendrils trend. Simply pull your hair up in your favorite high looped bun, pull out a tendril on each side of where you'd normally place your part, and secure as usual.

Double up

Inspired by the idea of loose face-framing tendrils but looking for a more modern take on the classic trend? Try placing your hair into a loose updo and leaving down your curtain bangs, then adding in a longer tendril back toward your ear on each side for a multidimensional nod to the '90s.

Go chunky

Are you the type to fully commit to every new look you try? No need to go easy on this one. Try your hand at a super high ponytail and leave a couple of sizable tendrils out on each side of a center part. You won't be able to tell where the ends of your high pony end and your chunky face-framing tendrils begin, resulting in a sultry, tousled look for the ages.


Looking to put a unique spin on the face-framing tendrils trend? Weaving each tendril into a mini braid can provide you with the freedom to pull your hair up or leave it down and still benefit from the effect of framing your face and highlighting your features using the simplicity of your own hair.  

Natural curls

No hair type is excluded when it comes to the power of face-framing tendrils to soften your look and draw attention to your best features. Straight, wavy, curly, kinky, or coily, let those wisps fly. A tip for heat-free curly babes: pull your hair back and pull your tendrils out while your hair is still damp for the best chance at tendrils that dry into perfect baby ringlets.