Our 6 Favorite Ways To Style Trendy Split-Hem Jeans

You can never go wrong with wearing jeans if you want to look cute, casual, and stylish. Denim jeans are timeless and pair well with various tops, as jeans are so much fun to dress up or down, depending on the look you're going for and where you wear them. Plus, with so many jeans styles to explore, there's something for everyone. For example, straight-leg jeans flatter every body shape, and there are multiple ways to style the baggy jean trend. Those are only two of the endless types; we can't forget about controversial skinny jeans, comfy jeggings, and bold flare jeans. And now we have the split-hem jeans trend.

Split-hem jeans feature split-inspired openings at the ankle area, like tiny slits but for jeans instead of skirts or dresses, and they're a joy to wear and can be ultra-flattering (via TikTok). Already, more than 1,500 posts are dedicated to #splithemjeans on Instagram at the time of writing, as people love rocking this denim trend. Here are some of the ways to style split-hem jeans.

Dress them down with sneakers

Sneakers and jeans add up to a classic, perfect combination for a casual, low-key outfit. Specifically, split-hem jeans are ideal for this look, as the opening at the bottom of the pants will draw attention to your sneakers so you can showcase your favorite pair, whether they're crisp white sneakers or a bright, bold color.

Get a pair in a fun hue

When you first hear "jeans," you probably initially think of denim blue. But jeans in other colors are a blast to explore! Consider experimenting with white, black, bright red, pastel green, or any other non-traditional jean hue, along with a split-hem detail. Between the unconventional color and the trendy split hem, your jeans will act as a focal point for your outfit, elevating any top in your closet.

Flaunt a crop top

Aiming for a sleek and sexy look? Then, you can't go wrong with a crop top. The skin-showing crop top will add an effortlessly provocative aspect to your ensemble, while the split-hem in the jeans will make your outfit trendier. You can also mix in a stylish jacket for more dimension.

Add some edge with a lot of black details

Wearing split-hem jeans always helps you appear on trend, but pairing them with black garments or accessories will also give you an edge. For instance, jeans with a sleek black top, black sneakers, and a black belt will look flattering and cohesive, providing cool-girl energy. A black leather jacket, sunglasses, or beanie will make the look even edgier.

Rock your boldest statement top

If you own a daring shirt with a bold print or pattern, you shouldn't be afraid to wear that dauntless top with split-hem jeans. The combination of the loud, eye-catching shirt and the trendy split-hem jeans will create an unforgettable ensemble, perfect for wild nights out with friends. You might even be the best dressed at the party!

Go for grunge

People typically first think of ripped and ultra-distressed jeans when styling grunge looks, as those intentionally somewhat destroyed jeans perfectly fit the grungy vibe. However, the unapologetically open mini-slits in split-hem jeans also provide an edgy look, especially if you pair them with a flannel. Try rocking split-hem jeans with rips or distressed details for an ultra-grunge style!