31 Ways To Style The Baggy Jean Trend

Every year is the year of baggy jeans, which means it's finally time to say goodbye to those skinny jeans that might look good on you but don't feel comfortable at all. And if you say they are comfy, you probably haven't worn a pair of wider jeans in a long time, which is something that definitely needs to be changed. 

"We, as women, are often subjected to the standards that society has previously set upon us, that we need to be in tight, fitted, professional clothes to be considered presentable," Danielle Guizio, the founder of her eponymous label, tells The Zoe Report. "Comfort comes first for me, and I personally feel more confident when I'm wearing garments that aren't tugging at me in the wrong places. You can still look and feel put together with slouchy jeans on. It's a feeling above all." If you're someone who thinks baggy jeans are tomboyish, won't enhance your silhouette, and can only be worn casually, let us prove you wrong!

Cuff the bottoms of your baggy jeans

Since baggy jeans tend to be on the longer side, especially if they sit low on your hips, a great way to get rid of some of the length and a bit more detail to the jeans is to cuff the bottoms. The bigger the cuff, the better it usually looks, especially if you have a cute pair of booties to reveal underneath!

Rock baggy jeans with a corset top

Baggy jeans can be intimidating since it's so easy to lose your shape in them. However, the easiest way to rock baggy jeans while still showing off your silhouette is to pair them with a corset top. The contrast between something baggy and skin-tight gives the whole look a more glamorous vibe, and it's the perfect outfit for a night out!

Pair baggy jeans with high heels

High heels are the way to go if you're trying to rock baggy jeans in a more preppy and dressed-up way. Apart from elongating your body, they perfectly contrast the relaxed vibe the baggy jeans give off. After all, fashion is fun when exploring and combining different styles, and baggy jeans are perfect for that!

Style baggy jeans as a monochromatic outfit

Baggy jeans are super versatile and they can truly be combined with any fashion style. If you love minimalist, monochromatic fashion, baggy jeans work great with them. You can totally go the ultra-trendy all-blue denim route, or you can pick a pair of baggy jeans in a fun color and coordinate the rest of the outfit with them.

Dress baggy jeans up with a cinched blazer

Cinched blazers are currently having a huge comeback, and a great way to style them without looking like you're about to go to court is to pair them with baggy jeans. Similar to a corset, a cinched blazer brings back some of that shape that ends up getting lost in a pair of baggy jeans, making these two a great combo!

Wear baggy jeans with a bikini

Since baggy jeans are so loose and airy, they are a great clothing item for summer, especially if they are made from thinner denim. Because the air can freely move underneath them, baggy jeans are actually a very stylish clothing item to rock to the beach. Pair them with your favorite bikini and a simple unbuttoned shirt for that effortlessly chic vibe.

Pick asymmetrical zipper jeans — or use the button hack to create them

To add a bit more dimension to your outfit, pick a pair of baggy jeans with an asymmetrical zipper. If you don't want to go out and get a new pair, you can also use a super popular TikTok hack to create asymmetrical zipper jeans yourself. All you have to do is fasten your jeans by pushing the button through the nearby belt loop before you put it through the whole. This will instantly make the waistband of your jeans smaller without having to do any sewing.

Pair baggy jeans with a classic white button up

Apart from rocking baggy jeans and a classic button-up to the beach, you can also wear them together as a full outfit. All you have to do is button the shirt up and potentially tuck it in. However, if you prefer keeping things a bit more on the looser side, consider only buttoning up one of two buttons in the center, letting a glimpse of your midsection show.

Wear baggy jeans inside out

Here's one for the bold ones among you — wear your baggy jeans inside out. No, we're not joking; wearing your baggy jeans intentionally inside out is a fun way to give them a new life. Of course, it takes a lot of confidence to rock jeans like this, but if you pair them with other bold items, the jeans suddenly don't look that dramatic anymore.

Pick baggy jeans with slit bottoms to showcase your shoes

If cuffing your baggy jeans isn't for you, but you would still like your shoes to show, consider opting for baggy jeans with slit bottoms. In fact, if you dare to do some DIY-ing yourself, consider cutting the slits in a pair you already own. Not only will this make walking in an oversized and long pair of jeans much easier, but your sneaker, boots, and heels will also now have plenty of space to shine!

Rock baggy jeans with a flannel shirt

One of the most common ways to rock a pair of baggy jeans is to wear them with an oversized flannel shirt. Of course, this will give you that '90s grunge vibe, but if you choose to rock the flannel unbuttoned with a tank top underneath, the whole look will have a much more contemporary feel.

Ripped baggy jeans add extra texture to an outfit

Apart from classic baggy jeans, you can always go for ripped ones to add more texture to your outfit without having to add too many additional pieces of clothing. To contrast the ripped jeans' roughness, pair them with a ruffly corset top for that hint of femininity. If there's one thing you take away from us, it's that combining different fashion styles is not only fun but also fashion-forward!

Tie the bottoms of your baggy jeans

Since baggy jeans can be super annoying to walk in if they are long, another way you can make them more wearable (and also unique-looking) is to tie the bottoms around your calves. No, we're not joking: This isn't something we made up! Stylish women across the globe have been rocking baggy jeans like this for a while. All we would recommend is that you coordinate the color of the cord you're using with the rest of your outfit, as seen above.

Explore the denim-on-denim trend

We already know that denim is a huge trend, so why not explore it with a pair of baggy jeans? Pair your favorite ones with an oversized denim button-up, and once again, button it up only in the center, allowing a bit of your tummy to peek through.

Pick baggy jeans with a fun pattern

Since baggy jeans involve a lot of material, you might as well use all of that space to display a fun pattern. Instead of going for classic washed-out baggy jeans, pick a pair in a fun pattern. Patterned jeans are a great way to make an outfit appear more elaborate, even though you just paired them with a simple top and jacket.

Wear baggy jeans with a summery top

Baggy jeans look great in all seasons, but they shine best when paired with clothing that's contrasting in size — like a tiny summery top. To enhance the summer vibe even more, opt for a pair of baggy jeans in a light wash, and, of course, make sure that it is made from thinner denim to ensure you're not too warm.

Go for a light wash during springtime

Baggy jeans don't have to be in a blue shade, as white, beige, or ivory baggy jeans look just as fantastic. The best part about baggy jeans in one of these shades is that they can be easily styled to look more preppy. Our best tip for making a pair of baggy jeans like this look more put together is to pair them with an ultra-thin belt!

Keep it streamlined with a dark wash

If a light wash isn't your cup of tea, you can go towards the opposite end of the spectrum by opting for a dark-washed pair of baggy jeans (or even black). Pairing them with a dark top and minimal accessories is the perfect way to channel that inner model-off-duty look. Pair the whole look with a bun or ponytail and some vintage '90s sunnies, and you're ready to walk out the door!

Tuck baggy jeans into cowboy boots

Most of the time, we feel like we have to wear boots underneath baggy jeans, but the truth is that baggy jeans tucked into a pair of boots can look very intentional and stylish. In particular, styling baggy jeans with a pair of trendy cowboy boots will make you look like you have your fashion game down. And don't worry, the puffiness the tucked-in jeans create will only enhance the whole outfit.

Wear them like low-rise jeans

If your baggy jeans are too big around the waist, you can use the TikTok button hack, or let the jeans sit lower on your hips. Currently, aughts fashion is having a massive revival, which means that low-rise jeans are all the rage — and oversized baggy jeans fit this trend perfectly!

Pair baggy jeans with a tight top to enhance your silhouette

Corsets are great, but let's be real — they aren't the most comfortable clothing item. Pair your baggy jeans with a black tank or long-sleeve top to achieve the same look but in a more comfortable edition. The black color will immediately make you look more snatched, and since the top isn't too tight, you'll feel comfortable throughout the day.

Wear baggy jeans with chunky sneakers

Because baggy jeans usually have a very long hemline — and they often drag on the ground — they are the perfect clothing item to pair with ultra-chunky sneakers. In fact, the baggy silhouette of the jeans will tone down some of the sneakers' chunkiness, making them much easier to incorporate into your outfit without looking like a Bratz doll.

Style baggy jeans with a clubbing top

Baggy jeans are a great clothing item for a night of clubbing as they are comfortable enough for you to show off your best dance moves. Because they are so bulky, pair them with your favorite clubbing top — preferably a tiny tank top or bralette. The contrast of the two items will make you look edgy and cool, but the jeans will allow you to rock sneakers, which means you can dance the night away without having painful feet from heels.

Pair baggy jeans with a cropped top

A cropped top with baggy jeans is always a classic option, and if you feel confident enough (which you should because you're gorgeous), rock the crop top with low-rise baggy jeans. If you aren't there yet, you can always pair a cropped top with high-waist baggy jeans, as it will look just as cool.

Wear baggy jeans with a sherpa jacket

If you're not a fan of the bulky clothing trend but still want to rock baggy jeans in the winter, pair them with warm, cropped clothing. This means that your sweater should not hit below your belly button, and your jacket should end at your hips. For a relaxed '70s vibe, pair the baggy jeans with a retro-looking sherpa jacket!

Combine baggy jeans with other oversized items

Just because a clothing item is oversized doesn't mean that it has to be tomboyish. You can easily style an oversized pair of jeans and an oversized button-up in a preppy, high-fashion way. Little details like tying the bottoms of your jeans and your waistline add that bit of put-togetherness a bulky outfit can lack.

Pair baggy jeans with a comfy top and trench coat

Baggy jeans are the perfect clothing item for a day of running errands, and they pair very well with a crew neck sweatshirt and trench coat. To elevate the simplicity of the outfit, pair it with a small crossbody bag and vibrant red lips. Trust us: the preppy and sporty combo will forever be timeless!

If the baggy jeans are too big, wear them with a statement belt

Since the thrift store is a great place to find baggy jeans at an affordable price (and in an environmentally conscious way), chances are you might come across a pair you love but the waistline is way too big. If low-rise jeans aren't your cup of tea, pair the jeans with a chunky statement belt that will cinch the jeans to fit your waist. And don't worry about the bulkiness that will form around your waist — it's part of the baggy jeans look.

Rock baggy jeans with a leather jacket and booties

Baggy jeans initially give off a relaxed hip-hop vibe, which is why it's fun to pair them with clothing items traditionally considered punk-rock. Put on your pair of baggy jeans, a fun leather or latex jacket, chunky black booties, and your go-to aviator sunglasses. Trust us: it will all make sense together!

Combine baggy jeans with a back-free top

Pair your baggy jeans with a dainty backless top to contrast the tomboyish look. After all, a woman's back is one of the most underrated and sensual parts to show off. To wrap up the look, put on a pair of strappy heels and bring a classic envelope bag. Everything about this outfit but the baggy jeans is classic, which makes this outfit the perfect balance of Gen Z fashion and timeless pieces.

Style baggy jeans à la Billie Elilish

While we have shown you just how versatile baggy jeans are, the perhaps most common way to wear them is with other casual oversized clothing items à la Grammy-winning musician Billie Eilish. Eilish rose to fame thanks to her incredible music but also her fearless streetwear-inspired baggy fits. If you want to explore this style, make sure you include oversized graphic tees, hats, and super chunky jewelry!