10 Denim Trends You'll Want To Rock In 2023

Fashion trends come and go, but different varieties of denim clothing have been in style for decades. "Denim is a great investment because it's a fabric people can wear every day," Sonia Mosseri, the creative director and co-founder of Still Here, tells Marie Claire. Because of its durability and the fact that denim can be dressed up or down, experts predict that bulky jeans, denim skirts, jackets, and even accessories will be a massive trend in 2023. "Few things are more perennially classic than denim. This season, designers up the ante on their fascination with classic blue jeans as they tapped a decidedly '90s oversized, slouched, deconstructed mood, and doubled down on their enthusiasm for the trend by offering multiple denim-on-denim full looks that felt simultaneously nostalgic yet directional for next spring," the editor-in-chief at LuisaViaRoma, Kate Davidson Hudson, tells Elle.

This means that you can keep your skinny jeans in the closet as they are not having a comeback in 2023. According to Shannon Thomas, the owner and director of Désordre, 2023 will be all about "denim corsets, denim hipster miniskirts, [and] denim cargo pants" (via Marie Claire). In the new year, pairing ultra-wide denim pieces with dainty and feminine tops will be trendy for both — daytime and nighttime looks. The best part of it all is that almost every upcoming 2023 denim trend is a comeback of a trend that was huge in the '90s and aughts. Because of this, thrift stores are the best spots to shop for these trendy denim pieces.


Millennials remember the moment denim on denim became a huge hit: it was when pop stars Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, who were dating then, wore head-to-toe denim outfits to the 2001 American Music Awards. In 2023, the denim-on-denim trend is returning, which means you can rock your denim pants, tops, and jackets all at once. "I love a double denim look and don't think people should be intimated to try it," the vice president of fashion buying at Mytheresa, Tiffany Hsu, tells The Zoe Report.

However, there are some rules you should follow while rocking this trend. Per Christina and Teresa Jaide, co-founders of JLUXLABEL, you should "pick your desired shade of denim and keep the wash similar throughout" (via RealSimple). Lisa Baranello from the brand Miss Sixty couldn't agree more. "When styling double denim, match the denim color wash of each piece to achieve a synchronized look'," she tells Woman & Home

Besides picking similar washes, you should also make sure to go for different silhouettes. They also recommend that you always add a pop of color and go heavy on the accessories. Wearing denim on denim is definitely a "trust the process" kind of outfit, as it might look a bit off until you add the finishing touches. If you don't know where to start, Farrah-May Archer, styling team lead at Stitch Fix U.K., has some tips. "Head-to-toe denim is not one for the faint-hearted, but a subtle way to embrace the trend is to team high-waisted, wide-leg jeans with a cropped denim jacket and a plain white tee," she tells Woman & Home.

Baggy and wide jeans

Those waiting for skinny jeans to return will be disappointed to find out that in 2023, the baggier and wider your jeans are, the better. "We continue to see how the '90s inspire people with the resurgence of cool, loose-fitting, and relaxed denim silhouettes. These easy-to-wear styles dominate denim trends and can make any outfit effortless," Joyce Lee, SVP of design at Madewell, tells Women's Wear Daily. Tiffany Hsu, vice president of fashion buying at Mytheresa, suggests "going a size bigger to get that effortlessly chic vibe" (via The Zoe Report).

Wide jeans were spotted all over the runways in 2022, too. "The Valentino runway really led the way for the wide-leg, pale-wash denim trend, and we loved the styling with strong color-pop ready-to-wear," the head of womenswear at MATCHESFASHION, Liane Wiggins, tells Vogue. "It felt like such a modern look. We also saw this denim trend come through strongly at Molly Goddard and Balenciaga." Lesley Torson, the founder of denim retailer Trilogy Stores, predicts that "you can expect to see a lot of brands adding to their wide-leg offering in a variety of lengths and styles" (via Woman & Home).

If you're scared you can't pull baggy pants off, try looking for a style that suits you the most. "The barrel leg is a hybrid of the mom jean and straight leg jeans and are the best jeans for curvy women as it's wider at the thighs and tapers in at the ankle," denim stylist Sam Remer tells Woman & Home. Those afraid of getting lost in the wide clothing can always pair some baggy jeans with a tighter crop top for some contrast in shape.

Denim maxi skirts

We all know that long denim skirts are making a comeback against all odds, and now it seems as if they are here to stay. Denim maxi skirts were frequently spotted on New York Fashion Week's runways this fall, and they were mainly styled with cropped knits or matching denim jackets. According to Fashion United, the most common denim maxi skirt cuts that were seen on runways were straight or trapeze. What's more, the searches for denim skirts went up by 52% on ShopStyle this fall (via The Zoe Report).

"The long denim skirt is a brilliant season-less wardrobe staple; just change up your footwear for the occasion," stylist Sam Remer reveals to Woman & Home. Models like Gigi and Bella Hadid have been rocking denim maxi skirts for a while now, and this spring, we expect to see a lot more people wearing them. Why? Because denim skirts are stylish, durable, and very comfy, but most importantly, they perfectly fit the nostalgic Y2K fashion, which is currently having a huge comeback, especially with Gen Zers. While you can always shop for these at trendy stores, hitting up a thrift shop or even your older sister/mom's closet is usually the more affordable way to go. Not to mention that you will end up having an original vintage denim maxi skirt from the '90s and 2000s.

Denim bags

Denim bags have slowly been making a comeback in 2022, and we've loved every second of it. In 2023, they are expected to blow up even more. Nicole Adolfe from the fashion company THE ICONIC admits that eye-catching bags are going to be big this upcoming year. "Textured and quirky bags will also be making an impact. It's all about a bag being instagrammable on and off the runway... Unconventional materials and textures will also be hot property, such as the denim bag and baguette style," she tells Marie Claire. In fact, high-end designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, and Versace have all released denim bags in 2022, and people will continue to stunt them into 2023 and beyond.

As far as the style of the bag goes, more than one shape will be trendy. It doesn't matter if you like crossbody bags, small shoulder bags, or big tote bags — plenty of shapes are available in denim versions. Those who love sustainable fashion will be particularly thrilled about this trend, as many denim jeans and jackets are being upcycled into denim bags and sold on Etsy. If you're wondering what you can wear a denim bag with, there are no rules. Rock it with a full denim-on-denim look, or make it the one piece of denim you'll wear for the day. Either way, you'll be sure to garner attention.

Puddle jeans

For those who don't know, puddle pants are pants with longer hems that end up pooling on the floor. "It's a trend that I have seen much of on the streets of Paris," the director of the fashion store Fabric, Jacki Bresic, tells Stuff. "They are easily paired back with a tank and slide or sneaker for day-to-day, or for a more elevated and refined look, throw on an unbuttoned shirt and pointed toe flat or heel." As far as the length goes, make sure the amount of "puddle" is something you're comfortable with. If you have too much, you may find yourself tripping over your own garment. If it's not enough, you won't feel confident, which is the last thing anyone deserves when rocking their favorite piece of denim clothing.

While puddle pants come in all sorts of materials, puddle jeans are expected to be big in 2023. Per Would You Wear, puddle jeans have been somewhat controversial, as many people are not too fond of the trend (probably because of the high chance of tripping in them). However, in 2022 celebs such as Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have been spotted rocking jeans whose hemlines drag along the ground, so it's only a matter of time before this trend becomes just as popular as wide jeans. Those who were hoping that cropped jeans would have a comeback in 2023 will have to wait a bit longer, as it seems the trend has gone in the opposite direction.

Denim boots (or faux denim boots)

A denim trend you're bound to either love or hate is denim boots. We already included it in our top 10 boot trends you'll want to wear everywhere in 2023, as it is becoming more and more popularized thanks to celebrities like Julia Fox and Kylie Jenner, who are often spotted rocking the so-called joots (jean boots).

Recently, upcycling denim jeans and using them as a leg warmer over your boots has become a massive trend on TikTok. Per the New York Post, Swedish influencer Amanda Engstrand posted the original video in which she copied a look that supermodel Elsa Hosk wore. All she did was measure an old pair of jeans against her knee-high boots, cut the appropriate length of legs off, and then layered them over her boots (making sure to tuck the top into the boots). While this certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, DIY-ing a pair of denim leg warmers that will turn your boots into denim boots is undoubtedly more affordable than going out and buying a new pair.

Two-toned denim

Two-tone denim was a fashion trend that blew up in 2020, and experts predict that it will make its return in 2023. Designer and founder of LOULOU DAMOUR, Zee Fields, tells Real Simple that two-toned and color-blocked jeans will be on the rise in the upcoming year.

In 2020, two-toned jeans were still more on the tighter or straight side but this time around, expect two-toned jeans to be baggy, wide, and flare. Per Style Caster, the trend is a great way to contour your legs, as two-toned jeans make your legs appear longer (regardless of what shape you opt for). As far as the rest of the clothing goes, you can easily pick it to dress two-toned jeans up or down. Throw on a vintage band tee and some sneakers for running errands, or pair it with a white button-up and some strappy heels for a night out! 

Oversized denim jackets

Another denim trend that is here to stay is the oversized denim jacket. "In a recent trend report from Stitch Fix, denim jackets accounted for nearly 40% of sales for the jackets category," Styling Team Lead at Stitch Fix, Courtney Busch, tells Marie Claire. "And it's no wonder they're in such high demand, as they're extremely versatile." While most of us think of grunge and punk fashion when someone mentions this trend, oversized denim jackets actually have more to offer than one thinks. "There are various versions of this style from big and boxy to a vintage trucker style or more of a boyfriend look," Alissa Friedman, senior public relations and marketing manager at Mavi, tells Harper's Bazaar. "So think about your personal style and what would best complement your day-to-day looks."

Once you figure out if you're looking for a more structured or softer denim jacket, hit up the thrift stores, as those are your best source for oversized, vintage finds. A pro tip is to never neglect the men's section, as that is usually where the true gems are found. Corey Robinson, senior vice president and head of design and merchandising at Abercrombie & Fitch, explains to Harper's Bazaar how to pick the right denim jacket. "For a softer look, seek out a jacket that has some drape to it — these are most often the jackets constructed from lighter weight materials that have some flow and movement to them," he says. "For something that looks a bit more authentic and has some structure to it, like you pulled it from the rack of a vintage store, seek out something crafted from a heavier, more rigid type of denim." 

Off-white and white denim

Denim will always be fashionable, but denim in colors other than its usual blue shades tends to go in and out of style. For 2023, experts predict that white, off-white, and beige denim will be trendy, especially in the springtime. "There's something ultra-chic about white denim — it's a great alternative on the days you need a refresh, and perfect for any minimalist that prefers their denim a little more pared back," Libby Page, senior market editor at NET-A-PORTER, tells Elle U.K.

Since they fit more into a minimalist style, white denim pieces tend to look more glam and sophisticated. "Natural sandstone and off-white denim pieces are the grown-up versions of my '90s jeans," Brigette Deshais, AYR's Vice President of Women's Design, tells Marie Claire. However, finding the perfect pair of white jeans can be complicated. "It is so hard to find the perfect pair of white jeans because they — naturally — show too much if they don't fit right or if the fabric is off," Co-Founder and Creative Director of Still Here Sonia Mosseri tells The Zoe Report. According to her, you should always look for rigid denim if you're looking at lighter colors. 

"You should stick with rigid denim and stay very (very!) far away from anything with stretch, especially if it's a true white," she tells the outlet. "The thicker the denim, the more you achieve that cool utility look, which I think is the stand-out angle of white denim. An oversized, high-rise, relaxed, or wide leg is definitely the go-to for me." However, when thinking about white and off-white denim, don't limit yourself to pants — also consider giving jackets, button-ups, skirts, and even summery tops a chance.

Cargo denim pants

Besides classic wide jeans, cargo jeans are also having a huge moment right now. "Trends move in cycles, of course, and we're currently in a pant cycle at the moment, meaning that most innovation is happening in bottoms rather than tops," trend forecaster Kendall Becker tells The Zoe Report. "The past few years furthered the gorpcore trend. While it was more street-style-centric and done mostly for fun rather than practicality, the craving for comfort has brought an actual need for the laidback look. And with a fashion spin from our favorite designers, cargo pants and jeans can be undoubtedly chic, too." In case you're not familiar with the gorpcore trend, you should know that it's a style that inherently evokes utilitarianism. It's the great outdoors mixed with interior design and functionality, and it's a fun one to explore.

While cargo pants are a huge change compared to the skinny jeans we all wore just a few years ago — it isn't too difficult (or very different) to style them. Similar to wide and baggy jeans, cargo denim pants can also be worn with cropped tops, button-ups, or even dainty bralettes. One thing we do recommend is to pick a simpler top as cargo pants tend to be rather busy on their own, thanks to their many pockets.