Long Denim Skirts Are Making A Comeback Against All Odds

A new trend is here, and it is yet another throwback. While the denim skirt can be dated back to its first introduction in the '70s, it wasn't until the 2000s that the maxi denim skirt became the style. Yes, another Y2K trend has hit the spotlight again with new innovative ways to wear it. As seen in New York Fashion week for Spring 2023, designers like Altuzarra, Ulla Johnson, Fendi, and Marni featured a variety of styling options for the long or midi denim skirt (via Fashionista).

Much like a pair of denim jeans, the denim skirt is one of the most versatile bottoms you can wear. If you're curious to try it for yourself in a way that matches your personal taste, there's surely a way to do so that fits your aesthetic. Whether you elevate it, make it quirky, or layer it up, the possibilities are almost endless. The styles of the skirts are many, too, as you'll run into A-line skirts, asymmetric skirts, circle skirts, and many other forms.

Denim on denim

Keep the denim train going by wearing a denim-on-denim look with your long denim skirt giving your outfit a stylish monotone vibe. This allows you to play around with different textures and colors of denim to wear. Try to wear different tones of it, whether it's a dark blue paired with a light wash or white denim paired with blue denim. For an emphasized denim look, wear a statement denim jacket to really hit that '90s to Y2K style (via Stylecaster).

A tailored, fitted look

Elevate your look by opting for a tight-fitted denim piece with a similar fit to that of a pencil skirt. The tailored fit gives the outfit a more formal look offering a lot of ways you can dress it up with your choice of top and accessories. It would pair perfectly with a fitted top or sweater and a statement belt. Or, better frame your waistline by wearing something looser on top for balance. Add more elegance with a pair of heels to keep the elevated style strong.

Keep it simple

Denim jeans are a classic, and now, so is the long denim skirt. Keep it simple and timeless with a basic white t-shirt, or any t-shirt for that matter. This optimizes a well-known style and comfort in one. Much like the t-shirt and jeans combination, the denim skirt and t-shirt combination also works great with a pair of boots or the most popular option: a pair of sneakers. Because the nature of the skirt offers a better view of your ankles, this might also be the perfect time to play around with some cute socks to top off the look (via Harper's Bazaar).

Oversized and quirky

Y2K fashion carries a little bit of a quirkiness with it. In fact, a style known as maximalist fashion has also come to life as an extension of Y2K trends. Through this style, you pair a whole lot of whatever you'd like in your outfits. The long or midi denim skirt is perfect for this style because of the way it hangs on your legs, kind of creating a base canvas to work with. It goes with just about anything, too. Pops of color are often popular in Y2K maximalist styles, so this is the perfect time to mix and match colors, textures, garments, or accessories around your skirt because it just inherently pairs well with it all.

With a blazer

Wear your long or midi denim skirt to work while still looking professional by pairing it with a blazer or a similar style coat. This gives it a dash of elegance and professionalism in one. Who says denim is purely casual? Pair it with a waist-cinching accent belt for that extra chic touch. To match more of the blazer's style and add more fashionable details, pair it with a collared button-up shirt and tights with heels or boots (via Lookastic).