Our Proof That Straight-Leg Jeans Flatter Every Body Shape

When it comes to jeans, trends have been shifting. After a decade and a half in the spotlight, skinny jeans have finally taken a step back to let other cuts of denim have a moment to shine. While flares, boot cuts, wide legs, and boyfriend jeans have all had their moments since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, one 90s staple has fought its way back to the top. Straight-leg jeans are back and for good reason; they look amazing on every single size and shape for everybody.

If you've been hesitant to step away from your skinnies, straight-leg jeans are the easiest way to transition. The cut is the same through the waist and thighs and then simply remains straight down the lower leg rather than tightly tapering. Take a look at these inspiring examples of straight-leg jeans being rocked by bodies and styles of all types. Then, grab a pair and try them out yourself. 

Petite gal

Finding jeans that fit perfectly can be a challenge for women who are short. Not all clothing manufacturers offer a petite option and cutting or hemming jeans that aren't meant to evenly taper or remain straight down the leg can result in an awkward look. Plus, not everyone wants to get their jeans tailored! But, straight-leg jeans make it simple–easy to hem or just roll up for a cool look. 

Ripped and rugged

Nothing evokes that sweet, sweet '90s grunge nostalgia like an edgy ripped, frayed straight-leg jean moment. For maximum fray, make sure you're working with jeans made from classic, non-stretch denim material. The higher the percentage of Lycra (that's the fabric that gives jeans a stretchy quality), the fewer frays you'll end up with, per Socialite's Closet.

Curvy girl

Straight-leg jeans are a godsend for curvy figures. The super skinny jeans of the early 2000s can highlight curves in a harsh and unflattering way, but a narrower straight-leg cut softens the overall line of your silhouette and accentuate your body's curviness in all the right places. You'll have to fight the urge to check yourself out every time you pass a mirror. 

Posh and polished

A timeless piece, like high-quality straight-leg denim, is the key to balancing high-end tops and accessories in order to keep them wearable in a casual or semi-casual setting. The sophisticated yet down-to-earth cut makes it easy to combine any amount of class and sass into a recipe for your own polished style.

Tall goddess

The simplicity of a jean that remains straight down the leg allows for any length from cropped to ankle to look flattering and intentional. Finally, you can go ahead and buy a pair of jeans that make your butt and hips look amazing without having to worry about whether they look too short with certain shoes.

Preppy and classic

Combine a high waist, a straight leg, a cute belt, and a tucked-in shirt with low heels or ballet flats. Are you a classy upper-middle-class mom from a '90s movie or have you just stumbled upon the magic of a good pair of straight-leg jeans? Achievement unlocked!