Libra: Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Zodiac Sign

While all star signs are distinctive, few possess the same unique balance as Libra. In fact, "Libra" is derived from the Latin "lībra" or "pair of scales" (via It's fitting symbolism for those born between September 23 and October 22, as people ruled by this star sign often boast an interesting medley of traits and characteristics.

Libra is one of three air signs of the zodiac, the other two of which are Aquarius and Gemini. These individuals are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and are known for everything from their innate charm and elegance to their intellect and social graces. Given that this wandering star is also associated with beauty, it's no wonder Libra is one of the top zodiac signs with the best style

By virtue of the sign's inherent meaning, Libra is deeply fixated on maintaining harmony and avoiding discord. They're happiest when everything is symmetrical — everything feels just right when the proverbial scales are balanced. Whether you or a loved one is a Libra, have a peek at what makes the sign so unique.

What traits define a Libra?

To understand a Libra, you need to appreciate the fact that balance is everything to them. They want the best of all worlds in any situation and environment, be it a friendship, the workplace, a relationship, or a social cause. For them, compromise is almost an art form — a way to appeal to the best sides of anything in the name of equity.

In keeping with that desire for fairness all around, Libra is rarely confrontational. They have no interest in getting involved in disagreements that go nowhere. A discussion with Libra is likely to result in a friendly back-and-forth exchange of ideas instead. After all, the only way for them to find true balance is to understand every side. It's safe to say that diplomacy is a strong suit.

To that end, they're compassionate by nature, too. Libra connects with a person on a deeper level, often feeling their feelings and understanding their emotions better than others. It's yet another way they can see every side of an equation before arriving at what they consider to be the fairest decision for everyone involved.

How does your Libra sign influence your health?

Believe it or not, your star sign reveals a lot about your health. Being an air sign, Libra is ruled by the kidneys and the lower back. While Libra generally enjoys a pattern of good health, it's possible for issues like kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and back pain to develop.

What's more, because the Libra is so intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others, they are highly stimulated. They can quickly jump from calm to nervous, leaving them overwhelmed, tired, and anxious. Overstimulation can cause other concerns, such as sensitive skin. Certain foods can aggravate this, so one way Libra can find balance is to adopt a diet that omits common triggers like alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods. Drinking water is key to keeping the urinary tract happy.

Venus is Libra's governing planet, which means those ruled by this sign have a natural inclination towards beautiful things — and all the better if said things are gifts from Mother Nature. Some believe that inhaling certain aromas, like chamomile, eucalyptus, fennel, pine, spearmint, and vanilla, can have a calming effect that helps Libra unwind, focus, and restore internal balance.

What does the Libra symbol mean?

A clear representation of balance, the scales of justice only sway in Libra's favor — and only to make it clear from a symbolic point of view that fairness rules about all else. It's not just this obvious interpretation that makes the scale such a fitting symbol for the sign.

According to astrologer Amy Herring, Themis was known as one of the "daughters of heaven" who is "linked most often" to Libra. She was the result of a connection between the earth and the sky — a balance of the two. In life, Themis lived up to this in every way, teaching others about the law while embodying the morals and behaviors revealed as a message of eternal, divine law. This law by which Themis lived her life was the essence of her character and very clearly the essence of Libra at heart.

Where does the scale itself come into play? Themis had a daughter, the goddess Astraea. Legend has it that she was so turned off by human law that she ascended to the heavens clutching the scales, which ultimately became the Libra constellation.

Which careers are best for Libras?

Libra is naturally drawn to careers that appeal to their emotions. A job in the arts, whether as an actual artist or giving tours in a gallery, is fitting. There's a sense of escapism, which can relieve the deep-feeling Libra, whose primary focus often centers on others' needs.

They also make excellent event planners, as it gives them a chance to put their communication and listening skills to work. They can use their imaginations to bring their clients' visions to life. Because they are so even-keeled, they excel in positions like these, where clients may occasionally grow frustrated. Libra is patient and supportive every step of the way.

Being less decisive, Libra tends to do best in positions that don't call for them to make the big decisions alone. They can support others, though, which is why they make great life coaches (again, they get to give their energy to someone else!) and human resources managers. In the latter position, they can couple everyday professional skills, like overseeing new hire onboarding, with their ability to connect with others and resolve workplace problems.

What fears do Libras have?

One of Libra's primary fears is loneliness. They don't mind their solo time, but it's their relationships that bring some sense of balance and order to their world. When they know that there's always someone in their corner, they can handle their everyday routines with ease and confidence.

Shaking up the equilibrium can send Libra into a state of distress, too. "Libra fears hard extremes, as this is the sign of diplomacy and balance," Athena Perrakis, PhD of Sage Goddess, explains to Reader's Digest Canada. "In fact, no other sign quite embodies the balance of divine masculine and divine feminine like Libra! If Libra sometimes lets go of their need to reconcile all the energies around them, they will do better in life."

It can be difficult to find the good in an extreme, making it hard for Libra to face the fact that life may not always go how they want it to — and the scales may not always be as balanced as they would like. It's a constant underlying fear that can threaten their comfort and sense of well-being.

What weaknesses do Libras have?

Being so fully committed to fairness across the board, Libra may have a difficult time making decisions. In fact, Libra has quite a reputation for being indecisive. However, that's not always the case, as any Libra can attest that they're really just taking their time weighing all of the options before making a final decision.

The fact that Libra is so moral and idealistic is admirable, but it can also be to their detriment if people take advantage of their good nature. Because they're unwilling to engage in disagreements of any kind, they may hesitate to speak up for themselves and often end up putting others' needs before their own. Unfortunately, holding in their own feelings to protect others can take its toll. Eventually, it can lead to a boiling point that causes the Libra to erupt, although even then, they will do their best to tamp down their emotions.

There's nothing wrong with a little self-care, of course, but the Libra's interest in all things beauty can take them down some challenging roads if they aren't careful. Because they are highly motivated by how their reflection looks in the mirror, Libras can be "overly caught up in their physical appearance," according to astrologer Nina Kahn (via Bustle).

Which signs are Libras most compatible with?

Some people are true believers in love by zodiac — that is, a meeting of the signs instead of strictly of the minds. Because Libra is so driven by fairness, they naturally seek that characteristic in their partner, too. Given the challenges they face in making decisions, they are also inclined to look for people who are strong-willed and confident in their choices. Essentially, they want the ying to their yang — the person who brings the balance to their life.

Conversely, they aren't interested in people who engage in arguments as a matter of routine. Libra tries to avoid confrontation at any cost, preferring to keep the peace and find fair ways to resolve any situation. Likewise, their appreciation for all things beautiful and elegant means they are naturally indulgent, so they are drawn to those who feel the same way.

A Libra and an Aries joined together in couplehood are especially powerful because they balance each other beautifully. Energetic Aries coupled with sensible Libra equals a force of nature. Another powerful coupling option for Libra is Aquarius. They communicate well, share an excellent friendship, and, again, bring balance to one another's unique personalities. Leo, Gemini, and Pisces are other signs compatible with Libra.

What is the Libra's home like?

Harmony is king in the Libra household, making them one of the neatest and most organized of the zodiacs. Libra appreciates the natural order of things, making the flow from one space to another an essential design element. Usually, some form of continuity extends from one space to another, creating a sense of unity throughout the home. It's just what Libra loves; this environment brings them enormous peace and happiness.  

With a keen eye for beauty and style, Libra brings that appreciation for the finer things to the home, too. That doesn't necessarily mean that the Libra is strictly focused on upscale style — balance is everything, after all — but they do appreciate pieces that are thoughtfully elegant, nonchalantly sophisticated, and generally polished. The symmetry of the space alone lends it an inherently Libran quality, and you might find elements of feng shui peppered throughout the home as well. 

Clutter doesn't have much of a place in the Libra home. It may be there in some form, but even when there's a bit of a mess, there's some order to it. The Libra would much rather contain the clutter in neatly-labeled boxes than leave everything strewn across the floor. If Libra is a parent, the kids' toys and other belongings typically have their own space. It's another way to create a balanced home that meets the needs of everyone in the family.

How does Libra differ in western and Vedic astrology?

Although both Vedic and Western astrology abide by the 12 signs of the zodiac and generally acknowledge the same set of characteristics for each, there are significant differences between the two practices. For starters, the Vedic astrology calendar centers around the constellations, while Western astrology's calendar revolves strictly around the permanent positions of the planets.

The differences are clear when examining the different astrological calendars. In Western astrology, the fall equinox begins on September 22 or 23, bringing Libra season with it. The same applies to Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn — illustrating how the Western zodiac abides by a relationship with the seasons.

By contrast, Vedic astrology doesn't pay heed to seasonal transitions. Instead, the sun's movements are tracked by observing the stars that compose the Libra constellation. Vedic astrology also doesn't take into account outer planets like Pluto, Saturn, or Neptune as Western astrology does. However, the traits of Libra remain similar in both — it's just the dates that are different, with Libras falling between October 16 and November 14 in Vedic astrology. 

How does the Venus ruling planet affect Libra?

It is simply no surprise that Libra's ruling planet is Venus. Aside from being associated with love and desire, Venus represents elegance, beauty, and grace. Because of Venus, Libra boasts an innate appreciation for what they perceive to be the best things in life, whether a swanky restaurant or a piece of fancy jewelry.

Essentially, Venus is intrinsically linked to Libra's joy. Libra's unique tastes come from Venus, and Venus dictates what brings a person the greatest pleasure in their lives. For Venus in Libra, everything comes back to fairness and give and take. Partnerships are of the utmost importance, as they indicate a level of loyalty, trust, and reliability. This ties into the fact that Venus is, indeed, the goddess of love. Love can only be true if those basic needs are met.

Venus in Libra is idealism personified. There's an emphasis on complete and utter harmony and lasting relationships that remain strong and true for a lifetime. This carries a Libra through life, allowing them to be the best possible version of themselves. Everything ultimately comes back to Venus' influence on Libra.

What are the perks of being a Libra?

Astrologer Valerie Mesa probably put it best when she told Women's Health, "Libra is the socialite. They're the glitter glue that keeps everyone together." It's an accurate way of explaining Libra's effect on everyone around them, be it their family or group of friends. Because Libra's key focus is harmony for all, there's an innate desire to ensure everyone is happy in one another's company.

It's one of the biggest assets of the Libra personality, along with the fact that they see every side of the issue with clarity. In fact, "fair" may as well be Libra's middle name, as this trait is essential to their personality. They put great energy into peacekeeping, focusing on finding the middle ground instead of taking sides. They're great mediators for that reason.

Naturally, there's also that whole obsession with beauty. When it comes to decorating spaces, getting ready for a special event, or just making their home as cozy as possible, no one does it like Libra. "They just decorate the room wherever they are because they love to bring beauty, joy, and harmony," Mesa explains.

How can Libras practice self-care?

Given Libra's appreciation for luxury, it's understandable that they're partial to extravagance from time to time. Balance, however, means finding joy in simple pleasures, too, like calming acts of self-care. Those come to Libra in abundance, as these September and October babies are more than willing to engage in some much-needed downtime to give their peacekeeping hearts and minds a break from all that harmonizing.

Is it any wonder that Libra's favorite self-care habits are of the luxurious variety? They love a good bubble bath. They won't say no to a spa day, especially if there's a massage involved, followed by a manicure and a pedicure. Soothing activities, like meditation and napping, are right up Libra's alley. Libra loves a beautiful fragrance, so anything that involves a lovely scent — hello, lavender massage oil or rose perfume — makes a wonderful choice.

Because Libra would rather get all dressed up than break too much of a sweat, it stands to reason that their favorite workouts are generally of the low-impact variety. There's no pounding the pavement here! You're more likely to find Libra socializing with others in barre class or enjoying a bike ride along the beach (with their special someone by their side, of course).

How can Libras make decisions more efficiently?

It's certainly no secret that decision-making isn't exactly Libra's strong suit. If someone else can arrive at the final conclusion, they're more than happy to let that person do the work. However, they never say no to a good listening session, which can actually work in their favor if it means being the voice of reason in a difficult situation.

If Libra wishes to be more decisive, they can get to that place by respecting that their process is far more intuitive and time-consuming than others' processes might be. During the first stage, they take everything into account, exercising complete patience while weighing the pros and cons of the situation. If they can pull their emotions out of the equation and face it with complete impartiality, they'll be even better equipped to arrive at stage two.

That's when they arrive at their final decision based on the information that they have at their disposal. Because Libra is so deeply thoughtful and likes to mull over every side and aspect of a situation, they are likely to feel confident if they do finally arrive at a decision that they feel good about making. Of course, Libra is also guilty of making snap decisions, which can backfire if they don't take their time — this is why stage one is such an important part of the process!

What is the significance of the Pluto in Libra generation?

People born between the years of 1971 and 1984 are known as the Pluto in Libra generation. It's notable because the period between 1728 and 1738 was the only other time when Pluto was last found in Libra. As part of Generation X, this group is often overlooked — but they are one of the most impactful and important groups in history.

That's because Pluto in and of itself inspires significant change. This group focuses on equity, justice, balance, harmony, and diplomacy. While Libras on their own are not inclined to be demanding, Pluto in Libra lights a fire if it means standing up for what is wrong, such as prejudice, and providing balance in the form of equality.

It may not be a surprise that this generation is responsible for a great deal of the world's most significant technological advancements, or that many societal norms, like homosexual and interracial relationships, became more widely accepted during Pluto in Libra. It was a period of transformation, growth, and strength — all of which are traits reflective of the Libra at heart.