Which Sign Is A Libra Most Compatible With?

Libras are the romantic lovers of the zodiac. They are charming and smooth, with a refined taste for all things beautiful. They're always wearing the trendiest outfits and can be found flirting with the most attractive person at the bar or are the most attractive person at the bar. They love all things captivating, artistic, and sensual. Their perfect date would be going to an art gallery followed by a sexy wine tasting. Represented by the scales, they crave partnership and have a buoyant disposition that encourages them to seek balance with others. However, their floaty nature can sometimes be perceived as flighty as they cannot help but be attracted to the next beautiful place or person.


Being the astute lovers of the zodiac, it's no surprise that Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, rules Libra (via Astrograph). But, ironically enough, despite their infatuation with sensuality and art, Libras also unknowingly play devil's advocate. In their pursuit of fairness, they can see all viewpoints in an argument and will suggest an unfavorable opinion for the sake of balance. So, naturally, they need high-brow intellectuals who can tolerate and appreciate their eye for beauty and fanciful nature. So who can match the Libra in their art of flirting? Let's find out.

They need creative stimulation

In astrology, the rule of thumb for compatibility is that signs within the same element match perfectly. So, Libra, being an air sign, is to be paired with other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius. Air signs are the intellectuals and communicators of the zodiac. They thrive off of and are attracted to mental stimulation, creative prowess, and brilliant thinking. Geminis are a classic chef-kiss match for Libras. Think Kimye, the ultimate air sign pairing. Geminis offer a cultured mental power to Libras, who, in turn, is the muse for Gemini masterminds. It's a match made in cosmic heaven.


Aquarians, similarly offer a creative partnership that understands and builds up the Libran archetype. They have a unique perspective on humanity, altruism, and original thought that Librans admire. Libras also embody the beautiful peacemaker, making them the ideal match for a philanthropic Aquarian. These two could talk about art history, philosophy, or pop culture together for hours. Aquarians also have a quirky style and unique aesthetic that Librans are attracted to, and the two could form a best-dressed couple envious of Kim and Kanye.

They need trendsetting partners

Matching signs within the same element group are some of the best romantic pairings, but it is not the only way to compatibility (via Astrology K). Signs outside of the element groups can still offer chemistry but in different ways. For Libras, their opposite sign, also known as their sister sign, is Aries. Sister signs sit directly opposite each other on the astrology wheel and offer a positive pairing because of their ability to flow together and understand one another (via Express).


Libra and Aries are grouped as cardinal signs because they kick off their respective seasons and represent positive action with trendsetting energy. Together these air and fire signs encourage each other to express themselves, making for a chaotically good time. Careful, though, as this is not a particularly grounded energy and can be over as fast as it started. Don't let Libras fall through your fingers, and be sure to stimulate their dazzling intellect because if you don't, they can easily find someone who will.