What Your Venus Sign Can Tell You About Your Love Life

In the past, asking someone, "what's your sign?" was just a simple ice–breaker to get the conversation started, but in an age where dating apps and astrology have never been more popular –– it's become one of the most important pieces of information singles are using to find the love of their life. "It's amazing to me that more people are using astrology as a language to better understand themselves and the world in which we live," astrologer Stephanie Gailing tells Elite Daily. "As young people continue to take astrology seriously, it seems that more people are then applying astrological insights when it comes to their romantic life." In fact, according to a new report created in partnership by USA TODAY and Bumble, 78% of active dating app users proudly display their zodiac sign on their personal profiles.

Everyone has their own way of pursuing sex and love — and astrological compatibility is a fun way to get to know other people and test out your potential chemistry. "Always remember that seduction should be fun, and astrological seduction therefore adds a whole new dimension to the age-old game of love," astrologer Carole Golder writes in her book "The Seductive Art of Astrology." However, if you're seeking out more than a casual fling, you'll want to look to the shining star of the night sky: Venus. Your Venus sign can explain why you're more attracted to some people than others, as well as what it will take to make your romantic pairing last a lifetime.

What does Venus symbolize in astrology?

In astrology, Venus represents your capacity to both feel and express love. Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and sexuality and was known in ancient times for her beauty, grace, sexuality, and freedom of self–expression (via TODAY). As astrologer Michael Meyer explains in his book "The Astrology of Relationships," Venus acts as the magnetic energy that draws individuals together. You might find that when you meet someone with a compatible Venus placement, there's a natural attraction and appreciation for one another. "Relationships can be approached as vehicles of change and growth, and humanistic synastry techniques can serve as a guide to understanding the potential relationship and how they can best be fulfilled." 

Your Venus sign represents the area of life in which you really want to relate to other people. It can show what you seek out in any relationship with another person, romantic or not. Astrologer and author Liz Greene explains it best in her book "Astrology for Lovers" when she outlines how the placements in a birth chart each come together to form a complete picture of the individual. "Astrology is a guideline, a pointer to human behavior. Something in each person is especially unique to them," Greene explains. "Each person's life has a meaning or purpose which it is up to them to explore and discover."

How does your Venus sign influence compatibility?

When it comes to love and astrology, your Venus sign directly affects your personal style in dating, sex, love, and long–term relationships. But it doesn't stop there. "The position and aspects of Venus in your birth chart will have a direct effect on your physical and emotional desires. It represents the basic nature of your desires in love, and is quite important in learning how to satisfy them," astrologer John Townley writes in his book "Planets in Love." When Venus moves through different zodiac signs, it influences the way in which you express your sensual side. For example, if your Venus is in a sign of its rulership, like Taurus, Libra, or Pisces, you'll generally feel more confident in the dating pool than someone with Venus in a debilitated sign like Scorpio, Aries, or Virgo (via Astrostyle).

If that all sounds intimidating, you can rest easy knowing that there's no such thing as a doomed match in astrology. Although your Venus sign holds a significant amount of influence in the energy you're attracted to –– having a deep sense of love, respect, and compassion for your partner is more important than anything. "There's no perfect [zodiac] combination. There's no bad combination. There are only healthy relationships and the only thing you really need to worry about is whether you and your partner are bringing out the best in one another," astrologer and psychologist Dr. Jennifer Freed shares in a recent Instagram Reel.

How to find Venus in your birth chart

Wherever Venus operates in the birth chart is where one can clearly see the harmony produced by something moving in accordance with nature and the universe itself. As astrologer Robert Hand writes in his book "Horoscope Symbols," the influence of Venus expands far beyond sex and romance. It also informs how you approach creative projects, how you attract attention, and how you express yourself in your fullest form. "Venus always expresses a beauty that is not only aesthetic but also somehow functional," explains Hand. The house in your birth chart where Venus sits is where you can create a sense of spontaneous self–expression to allow you to become your most authentic self.

You'll need to grab a copy of your birth chart using an online calculator or birth chart tools like Sanctuary or TimePassages to find your Venus sign. Then, locate the zodiac sign and house that your Venus falls in for how you seek and accept love in your life. It's also important to look at how your Venus forms aspects of your partner's chart to get the full picture of your shared chemistry. If you have a weakly defined or difficult aspected Venus, it may be harder for you to accept love from others, or you may feel as though you're not worthy of love. However, even the most challenging Venus placements have their strengths, and when you're able to learn the secrets of your Venus sign, you can shift your perspective in life and love for the better.