The Zodiac Signs That Have The Best Style

Some zodiac placements have a natural flare and effortlessness when it comes to exploring fashion, making heads turn, and leading the way with aesthetic vision. But, while each sign has their own eye for style, some aren't likely to hop on the trendsetter train. Cancers, for example, are more apt to wear sentimental pieces that evoke nostalgia and as Aries tend to be athletically inclined, they might opt for athleisure over the latest style any day of the week (via Your Tango).


If you're into astrology, you likely know that there's a whole lot more to a person's makeup than just their sun sign. The entire birth chart matters and understanding the intricacies will tell you a lot about the cosmos at the moment of birth — and consequently, a lot about our unique cosmic thumbprints.

So, if your sun sign doesn't make the cut for the zodiac signs that have the best style, don't fret. According to Nylon, rising and Venus signs can reveal even more about our personal style, and working with these placements can enhance our overall aura and magnetism. "Venus is the planet of beauty and aesthetics and attraction," professional astrologer Taryn Bond told Nylon. "People typically already really like styles that would match their Venus sign because it's what they're attracted to." So, while we can all work with our birth charts in order to look our best, let's examine which zodiac signs naturally have the best style.


Beautiful and balanced Libra

Ruled by Venus, which we already know is the planet of beauty, Libras come in first place for the best style. If you have a Libra sun, rising, or Venus in your life, you likely know them to be the most put-together and stylish of the crowd. Libra loves balance and this definitely spills over into their style. They know just how to rock an outfit without being too over-the-top or too subtle. While Libras and libra risings can do neutrals, you'll likely see them in color more often than not (via Nylon).


"You can always count on Libra to be well-turned out in perfectly tailored clothing and flawless makeup," astrologer Theresa Reed told Bustle. "Because they are a cardinal sign, they love being on top of the latest trends." These air signs tend to be highly social and won't miss an opportunity to don their latest on-trend look –- with not a hair out of place.

Bold and commanding Leo

You're likely not the least bit taken aback by this one. Leos are the stars of the show wherever they go and being the most stylish is no exception. These fire signs exude confidence and make sure they don't blend in with the crowd. Leos and Leo risings draw people in with little to no effort, always receiving an onslaught of compliments, even when just on an errand run in sweats.


"Every single Leo I know commands attention, and one way they do that is through fashion. Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle, Madonna, Jason Momoa — tell me you can ignore them when they walk in the room," astrologer Theresa Reed told Bustle. If you have Leo placements in your chart, particularly a Leo rising, there's one area to focus on so you can really amplify your magnetism: hair. "Also just doing the hair. If a Leo rising has their hair done, the outfit will follow very easily. It's all about the hair for Leo risings," professional astrologer Taryn Bond told Nylon.

Eccentric and unique Aquarius

As the individualists of the zodiac, it's no surprise that Aquarius would make the list –- but they likely didn't try to. Aquarius is always true to the self, above all else. They aren't likely to follow trends, but they could very likely be the ones to start them (via Your Tango). This air sign is visionary, forward-thinking, and always working harder than most. They live in the future while the rest of us slowly catch up. Aquarius will either go for simpler, classic pieces that are made well and have a timeless quality — or for the weird and unusual.


Niche is a great word to encompass Aquarius and Aquarius rising when it comes to style. They may not don the most eye-catching outfits, but you will still definitely notice them. "Aquarius rising can totally do a very classy outfit and then put, like, a Star Wars pin on. Having something that speaks to what they're into is really big there. Also, graphic shirts that say something could be very Aquarius rising," professional astrologer Taryn Bond told Nylon.

Earthy and luxurious Taurus

Grounded and maternal Taurus loves luxury and this is exemplified in their personal style. You can typically spot a Taurus or Taurus rising by their laid-back, natural, cool-girl fashion. They'll always opt for natural fibers over synthetic ones when it comes to fabrics and as lovers of Mother Earth, they aren't apt to give into fast fashion or any other not-so-eco-friendly practices.


Florals and earth tones are big for these bulls (via The Zodiac Style) and you'll likely find them donning a cool tote bag and comfy leather sandals as they connect with nature from a park bench or a mellow hiking trail. "Taurus risings might want to have some very timeless pieces that they did invest in and just kind of work those different ways in their outfits. It's kind of got a goddess energy to it, so things that kind of have that luxe feeling," professional astrologer Taryn Bond told Nylon.