The Quick Concealer Hack That Gives A Sculpted Lift - No Contour Needed

Concealer is such a holy grail beauty case tool. They usually come in either a liquid or cream form that is thicker than the average makeup product. According to Neutrogena, concealer was created so that it could hide dark spots, pimples, and other imperfections. Cosmetics and Skin explained further that concealers were originally brought to the market by Lydia O'Leary through her brand Covermark in the 1930s. While her product was revolutionary at the time, people had trouble figuring out how to apply the concealer effectively. To solve that issue O'Leary began training women around the country to use her product, as well as help them avoid the mistakes they were making with their concealer.


A lot has changed in the last century, and concealer has a lot more to offer than just covering blemishes. Now we have the option to create a beautiful makeup look by using concealer as the main tool to map out our faces. Whether you are on the go or have some time before an event, you can even use the tried-and-true product to create a gorgeous, sculpted face.

The makeup technique

Concealer is the easiest product to use to create a sculpted appearance. While most people use multiple concealers for the ultimate subtle contour, there is an easier way that only requires one concealer product. You first have the option to do your normal foundation routine how you see fit, or just opt to spot conceal with a shade that is similar to your complexion.


Afterward, you grab a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. The purpose of this is to draw attention to wherever you place the concealer. Popularized by TikTok user Nikkia Joy, the method is to apply the concealer in the corner of the eyes, and then on top of your cheek bones in "a curved line" down to the level of your lips. From there you blend out the concealer to create the coveted sculpted look. Afterward, you have the option to set it with powder or leave it as is.

The result is the entire face being "lifted" and the cheekbones more defined.

Pick the right products

When doing makeup hacks like these, it's important to have the right products. The makeup you use has the power to really change your face, and truly determine whether the concealer hack works or not. When choosing a concealer, make sure the shade and the undertone is the right match for you. If you have the right color but the wrong undertone, it can cause the concealer to look odd and very detectable no matter how blended the look is.


Now, if the concealer is too dark, it can cause your makeup to look muddy and, in some cases, make your face look more sunken in than you had hoped. On the other hand, if you use a concealer that is too light, it could give you a stark appearance that looks powdery and unnatural. It's always best to determine the concealer shade that's right for you to get the most out of this hack.