Moody Gray Highlights Are The Perfect Alternative To Traditional Blond

People love getting highlights, as they are a simple way to elevate hair without overdoing it. Due to highlights' popularity, there are many variations, including balayage, partial highlights, and midlights, a technique that adds dimension to hair. Whichever method you prefer, you might think of blond shades when you first hear the word "highlights," as highlights traditionally add hints of blond to brown or dark hair. Or, perhaps you think of light brown highlights, another pretty traditional option. But people are getting more creative with their hair color in 2023. Some are adding red highlights for extra warmth and flair, while others are opting for chic pops of gray.

Gray hair is notably more accepted than it was in years past, and many have been embracing their gray tresses in recent years now that the hair color is more trendy. If you're interested in adding a touch of gray to your locks, consider gray highlights, which are particularly flattering on brown hair. "A gunmetal silver highlight is a great option for brunettes, mostly because this is in the same tonal family. This can be a good way to have some fun with your color and still feel a version of natural," New York City-based hair colorist, Marcy, told Allure. Regardless of what color your hair is, if you like highlights and want to try something different, why not explore gray highlights?

Add some gray strands to your bob

Bobs have been everyone's go-to haircut lately, as these somewhat short cuts are sleek, low-maintenance, and flattering on various face shapes. Whether you have a chin-length bob, a longer shoulder-length variation, or something in between, try elevating your bob with some stylish gray highlights to make this classic hairstyle even trendier.

Don't be afraid of a chunky look

Many Y2K hairstyles are making a comeback in 2023, including chunkier-than-usual highlights. If you prefer bold hairstyles and hues over more understated looks, consider opting for chunky gray highlights for a modern spin on the sassy, chunky highlights that dominated the early 2000s. Gray highlights can be just as exciting as any brighter hair color!

Be dramatic with black and gray hair

Anyone with dark hair who loves contrast should add some gray highlights to their black tresses. Not only will the pops of gray add more dimension and excitement to your black locks, but the combination of moody hues help you appear edgy and striking. Regardless of whether the highlights are subtle or intense, you'll make a trendy statement.

Add a bit of subtle gray to light locks

We all know that gray highlights are great for brown and black hair, but you don't need dark tresses to try this trend. By putting just a touch of gray in light brown or blond locks, you'll be adding just enough extra dimension to create the illusion of a significantly more dynamic hair color.

Flaunt some gray in your bangs

Incorporating gray into your full or wispy bangs adds more character to your overall look, whether you add just a slight hint of gray, highlight the bangs with gray streaks, or even color your full fringe gray. Rocking gray bangs is a fun way to exude quirky yet trendy energy for a chic and unique new look.

Rock gray highlights at any age

You're never too old or young to explore gray highlights, as this trend is fun for people of all ages. It doesn't matter if you're 18 and looking for a trendy new highlighted look, 70 with naturally gray hair and wanting to do something different, or somewhere in between. Gray highlights can look striking and exciting on anyone, so if this look intrigues you, don't hesitate to try it out.