Midlights: The Seamless Highlighting Technique That Will Add Dimension To Your Hair

While there are always hair trends and colors that come and go, there are some classics that will never fail. Some classic hair techniques you can always count on are highlights and balayage, which include adding different hues to your base color to create a dynamic hair color. Although highlights help create a more exciting hair look, they can sometimes miss their mark and ruin your coloring instead. The best way to remedy this is by adding midlights to your hair. Midlights are the perfect way to add dimension, depth, and texture to your hair color without going too drastic. Unlike traditional highlights that lighten the entire strand of hair, midlights are applied to the midsection of the hair, between the roots and ends, creating a subtle yet impactful effect. The technique involves using a slightly darker shade of color than your base color, which helps blend the highlights and base color for a natural, sun-kissed look.

Since the midlights go onto the midsection of the hair, they grow out more seamlessly, allowing you to go longer between touch-ups. Additionally, this highlighting technique is customizable to any hair color and skin tone, making it a versatile option for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty. Whether you have dark or light hair, midlights can add a subtle yet noticeable difference to your overall look.

Gives you a natural look

While highlights can give you a fun and drastic new look, they can often seem unnatural and even too obvious. The purpose of highlights is to add a small accent to your base color to help add more excitement to your coloring. Midlights can help bridge the gap between obvious and natural. By blending between your base and highlight colors, midlights can make your highlights seem more natural and flawless.

Is a versatile option

As we've seen with other hair trends, there are various color options out there for your hair. The beauty behind midlights is that they'll always be able to work with any hair color, texture, or length you are working with. Because this highlighting technique is so versatile, it's an easy method that can be incorporated into your next hair coloring appointment. Factors like length and texture may affect how long the technique will take but there's no doubt it will look spectacular.

A low maintenance option

No one enjoys adding more work for themselves. While highlights and dyed hair can already cause a switch-up in your hair care routine, it's not fun having to add more steps to it. Thankfully, since midlights are used to blend both sections of hair and are typically darker than your base color, they don't require further maintenance. Sticking with your typical dyed hair routine is more than enough to maintain your midlights in top shape. Since they blend into your base color, you don't need to frequent the hair salon for touch-ups.

Softens harsh lines

If your highlights are too bright and harsh, adding midlights can help soften the lines and create a more natural look. This highlighting technique can be a lifesaver if you plan to add a contrasting highlight to your hair. If you plan to add blonde highlights to a black or brown base, midlights can soften the color to prevent it from looking like a harsh streak. Blending in the base and highlighting colors is key to producing natural-looking results.

Adds more depth to your hair

While highlights help make your hair look more dynamic, they can still fall flat. Depending on your combination of colors, your hair coloring can seem one-dimensional and unexciting. By adding midlights to your hair, you can create more depth and shadows to your hair to create a more dimensional look. Adding more depth will help your hair look beautiful from all angles and with any hairstyle. Your hair will look richer and fuller, as if you are always walking straight out of the salon.

Time-saving and money-saving option

One of the downsides of having your hair dyed is having to constantly go back to the salon to touch up or get it fixed once your roots start to show. While this is inevitable at a certain point, midlights can help extend the time between your visits. Since your midlights will be in a darker shade than that of your base color, your roots will end up blending into the midlights. Since it's not being applied to your roots, the midlights won't fade or budge as quickly, meaning you don't need to head back anytime soon.

The chicest subtle option

Sometimes all we want is a small lift to help change our looks without having to make any drastic decisions. Adding midlights to your hair will help give you a simple change without having your stylist do much. Since the color will only affect the midsection, you don't need to do anything different to your roots or ends. This technique is perfect for those transitional weeks when you aren't ready for your summer hair but are ready to ditch the winter hair color.

Helps hair look voluminous and full

If your hair tends to fall flat because it leans towards a finer texture or is on the thinner side, midlights are the solution you've been waiting for. This method is known for helping to add texture and movement to the hair, making it look fuller and more voluminous. With the simple addition of midlights, you can add more movement to your hair, making it look like it's thick and full of volume.