Ta-Ta Towels: Where Is The Brand After Shark Tank?

As summer approaches, heat and humidity loom ahead along with all of the fabulous offerings that being sweaty has to offer. Of course, this is sarcasm. No one enjoys being uncomfortably sweaty, and especially not when it comes to the intimate areas of our bodies. That's why Erin Robertson created the product Ta-Ta Towels (followed by the namesake company). 

In a way, it's shocking that it took until the 21st century for boob sweat to be given a solution. Nonetheless, the initial showcase of the product on "Shark Tank” in 2018 earned Robertson acclaim from women and men alike — especially following a chuckle-inducing moment when Kevin O'Leary, a judge on the ABC television show, was provided two oranges (for illustrative purposes) during the product demo. Robertson used the fruit to show the judging panel how Ta-Ta Towels work their magic. Documented on Shark Tank Recap as being specialized towel bras, Ta-Ta Towels made an instant impression.

According to the company's website, Robertson had already sold over one million versions of the specialized towels prior to making a sweat-free splash on "Shark Tank" and has continued to expand since. It's apparent that the product's reveal on the ABC show was the beginning of a successful company for Erin Robertson and the end of boob sweat with Ta-Ta Towels. Here's what you should know about Ta-Ta Towels now and where you can find one of these innovative towel bras for yourself.

Ta-Ta Towels received funding from Lori Greiner

During the introduction of Ta-Ta Towels on "Shark Tank," there was quite a bit of buzz about the innovation Erin Robertson brought to the scene when she debuted the product to the judging panel. Having been inspired to create the product following a date night (with boob sweat as an unexpected third wheel), Robertson's Ta-Ta Towels received multiple offers from The Sharks. The towel bras, made from moisture-wicking material, received praise from both Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban, "Shark Tank" judges and renowned entrepreneurs. Ultimately, Robertson chose to accept an offer from judge Lori Greiner for an investment of $200,000 in exchange for a 40% stake in the company.

Having already created and sold a significant number of Ta-Ta Towels prior to her appearance on the ABC show, Erin Robertson used her company's foundation — combined with Greiner's investment — to grow Ta-Ta Towels into a business with a more inclusive range of offerings, serving many different customer needs and bra sizes. At the time of her showing on "Shark Tank," there were two versions of the Ta-Ta Towel, which included a regular version in a variety of colors and a maternity version (also available in an array of patterns). At the time of the introduction in 2018, the cost of production was nearly half of the price of sale. Following the debut of Ta-Ta Towels in 2018, the company was valued at $2 million and growing.

The selection of Ta-Ta Towels has grown

Just a few years since their debut on "Shark Tank," Erin Robertson has grown her company to now provide an array of products aligned with the original creative concept of the towel bra. Ta-Ta Towels — as both a product and a company — have a foundation of inclusivity and consider a range of body shapes, bra sizes, and breast needs when creating new products. 

According to the selection offered on the official website, Ta-Ta Towels currently provides nearly half a dozen different collections. All of them have a vast size range for all body shapes. Beyond the original Ta-Ta Towel, the comfort-minded fashions now include robes, shorts, tube tops, and hair wraps. Each item in the collection is made from the same quality sweat-repelling towel fabric for which the OG Ta-Ta Towel garnered praise. Color choices now encompass trendy hues such as moonstone, twilight navy, lavender honey, and a bold red. Of course, core staple shades of black and cream, called Chai Me, accompany pastels like mint green, light pink, and muted blue. 

In the spirit of inclusivity, Ta-Ta Towels has also launched a collection for men called Testie Towels. The Reality TV reports that the men's towels have been so popular that they have sold out — though, since the company continues to expand, there is near certainty that stock will be replenished ASAP. The marketing for the men's collection advertises saying goodbye to testicle sweat, one towel at a time.

The benefits and perks of Ta-Ta Towels

The current selection of Ta-Ta Towels — newly expanded, but with the same appeal of comfortable, moisture-wicking material — is definitely an exciting advancement since Erin Robertson's appearance on "Shark Tank" in 2018. The company is continuing to grow and expand its offerings while making the original Ta-Ta Towel more affordable. When Robertson originally appeared on Shark Tank, the cost per item was $45. Right now, the original collection of Ta-Ta Towels ranges from $30 to  $34.99 — and sometimes less when the company's website runs sales, promotions, or discounts.

Comfort isn't the only benefit of Ta-Ta Towels and other remedies for staving off boob sweat. Particularly on hot, humid days when you may be outside, exercising, or wearing the same undergarments for hours, sweat can accumulate beneath the breasts. This can result in irritation, redness, rash, and even infection, since bacteria grow in moisture-rich sweat, per Self. Similar side effects impact men when it comes to testicle sweat — which Ta-Ta Towels aims to address through their men's line. 

Ta-Ta Towels has been successful since its "Shark Tank" appearance for good reason, which can be attributed to a combination of Robertson's business savvy, creative innovation, and the clear need to say goodbye to boob sweat for good. Having sweaty puddles beneath your breasts can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but a moisture-wicking towel bra to save the day could be the superhero we've all been awaiting.