Amanda Vining

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The University Of Texas At Austin, Duke University, New York University
Health & Wellness, Entertainment, Travel & Lifestyle
  • Amanda is a writer with a passion for health and wellness.
  • She advocates for raising awareness of a variety of topics that can improve the reader’s own knowledge of health information.
  • With a keen eye on the health industry, Amanda is always looking for the next great wellness hack!


Amanda comes to Health Digest with a passion to delve deeper into health and wellness issues. She has previously written for WebMD and Wake Forest Medical Center. When it comes to wellness, she is a proponent of holistic self care, mindfulness, and easy meal planning.


Amanda has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Rights with an emphasis in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin, a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University, and a Master’s in Journalism from New York University.
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