Apricot Chrome Nails Are The Summery Glazed Donut Update We Needed

Apricots are an amazing fruit — they contain exceptionally high amounts of vitamin C, which can boost the brilliance of your skin, nails, and hair from within, and their radiant color palette can transport you to summer, no matter the time of year, per Depril Brazil Waxing Studio. Warm-weather nail trends are taking inspiration from the rich hues of apricots, which contain hints of yellow, red, orange, and pink, producing manicure styles which feature any of these shades, or combinations of them all. 

Now, apricot-inspired nail polish styles are being paired with glazed donut effects, which have consistently captivated trends over the past few years. While actual foods aren't involved in nail designs, the combination of sweet, sugary glazed shades with richly warm hues found in natural apricots are as delectable as the fruit itself. Whether you are drawn to a simple solid color or a creative gradient look, you'll easily be able to replicate this vibrant trend. 

Lighter apricot shades with a tangy glaze

Previous versions of apricot glazed donut manicures have appeared as opalescent and milky-hued aesthetics, but you could also combine these two trends with more saturation. That is, you could start with a solid shade of lighter apricot, or a darker yellow, and then add a golden glimmer top coat. This will give the look frozen mango creamsicle vibes, and is practically summer sunshine on your nails!

Apricot ombré

Model, influencer, and beauty mogul Hailey Bieber has been the pioneer of the glazed donut nail trend, which has since extended into her makeup aesthetic for lips, eyes, and skin. Rarely do traditional glazed donut nails feature ombré designs, but apricot chrome is the perfect shade to use as you bridge the two trends together.  

Gradient apricot chrome

Shade selections stemming from apricot's natural color spectrum span numerous hues, from pale yellows to rich tones of sunset orange. Wear them all with a gradient chrome manicure that begins with a vibrant nearly-red orange and ends with a shiny peach-like pink, showcasing the full range of apricot's summery palette. 

Apricot chrome as part of a pastel set

To fully take advantage of the apricot glazed donut trend, you could incorporate it as part of a pastel chrome set. The chrome apricot tone pairs beautifully with pastels from different families, or you could stick to the theme and include every shade that appears within the fruit, including pastel pigments peaking their way between bolder shades of yellow, orange, red, and pink.