Relationship Expert's 5 Best Texting Tips For A Closer Bond With Your Partner

Whether you've been together for weeks or years, texting your partner can be exciting, but it also has its own set of rules — or textiquette. In fact, relationships of all lengths require texting to maintain their communication; it's a consequence of the digital age we live in. The good news, though, is that specific textiquette can boost your relationship's wellness, keeping both parties not only happy but also eager to see each other.


Isabel Faye, a dating expert and the founder of Twinflamesly, a relationship advice site, exclusively shares with Glam considerations for texting as a couple, as well as tips for using text message communication to strengthen the bond between you. At the end of the day, texting your significant other with attention to specific techniques can make your relationship stronger both in and out of your virtual conversations, and Faye's tips couldn't be easier to implement. Plus, they're quick additions to your daily routine.

Response time should be respectfully balanced

By far the most confusing conundrum regarding text messages is determining how much time to wait before replying. "Be prompt but not immediate with your responses," Isabel Faye exclusively tells us. A balance between instant, overeager replies and lingering on read for too long is precarious. Elaborating on patient and polite prompt response times, Fay adds, "This shows that you value your partner's time and are considerate of their feelings. Responding too quickly might appear desperate, while taking too long may make them feel unimportant."


Flip the situation around by imagining the balance you'd like to have in hearing back from a romantic partner. Consider how much time would need to pass before you'd feel overlooked if you sent an informative or interesting text to your significant other and your partner hadn't responded. "Find a balance that communicates you're genuinely interested in the conversation," Faye tells Glam, encouraging couples to find the sweet spot in response timing through compassionate awareness of the person's possible perception and acting with respectful intentions when you reply.

Express your affection using emojis and media elements

Emojis may seem amusing, silly, or fun without any greater meaning, but through sending your significant other digital hearts, smiley faces, and cutely animated elements, your relationship's overall vibe can receive a boost. In fact, Isabel Fay shares exclusively with Glam that couples in long-term relationships should text each other messages with various media elements. "Use emojis and GIFs. These playful elements can express emotions that text alone might not convey effectively," Faye explains. When texting your partner, confusion can be eliminated with the use of an emoji denoting your feelings about what you've written, or simply sending your partner a heart emoji in a spontaneous text can let them know you're thinking about them throughout the day.  


More than being adorable, emojis can make you and your partner more caring.  A 2009 study published in the psychological journal Emotion notes that seeing cute or adorable images like emojis can make the viewer more care-oriented toward others. What's more, sending texts with cute animals, food, or hearts to your partner can enhance mutual affection. Adding to this, Faye tells us, "This light-hearted interaction helps to build a bond and encourages a fun [and] lively conversation. It's about building connections and making your partner smile." Emojis and gifs are so easily accessible on phones' keyboards that there's really no excuse to not implement them into your daily texts.

Ask questions and express curiosity to check in with your partner

Text messages sent to your partner can make them feel validated. As a form of LTR-specific textiquette, Isabel Faye exclusively explains to Glam the importance of asking about a partner's well-being, as texting to check in with one another can increase emotional closeness. "Show curiosity about your partner's day or life events," says Faye. Asking your significant other how their day is going is a very simple way to let them know you're thinking about them, in turn making them feel validated and recognized. Adding to this, Faye explains, "Ask specific questions about their experiences, feelings, and thoughts."


Showing interest in your partner's day or asking a question about a subject you know your partner finds fascinating can make committed couples feel closer to each other, especially if they feel their significant other has noticed nuanced or detailed things about their hobbies or daily activities (via PsychCentral). On how relationships can be strengthened through tailored questions asked over text, Faye tells us, "This creates a deeper emotional connection and shows that you are genuinely interested in their world."

Use texting to express your love and affection

In addition to asking questions, Isabel Faye explains exclusively to Glam the importance of expressing affection, feelings, and love for your partner as part of textiquette. Even better, sending texts with statements of affection and loving sentiments can make partners feel closer to each other even when they're apart. Fay advises that partners should text with a consciously affectionate mindset, explaining, "Don't shy away from expressing your feelings. This doesn't mean you need to get overly emotional, but little expressions of affection or gratitude can go a long way."


You don't have to write a long love letter or text message version of a novella about how much your partner means to you, as a few simple words of positive reassurance of your affection can go a long way. "A simple 'I miss you' or 'I'm thinking of you' can nurture closeness," adds Faye. You can even text your partner when you're within proximity of one another, with a sweet text bringing you closer in your bond — just don't forget to include heart emojis.

Send messages about future experiences

Just as you can text your partner about their day, you can text them about the future. This doesn't mean you should suddenly text your significant other about desires for retirement or events long down the line, but rather that you're encouraged to send affectionate texts about your excitement for when you'll next see them (for example, how excited you are for the weekend plans the two of you scheduled). "Make use of texting to build anticipation for your face-to-face interactions. For instance, a playful 'Can't wait to see you tonight' can boost excitement and foster closeness," Isabel Faye exclusively tells Glam. This not only works for date nights and big events but also the mundane days — the ones that particularly need a touch of magic to elevate them.


Ultimately, exchanging texts with your partner can bring you closer together, but don't rely solely on text messages and emojis to strengthen your relationship. As a final tip, Faye tells us, "Remember, texting is a tool to support, not replace, real-life communication."