Eyebrow Stencils: What Are They & How Do They Work?

The world of beauty has rapidly evolved since the technology age began. Social media influencers and celebrities have ramped up cosmetics applications with more precise angling, shading, highlighting, and nuanced means of product application than previous generations. But what if there was a magic tool that could help you fill in your eyebrows and achieve the exact shape you desire every time? Luckily, eyebrow stencils have emerged as the magic wand-twirling fairy godmother for your brows.

Managing a double feature on your face when mapping eyebrows can be as finicky and overwhelming as makeup application gets. But with eyebrow stencils, the pressure of trying to draw the shape of your brows and fill them in by hand is no longer a struggle you must suffer. Instead, you can use these simple, but impactful tools to style your perfect brows. Achieving the ideal eyebrow arch for your face shape can enhance your contouring aesthetic as well. These stencils are a great way to up your makeup game to full glamour mode!

The basics of eyebrow stencils

Eyebrow stencils, sometimes called eyebrow stamp sets when a stamping tool is included, are available in a variety of options, from individual stencils to full kits with brushes, tools, multiple stencils, and a pigment palette for styling your brows. Many stamp and stencil kits, usually containing between two and four stencils and a spoolie brush tailored for eyebrow shaping, are among the most affordable means to enhance your brows and makeup methodology without burdening your budget, as options are frequently sold for single-digit dollar amounts. 

Although some TikTok filters can give suggested lines for finding the correct brow shaping angles, using eyebrow stencils, which you can physically place onto your brow area to brush and shape, is an inexpensive way to secure solid, quality results. Stencils are even reusable if cleaned properly after each use.

Most eyebrow-shaping kits come with several options for brow shapes, angles, and arch heights. Set aside time to decide which stencil design you prefer by using light eyeliner to sketch gentle lines of each option within the kit to see which stencil looks most aesthetic with your features. Brow beginners, in particular, can use stencils to learn how to shape eyebrows and to become accustomed to identifying proper placement for the three primary points of brow shaping: the inner eye, arch, and tail.

Eyebrow stencils help you pinpoint perfect angles

When shaping your eyebrows, it's best to view them as close relatives with many similarities but their own unique personalities. "Nobody's brows are perfectly even, and if they were, it would probably look weird," brow artist Sarah McQuarrie told Good Housekeeping. "Brows are sisters, not twins, but we want them to look pretty closely related." Whether you're using a stencil or not, prioritize shaping the eyebrow hairs along angled lines that flow with the three primary points.

To begin, focus on crafting your brow angles starting near your nose at the inner corner of each eye. Each eyebrow's respective angle should commence directly in line with an imaginary vertical line running up the crook of your nose to where your eyebrows meet. Between your brows, within the bounds of each brow's starting point, regularly get rid of any extra eyebrows hairs lurking in the area to avoid an uneasy unibrow accumulation.

Next, draw an imaginary line from the side of your nose up to your eyebrow by crossing through the iris of each eye. This line indicates where your ideal arch should be built. Follow the given arch lines on stencils to tweeze eyebrows for amazingly easy arch architecture. Finally, the eyebrow tails should be the imaginary diagonal line going from each side of your nose to your brows by way of the outer corner of each eye. Pluck or remove eyebrow hairs beyond that final point of each brow's tail.

Tips for using eyebrow stencils for brilliant brows

Eyebrow stencils are excellent tools for stealthily hiding erroneous eyebrow blunders like over-plucking or accidentally ending up with mismatched brows. Since stencils show the same size, shape, and angles for both brows, you can artificially fill in brows with makeup. You'll be the only one who knows you unintentionally plucked too far inward on your right side.

If your stencil kit does not have the shape options you like, be crafty by combining two stencils for your preferred eyebrow aesthetic. You can tape them together if the three points align accordingly. If seamless attachment doesn't work, draw the respective outline of the first of your preferred stencils, then follow it by drawing in the outline of the second stencil.

Eyebrow stencils often come with self-adhesive stickers for easy and hassle-free placement during eyebrow embellishment. However, some stencil kits do not include adhesives or placeholder mechanisms at all. To use these, hold the stencil with two fingers of one hand while ensuring the skin remains taught and the stencil is held steady. Your other hand can then work makeup magic. 

You can also try utilizing double-sided tape to create DIY stickers for maintaining stencil placement. However, many stencils are designed for use on both brows by merely flipping the template over when drawing each. Some stencil kits also come with elastic bands that mimic wearing goggles for your eyebrows. These bands can also be purchased individually as add-ons to your starter stencil kit.

Common eyebrow stencil mishaps and overcoming challenges

Using eyebrow stencils is a simple and straightforward way to curate spectacular, full-bodied brows. However, mistakes can still happen. If you experience stencil mishaps, don't worry – they can be easily remedied. Common challenges include being nervous or afraid when utilizing the stencil, which can cause the application to be less smooth or refined than desired. As you experiment with stencils, be patient and focus on the creative process. It may take several attempts before you find one that's just right, similar to Goldilocks finding the perfect porridge.

One of the most overwhelming situations that can arise with eyebrow stencils is wanting flawless and identical brows instantly. It's important to practice self-compassion and maintain a lighthearted spirit, especially if you're new to shaping brows and haven't yet overcome the learning curve. Once you get the hang of using eyebrow stencils, you'll be able to create beautiful brows like a pro and forget about any past frustration. Remember to believe in yourself and your abilities, and fake it 'til you make it with bold-brow confidence!