27 Outfits To Look And Feel Your Best On Your Next Dinner Date

A nice dinner out is always a classic option for a date, whether it's the first one or you've been married for over a decade. No matter how long you've been together, however, you still want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident while out, and your outfit always plays a significant role in that.

Of course, how casual or formal you dress will depend on where you're going for dinner, but most of the time, you want to dress up at least a bit, just to make the night feel special. This especially applies if you and your partner have been together for a while, as long-term couples tend to fall into the same old cycle of staying in pajamas and ordering takeout.

Putting in that extra bit of effort to go on a date spices things up and makes both of you remember the beginning of your relationship. So we've gathered some fun outfits you can draw inspiration from the next time you're getting ready for dinner out.

Jeans with a leather blazer is always a safe choice

Jeans are an everyday staple that can easily be transformed from daytime to a dinner date. All you need to do is pair them with a simple black top and a slightly oversized leather blazer. Even though this will already make the jeans seem more night-time appropriate, a pair of delicate black high heels will add that extra bit of glam.

A satin skirt and sweater is the perfect monochromatic look

If jeans are a bit too casual for you, consider opting for a silk or satin maxi skirt. You can go for any shade you prefer, but our choice would be a stunning ivory color that is perfect for spring. To tone down the silkiness, add a chunky knit sweater on top — the difference in texture will give the outfit the perfect balance. Pair the outfit with accessories in the same or a similar shade, and you've got yourself a perfect monochromatic date night look!

Head-to-toe denim shows off your fierce side

Denim is one of the biggest fashion trends for 2023, and if you want to channel your inner trendsetter, pick an all-denim outfit for a date. You can stick with the same shade of denim or explore a mix of different ones. Really, anything goes. However, we recommend that you hop on this trend soon because denim-on-denim will be everywhere by the time summer rolls around!

A brightly colored pantsuit is super on-trend

Another fashion trend that is having a comeback is brightly colored pantsuits — a closet staple of every fashionable girlie in the '80s. To modernize the look, keep the rest of your outfit simple by adding a top that's either neutral or in a color/pattern that doesn't take away the attention from the pantsuit. Keep the accessories to a minimum, too, and stick to neutral tones.

A backless dress is a great way to show some skin

Here's the thing — if it's your first date, you might not feel comfortable showing too much skin, but at the same time, you kind of want to give them a glimpse here and there. A great and unexpected way to show skin is to pick a backless dress. With a dress like this, skip the classic bra and either go braless or choose a stick-on bra that is only visible in the front.

Show off your sultry side in sheer fabrics

Incorporating some mesh into your outfit is an edgy way to show some skin. While our recommendation is to opt for a mesh top paired with black pants, you can also go for other clothing items. A midi skirt with a mesh panel or a jumpsuit with a mesh back are also super fun choices!

Embrace maximalism in velvet and leather

Maximalist fashion is back big time, meaning nothing should stop you from combining multiple statement pieces into an outfit. Velvet and leather are both very dramatic and eye-catching fabrics. While you think that they might end up fighting for attention, the truth is that they look incredible together! Pair an elegant velvet top with an edgy punk-chic leather miniskirt and some knee-high boots and get ready to stun your dinner date.

Purple is a fun twist on the classic LBD

A classic little black dress will always be a good date night option, but if you would like to achieve a similar effect that's a little more fun and unexpected, pick a dress in a bright color instead. Our personal favorite is any shade of pink, purple, or magenta!

Rompers are made for a night of dancing

Not everyone loves a romper, but hear us out: it looks like a dress, but it has shorts, meaning you can show off your gams without worrying about giving somebody a glimpse of something they're not supposed to see. If you know that dinner will lead to a night of dancing, a cute romper is a perfect choice!

Choose dark academia if you're going for a vampy campus vibe

Those who prefer a moodier outfit with preppy elements should lean into the dark academia aesthetic. A black midi skirt paired with a preppy button-up can make you look like a teacher — but with this style, that's kind of the point. To make the look a bit more youthful and fun, opt for a modern bag and a vibrant scarf tied around your neck.

Turn heads in an off-the-shoulder top and knee-high boots

'80s fashion is having a renaissance, and a big fashion staple during the decade was off-the-shoulder tops. Accentuating your shoulders and collarbones is definitely underrated, and nothing does that better than a top like this. Pair it with a miniskirt, knee-high boots, and some layered necklaces for a night of good food and great conversation.

Wear lingerie as an outfit

The practice of wearing lingerie as clothes has become increasingly popular in the last decade, and for a good reason — the delicate lace design of a bustier top, bodysuit, or bralette deserves to be seen. If you want to wear a lingerie top, keep the rest of your outfit simple and in the same color palette.

Go for gold to be the center of attention

If you want to go the extra mile with your date night outfit, choose high-impact metallics. And since maximalism is all the rage right now, don't settle for just one metallic clothing item. Pair a statement golden skirt with matching knee-high boots for that million-dollar look!

Show off your boss side in a blazer and latex pants

A classic cinch-waist blazer can quickly look a bit too much like office attire, but if you still want to wear one, make sure you dress it down a bit. A fun way to do that is to pair it with tight latex pants and consider rocking the blazer as a top — just use some sticky fabric tape to make sure everything stays put throughout dinner.

A bodycon maxi dress is elegant and timeless

A bodycon dress can quickly make you look like you're headed out to a club, especially if it's in the color black. However, a bodycon maxi dress enhances your figure the exact same way, but it looks much more elegant, which makes it the perfect choice for a dinner date!

Welcome spring in a balletcore outfit

If dark academia isn't your cup of tea and you prefer your clothing items to be more light and flirty — consider giving balletcore a chance. Inspired by classic colors and shapes worn while practicing and performing ballet, this trend is a great way to welcome spring, and it is bound to make you look breathtaking on that date.

A denim jumpsuit is retro chic

Drawing inspiration from fashion trends of the '70s will always be popular, and one clothing item you can't go wrong with is a funky jumpsuit. To make it more modern, opt for a denim one, which will show you're aware of the current trends, but will still give you that hint of retro chicness!

Give off a Parisian vibe in a dress over a button-up

Anyone who has seen "Emily in Paris" on Netflix knows just how brave and fun Parisian fashion can be. If you want to wear an outfit inspired by French fashionistas, we recommend opting for a tweed dress worn on top of a button-up. Très chic!

Metallic pieces show you're not afraid to be bold

If gold skirts aren't really your style and you tend to gravitate towards more of a cyberpunk style, consider a metallic blue corset top. Seriously, there's nothing an item like this doesn't work with, and you can easily dress it up with leather pants and heels or dress it down with sweatpants and sneakers, depending on how casual or fancy your dinner date spot is.

A sweater dress is comfy and casual

Not everyone wants to look like they put a lot of effort into their outfit, especially if it's a first date and you don't want to appear as someone who takes three hours to get ready. An easy way to look cute but still feel comfortable is to wear a sweater dress. You can make it a tad bit fancier with a pair of heels, or keep it casual by rocking some fun flat-heeled boots.

Pairing a blazer with shorts is fun and unexpected

A pair of shorts and a tank top will always be a great, casual look, but if you want to make the outfit dinner-appropriate, opt for a fun-colored blazer that hits at your shorts' hemline (or is slightly longer). Finish the look off with a pair of heeled booties and a cute bag!

A red top showcases your fiery side

Red is the color of love, so putting on a red top for a date makes perfect sense. Besides, wearing something red shows off your fiery side, ensures you're the center of attention, and red looks great no matter what your skin tone is. With this hue, there are truly no downsides!

Cowboy boots are perfect for adding interest

An easy way to style a classic little black dress without looking overdressed is to pair it with some cowboy boots. The classic Americana clothing item always adds a dash of fun to any outfit, and it's perfect for those clothing items you want to dress down a bit.

Pair sheers and baggy jeans to prove you're not afraid to try new things

A classic pair of baggy jeans look amazing with a sheer funky top, and the outfit allows you to showcase your stylish side without ending up looking overdressed. A look like this makes you seem edgy yet totally approachable, which is exactly the message you may want to send while on a date.

Statement pants look like you put more effort into your outfit than you did

Patterned statement pants are definitely not something most people would choose for a dinner date (especially a first one), but if you love wearing them and love how you look in them, we absolutely encourage you to put them on. The best part about statement pants is that they are so easy to style, as the rest of your outfit is all about simplicity.

A denim maxi skirt shows your cool girl side

A maxi skirt is probably one of the most comfortable clothing items you can rock — and when you're out for dinner, you definitely want to be comfy. However, you also want to look good, which is why a denim maxi skirt is a great choice. If it has a slit, pair it with some knee-high heeled boots to dress it up. If there is no slit, try adding a pair of strappy heels.

Channel your inner Sandy Olsson in flares and an off-the-shoulder top

Sandy Olsson absolutely knew what she was doing with her iconic off-the-shoulder outfit in "Grease." And when in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to draw inspiration from looks that have become a part of pop culture legacy. To avoid looking like you're wearing a costume, however, adapt the style to what you already have in your closet. Swap out the black pants for flare jeans and you'll keep that retro vibe.