Polka Dot Eyeliner Is The Playful Spin On A Traditional Wing

Graphic eyeliner may feel like a brand-new modern idea, thanks to the invention of long-lasting liquid, gel, and cream liners and the ease of online photo sharing. However, the look has actually been around since the 1960s when famous supermodel Twiggy first painted on her iconic black floating crease and faux lower lashes. Graphic liner was considered part of the aesthetic of the mod subculture, which paid major tribute to the eyes while keeping the lips nude or even white.

Today, graphic liner is so popular that several different trends have emerged, from double or triple wings to halo, fishtail, and even freehand liner creations. The latest fun iteration of graphic liner art has emerged just in time for spring and summer: polka dot eyeliner. Here are some of the best examples of the polka dot liner look to inspire you to step outside the box and color outside the lines. 

Black and white wing

You can't get any more classic than black and white polka dots. This makes it the perfect theme to translate to an ultra-modern graphic liner look to achieve the best of both worlds. Classic glam with a modern twist; it's what we all aspire to.

Big, bright, and bold

Looking to throw tradition out the window? Ditch the wing completely and frame each eye with a colorful array of large and small polka dots instead. This look is fun, festive, eye-catching, and unique. It's perfect for an exciting graduation party or a joyful summer barbeque. 

Double dotted monochromatic wing

If choosing the right colors is tripping you up as you build up the courage to try polka dot eyeliner, consider a monochromatic approach. Choose a light shade and a dark shade of the same color and use the light shade to draw a double wing. Then, just add some dots with the darker shade. Adorable cartoon character optional. 

Colorful sprinkles

Ready for a party look that will turn every head in the room? Grab all the light, cheery eyeliner colors you have and get to work creating a thick floating crease made up of tiny dots that come together to form what looks like tiny sprinkles. Pop some highlighter on your inner corners for extra pizzazz.