The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Gossip

While there can be some benefits to gossiping, for the most part, talking about other people tends to turn catty and make the gossiper come off as mean, jealous, or spiteful. The thing is, you may be able to blame your zodiac sign for the depth to which your gossiping goes. Honestly, most folks are prone to fall into the gossip trap, but there are some zodiac signs that thrive when they're talking about others and some who would prefer to avoid gossip altogether.


We discovered a bit of a pattern when examining each zodiac sign and their innate need (or lack thereof) to gossip. It seems your element may have a little bit to say about how gossipy you are. Water and earth signs tend to gossip less. This could be because water signs are emotional and empathetic, making gossip difficult for them. Earth signs are the most grounded of all the zodiac, which makes them more balanced and less likely to fall into petty discussions, but it's not impossible.

Air and fire signs tend to be the most gossipy of the elements. Air signs love to talk; at some point, they'll run out of things to say about themselves and start talking about someone else. Fire signs have fiery attitudes, which can lead to angry gossip and hateful speeches about the people they feel have wronged them. To dive deeper, let's look at these signs in order, starting from the least likely to gossip to the most, and why they do what they do. 


Capricorn has boundaries

Earthy Capricorn is the least likely to gossip of all the signs. For starters, Capricorns know how to set and stick with boundaries — and gossip is one of those things that is usually considered as crossing boundaries. They're not here to make enemies; they just want to live their overachieving lives. More likely to be focused on work, Capricorn likes to be direct when communicating with anyone — even friends and family. You may feel like they're being short with you most of the time, but they just have no time for excessive talking if those words aren't accomplishing anything.


Of course, the more you get to know a Capricorn, the more they'll open up to you. But they're helpers rather than hinderers. If you try to gossip with them, they're more likely to turn the discussion around after calling you out for being a gossip. They'll probably explain to you just how horrible you sound when you're talking badly about someone, and, as a good advice giver, they'll give you some pointers on how to stop yourself from starting in on catty chats. Wise beyond their years, Capricorns are old souls and know theirs no time for the drama gossip brings about.

Taurus is appreciative

Taurus is pretty down to earth, as their element would show you. They take time to get to know people, and they love to talk. However, when they're talking, it's about you or them, not other people, because they don't really feel the desire to gossip. If you do Taurus right, they're more likely to praise you than spend time talking behind your back. 


Taurus does tend to speak a lot with their body language, which can say so much more than their words — so see how they react when you're talking. If you start gossiping, they're likely to look angry, uncomfortable, or turned off. They will be blunt in their response to your need to talk about others, so have no fear about that.

Honesty is the best tactic to use with a Taurus. If you need to get something off your chest about another person, tell Taurus that. There's a chance they'll listen, but this sturdy sign will cut you off when you start to cross the border into gossip. Their stubbornness makes it difficult for them to do things that don't interest them, and gossip doesn't do a thing for them.


Scorpio keeps secrets

Scorpios have a bad reputation because of their fiery tendencies, but this water sign is just as emotional as their other water counterparts. As one of the signs that will be there for you no matter what, a Scorpio is a person you can share a secret with without worrying they will share it with other people. Unless they believe wholeheartedly that your secret could hurt you, they'll take it to the grave. They have plenty of their own secrets they'll never share with anyone else, no matter how close they get.  


When it comes to gossip, Scorpios are unlikely to start talking about others or even join in on a gossip session unless they're provoked. So, what can provoke a Scorpio to get gossipy? When you get on Scorpio's bad side, they bring that stinger out, and that's where the gossip may start. They're the type of sign to fight fire with fire, so if they hear you're talking smack about them, then it permits them to do the same.

It's that dark side of this scorpion that makes them put their caring side in a box and bring out their vindictive side. Again, though, it takes a bit to get this water sign to get to the boiling point — so if you stay on their good side, they'll have no reason to gossip about you.


Cancer's mood gets in the way

Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac. They're not your typical gossip junkies, but because they struggle to control their deep emotions, they can fall into the pit of gossip whenever they get moody. This sensitive sign will cut the gossip train right off if you let them know you're not into it, and they'll be very apologetic about their hurtful words as well.


On a good day, Cancer tends to listen more than they talk. They enjoy spending their time in thought rather than gossiping. When they do feel wronged by someone, it's hard for them to shut off the negativity until someone tells them it's time to let go. Cancer wants their friends and family to be patient with them, whether it's because they're not ready to open up and talk or because they're saying too much of the wrong thing.

They don't want to be mean and spiteful, but hurt makes people do things they normally wouldn't. Just like with Scorpio, if you stay on the good side of Cancer and don't do things that hurt this sensitive sign, they're less likely to even think about gossiping.

Pisces is a friendly gossip

While Pisces is a gossip, they're the good kind. Yes, there is a good kind. When your gossip is leaning toward praise for people and uplifting them, there's really nothing wrong with it. It's when gossip is about tearing people down and bad-mouthing them that it gets hairy.


One problem with Pisces is that they struggle with boundaries unless they've had to set a bunch of their own in the past. They're the type of sign to stay silent as they get to know you, but once they're comfortable, they start talking and may struggle to stop. It's in that need to talk that gossip may creep into the conversation— but, again, it's friendly, kind gossip rather than malicious. The last thing watery Pisces wants to do is hurt someone's feelings.

As natural healers, they want to help people and lift them up, and if they can't say that to the person's face, they say it to someone else. Their gossip is the type they want to get back to the person they're gabbing about — they aren't trying to hide it. Once those watery feelings begin to flow, Pisces struggles to shut the faucet back off. Easy-going Pisces will respect your request if you let them know gossip isn't in your wheelhouse, but they may have a flood of things to say if you join in the gossip.


Aquarius loves to talk

Aquarius is another one of the zodiac signs that will talk your ear off, especially if the conversation is intellectual in nature. They like being stimulated on a mental level, so they'll talk and learn as much as they can —  a zodiac sponge. When you talk a lot, though, gossip can easily become part of the equation. Aquarius doesn't seek out gossip, but sometimes their ever-running mouths blurt out things they didn't intend to say. Aquarius can start gossiping without realizing it's even happening.


Being the debaters of the zodiac, if you call Aquarius out on their gossiping tendencies, they may argue with you. They might ask if it's gossiping, if it's the truth, or if it counts if you know that person has gossiped about you. Of course, we all know that gossip doesn't have to be untrue to be gossip, but Aquarius will do whatever they can to use logic to try to get you to understand where they're coming from.

Usually, the more they're called out on this frivolous banter, the more aware of it they'll be, and the less likely they'll continue falling into the habit. So, call out your Aquarius pals when they gossip if that's just not your thing.

Virgo is all about having fun

Virgos love to have fun, but one thing they really enjoy is gossip. They love to learn things and get to know people. Talking, education, and entertainment entice them, and they use gossip to get the most out of all of these things — from gossiping about the latest celebrity mistakes to talking about what a friend of a friend did at a party last week. They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings; they just feel as though the more they talk, the more they learn, and learning is something Virgo loves. They're sponges.


Virgo is the type of gossip who sticks to what is actually factual. They're not spreading rumors and making things up. They gossip about things they've researched or were right there for when they happened. That doesn't mean it's all friendly gossip, like with Pisces. Pisces could see a friend hit on someone and keep it to themselves if they knew it would hurt someone else, but Virgo would blab about it because it happened — and someone else probably saw it too, so why keep it a secret? If you don't want Virgo to talk about you behind your back, behave around them. It's that simple.

Sagittarius tries to be funny

Sagittarius is another zodiac sign that loves to talk. They can get loud, like to tell jokes, and lean toward being far too honest for their own good. Their honesty and gift of gab make them gossips. They are social creatures but struggle to follow etiquette when it comes to appropriate topics and volumes. 


When they start talking smack, they like to hide behind their honesty. They believe it's okay to say anything and everything, including not-so-nice things about people who aren't there to defend themselves, as long as what they're saying is the truth. If your feelings get hurt, well, that's your problem because it's the truth. While, in some respects, Sagittarius' honesty is refreshing, it can easily go overboard and make those listening to the nonstop gossip uncomfortable, even when it's not directed at them.

Unfortunately, there's no stopping Sagittarius. They're not going to apologize. You either have to learn to live with the zodiac sign's brutally honest ways and gossip or step away. If you want someone who won't hold back when you ask, "How do I look?" get a Sag in your life — but know they'll probably talk to others about your awful taste in fashion when you're not around.


Leo has a jealous streak

While the classic traits of Leos might say they aren't gossips and do everything they can to avoid it, anyone who has been close with a Leo knows this just isn't true. Leos love attention, and gossiping — whether good or bad — is a great way to get people to pay attention to them. To dive deeper into why this is the case, we hypothesize that it probably has something to do with the pride of a lion.


These fiery kitty cats want to look good, and not just physically — they want to be perceived as good people (and they are, for the most part). There are some Leos out there that are the friendliest people you'll ever meet, but Leos succumb to jealousy when someone else has what they want.

This jealous streak is the biggest thing leading to the need to gossip for this sign. They want to talk about what this person has, why they don't deserve it, and why they should have it instead. Just remind your Leo pal that they can get what they want by going for it, but being negative will get them nowhere.

Aries likes to complain

Aries doesn't beat around the bush, but they do have a temper that quickly flares up when they feel like they aren't being heard. They're another fiery sign that works hard to be honest in their words, but their directness can seem harsh and hurtful. When they're upset, Aries can get whiney and bratty, and that childish behavior can quickly turn into a gossip session if they feel the need to complain about whoever is getting to them. 


There's one important thing to know when Aries gets into this gossipy mood: Don't challenge their opinion. Even if they've overstepped their need to be honest and have fallen right into nasty gossip territory, all calling them out will do is turn on their anger and make them want to argue with you.

Instead, let them get the gossip out of their system so they can naturally move on to something different. Don't try to walk away from the conversation (or their rant, anyway), or they'll just bully their way back into your ear. They're always going to be direct, but that head-butting gossip side doesn't come out often unless they're really feeling challenged and upset.

Libra gossips for fun

Libra loves knowing things, and they absorb tons of information every chance they get. Learning is an air sign trait, but Libra has an ulterior motive when they're learning things about the people around them: They want that ammo to use for gossip because it is one of their favorite hobbies. Oh yeah, Libra loves to talk, and they love to talk about others and what they're doing, why they're doing it, and whether or not they're doing it right. Libra may think gossiping is fun or funny, or it could be their way of trying to impress you with their knowledge of other people.


The thing is, Libra is not a fan of confrontation, and we all know when you talk trash about someone, there's always a fair chance of your words getting back to them. Unfortunately, this isn't enough to deter Libra from talking right now because who can say for sure their words will get back to the person they're gossiping about? "Why worry when you can have fun talking" is Libra's philosophy. Of course, you can stop Libra's gossip right in their tracks by saying you'll spill the beans if they keep talking.

Gemini is the biggest gossip of all

Geminis are by far the biggest gossips of all of the signs. They want people to laugh, to provide shock value, and they don't care at whose expense they get the chuckles and dropped jaws. As the twins, Gemini definitely has two sides.


On one side, they want to be kind and keep your secrets — on the other side, they can have a little bit of a disconnect from other people, and they want to know all your dirty secrets so they can share them with others. The best way to avoid being the next topic of gossip for this sign is to let them know as little as possible about you. While that makes it hard to get close, it may protect you from future embarrassment.

In fact, if they start gossiping about you right in front of you and you react negatively, they may just use that as more ammo. This air sign is lost inside their own minds and doesn't care too much about hurting people's feelings. They're not all bad, though, as Gemini is one of the zodiac signs that are the most reckless, so they make the perfect pal if you want to join in on sketchy behavior and you love gossip too!