The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Talk Your Ear Off

There are ups and downs to hanging out with talkative or quiet people — both have pros and cons. Some of the positive aspects of being around introverted people are that these individuals don't get desperate for attention, typically consider how their words will affect other people, genuinely listen during conversations, and don't get distracted too easily, per Introvert, Dear. A few quiet zodiac signs likely to have those introverted traits include Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo (via BestLife).


On the other hand, spending time with outgoing people can be significantly more fun. According to Science of People, extroverted people are good at preventing awkward moments, empowering other people, and even setting people up romantically. Some zodiac signs are much more extroverted than others, so they probably have those outgoing characteristics and will likely talk your ear off in any setting. So, if you make plans with any of the following signs, expect them to talk — a lot.

Fearless Aries

Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries is famous for being willing to brave any challenge, including the challenge of saying what other people might not have the courage — or nerve — to say. "Ruled by Mars, their passion will get the better of them, and you will know their opinion on any subject they are fired up about. Their passion is palpable and has to be seen and heard, or they won't be satisfied till it is. This makes them bold and blunt talkers, but talkers nonetheless," Megan Michelena, an astrologer and podcast co-host, told Bustle. Thus, do you know those people who bring up politics or other sensitive topics at parties despite not knowing everyone else's stance because those people want to talk about their opinions anyway? You can expect that they might be Aries.


Plus, people belonging to this dauntless fire sign tend to enjoy competition, being challenged, and taking charge of situations with a perseverant attitude, per Zodiac Sign. So, we expect Aries to talk their way into getting what they want to beat the competition or get their dream position. This sign will likely keep speaking until others understand the Aries's perspective — or just feel worn out by all that talking.

Conversational Gemini

With birthdays between May 21 and June 20, Gemini is arguably the most talkative zodiac sign of them all, per YourTango. Gemini is a chatty air sign that could likely keep talking all day and night and still want to continue the discussion when everyone else wants to go home or go to sleep. Since this clever sign enjoys participating in conversation so much, Geminis talk to family members, friends, and strangers about anything and everything, sometimes just to talk.


As fun as Geminis are to talk to, their chatty personalities can lead to gossipy attitudes and even spilling secrets. "Gemini is a two-faced personality who cannot maintain secrets after making a vow," Emily Newman, a psychic reader/astrologer, told BestLife. After all, it's a near-impossible challenge for such a talkative sign to keep everything in their heads without saying it, even if someone tells the Gemini not to share the information. Therefore, as enjoyable as it might be to have light conversations with Geminis, you might not want to let them know your deepest, most private thoughts and dreams, as they might share what you tell them with others during their next conversation.

Cheerful Sagittarius

Of course, such a happy-go-lucky zodiac sign likes to talk. Since this sign is naturally so happy, Sagittarius' excitement about life can cause them to talk about anything for a while and keep the conversation going for what feels like forever (via Astrofame), and they'll probably enjoy every second of the conversation. People belonging to the Sagittarius zodiac sign have birthdays between November 22 and December 21, and we think of Sagittarius people as those perky supporting characters in TV shows and movies who always seem to be smiling and have a fun outlook on life — and who can be just a little too chatty at times.


One aspect to look out for in Sagittarius is that sometimes they say words that they know aren't true just to tell people what they want to hear (via Pinkvilla). So, if you ask a Sagittarius for advice or their opinion about anything, you should make sure that what they're saying is genuine and that they aren't just going on about whatever they think will make you happy, as they might do that more often than you'd initially expect.

Attention-loving Leos

Born between July 23 and August 22, most Leos love being in the spotlight and having all eyes on them, so they're talkative people. "This fixed fire sign is noticed when they walk in the room, and their voices help them hold the attention of the room, making them very chatty and friendly to everyone they meet. They are the holders of the light, conversation, and attention to all they meet or come into contact with," Megan Michelena told Bustle. So, if you want someone to be there to keep the conversation active the next time you go to an event, consider bringing a Leo with you.


According to BestLife, Leos are the most outgoing zodiac sign of all, so expect people belonging to this sign to talk everyone's ear off in various situations and settings. While other signs might feel nervous about talking in front of a crowd, Leos will typically enjoy it and want to stay on that stage for as long as possible. This zodiac sign loves to have fun above all else, so conversations with Leos are typically fun, exciting, and engaging — as long as you don't try to steal their spotlight.