The Zodiac Signs Most Willing To Brave Any Challenge

Bravery is an excellent trait and can be crucial for getting through some intense situations. Some actions you can expect of a brave person include inviting their crush to go out with them, standing up to a bully, quitting an unenjoyable position, or going on an adventure (via YourDictionary). Fearlessness is different from some other characteristics because it can't typically be taught, learned, or studied — people are usually naturally courageous or not, and that's just how they are. Of course, a lack of fearlessness doesn't make someone a terrible person; an absence of bravery just makes someone less likely to succeed in situations that ultra-brave people might thrive in or at least be willing to try. And yes, some people can be too brave, so these courageous individuals must be careful to avoid too much danger.


Do you remember the super intense book and movie, "Divergent"? In "Divergent," society consists of five groups, with each faction centered on one prominent personality trait. One of those factions is "Dauntless," a group focused on extreme bravery, and people who make it into that group must be fearless enough to survive dangerous activities, such as violent fighting, putting their lives at risk, and handling weapons, per YouTube. We know the zodiac signs that would probably be brave enough to survive the thrilling yet dangerous Dauntless lifestyle.

Aggressive Aries

Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries is arguably the bravest zodiac sign of them all. "Aries is the first sign of the western astrological wheel, meaning they have no fear when it comes to trying new things or putting themselves out there. They're leaders naturally who face the unknown fearlessly, ready to take on whatever challenges arise. Daring and bold, you willingly take risks because, let's face it, you love the thrill," Ellen Bowles, an astrologist/author, told Bustle. Considering how Aries typically loves being so courageous, we could see this sign not only as a member of Divergent's Dauntless group but as a full-on leader of the faction!


People belonging to the daring Aries fire sign are typically never scared to say anything that's in their head, have no fear of their competition, and will likely accept any challenge (via Co-Star). So don't be surprised if Aries seems abnormally unbothered by competition or suggests doing something dangerous for "fun." While the fearless Aries attitude is exciting most of the time, this sign should remember to be safe and try to avoid putting themselves or others at risk just for some excitement. As tempting as some risky ideas might seem at first, the consequences might not be worth it in the end.

Confident Leos

According to Astrotalk, Leos are brave because of their super confident perspectives. Unlike most other people, this sign isn't afraid of failure, so Leos often brave challenges that other zodiac signs might not even be willing to consider attempting. For instance, most people would likely think that moving to New York City in hopes of becoming a famous supermodel or traveling to California to try to be a movie star would be unrealistic ideas, and would be too scared to even think about them. But Leo's optimism and confident mindset would make people belonging to this sign unafraid to pursue even the most ultra-ambitious dreams like those.


With birthdays between July 22 and August 21, not only are Leos typically unafraid of being in front of large groups of people, but they often enjoy it (via ZipRecruiter). Thus, people belonging to this determined zodiac sign can usually handle being leaders or performing in front of a lot of people without stage fright. If you're a Leo, your confidence makes you one of the bravest zodiac signs! Just be careful not to come across as full of yourself, as overconfidence can scare people away.

Risk-taking Scorpios

Scorpios are famous for their intensity, and they can channel that fierceness into bravery. People belonging to this sign have determination mixed with a realistic mindset, making them feel tough enough to risk facing what scares them, per Pinkvilla. For example, a Scorpio might be terrified of speaking in front of an audience. However, if speaking in front of a group of superiors at work can lead to earning an excellent promotion, someone belonging to this strong-willed sign will likely practice every night to nail the presentation and face the fear of public speaking to achieve the position they desire.


According to Co-Star, Scorpios have birthdays between October 23 and November 22, and they don't have traditional fears, such as getting hurt, being alone in the dark, or even dying. While most other people find these scenarios horrifying and chilling, a Scorpio accepts them as part of life, making this zodiac sign seem braver than others. Therefore, it's easy to imagine a Scorpio as the primary character of a movie that handles every situation with courage and doesn't get scared when that character realizes they won't get a happy ending.

Optimistic Sagittarius

People belonging to the Sagittarius sign are typically courageous with a happy-go-lucky twist. More specifically, a Sagittarius doesn't think of the worst-case scenario of any situation first; you can expect them to think of facing a fear as an exciting adventure or a learning experience rather than something dreadful, per Astrofame. So, their adventurous spirit will often overpower any scared feelings in the back of their head.


Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius people would rather think about having fun while living their best lives than let being scared ruin their days (via YourTango). For instance, a Sagittarius would likely think of activities such as skydiving, rollercoasters, or partying in somewhat dangerous areas as exciting rather than scary. A Sagittarius will probably think of all the excitement and stories they'll get from participating in these activities without any thought of what can go wrong. While being so brave will help this adventure-craving zodiac sign thrive in various aspects of life where more fearful signs might struggle, people belonging to the Sagittarius sign should remember that taking some risks that may seem exciting at first can bring dangerous consequences.


Unique Aquarius

People belonging to the Aquarius sign have birthdays between January 20 and February 18 and are never afraid to be themselves, regardless of what others will say. "This air sign marches to the beat of their own drum, not prioritizing what other people think of them. Their bravery is based on their willingness to go against the grain and rebel against what's acceptable or the norm," Ellen Bowles told Bustle. So, an Aquarius might be brave enough to wear an ultra-bold outfit or accessory to school or work that other signs might only wear at home because they fear judgment from peers or co-workers.


Furthermore, according to Astrotalk, individuals belonging to the Aquarius sign are typically passionate about helping people and doing whatever they can to improve the world. Thus, we think this sign would most likely be brave enough to sacrifice their safety to help others in dangerous situations. One TV character who has many Aquarius traits is Eddie Munson from "Stranger Things." This offbeat character isn't afraid to be his true self, regardless of what his peers think of him (via YouTube). SPOILER ALERT: Munson eventually sacrificed his life to save others, per YouTube, and seemed like a true Aquarius in doing such a courageous and selfless act.