How To Wear Purple And Green Together Without Looking Like Barney

Spring is here and that means it's time to bring out all your favorite pastel ensembles. It's also time to get a refresher on how to put together those beloved pastel looks. Pairing your spring colors feels like a breeze until you get to one dreaded combination: purple and green. At first, you think it will look great. After all, a nice lavender and bright green are quintessential spring colors that make you think of fresh flowers and warm weather. But once you get the outfit on and look in the mirror, you find you look less like a flower and more like ... well, Barney.

I love you and you love me, but neither of us love looking like a tacky fashion disaster (no disrespect to the dinosaur who introduced the world to both Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato). Fortunately, with a few thoughtful style choices, you can create a harmonious green and purple ensemble that celebrates spring without bringing up any unwanted pop culture references.

Break it up with a pattern

If large swaths of purple and green feel like too much for you, try breaking up the color with a pattern. For a spring vibe, look for a pattern with white, as this will keep the outfit's color palette light and airy. Some of the best spring patterns range between preppy and cottage core, such as houndstooth or gingham.

Utilize outerwear

Don't forget that your outerwear is also an element of your outfit. You can wear purple and green by choosing one color for your main ensemble and the other color for a jacket or trench coat. This way, you get the playful color combination without having to force bold colors to intermingle too much.

Consider your natural coloring

When you're working with bold colors, you should keep your natural coloring in mind, such as warm versus cool skin undertones. Green, especially, comes in a lot of different shades, and one variation could suit you much better than the other. For instance, if you have softer or more muted coloring, opt for a light, hazy green that won't overpower you.

Go dark

Your spring style doesn't always have to feature super bright colors. You can bring depth and elegance to a green and purple outfit by choosing rich, deep shades. To maintain the fun energy of spring you can find pieces in darker tones with eye-catching patterns, like an abstract geometric design or floral print.

Incorporate denim

Make your purple and green ensemble more relaxed by adding in some denim. Wearing jeans or denim shorts with a mix of purple and green pieces will create an upbeat, casual effect. For the ultimate spring fashion statement, go for a Y2K style and play up the look with bright colors and kitschy accessories.

Experiment with accessories

If the green and purple color combo is still making you nervous, focus on your accessories. Put together a monochromatic outfit and choose one or two accessories in the other color. With this approach, you'll have a fun pop of a contrasting color that looks stylish and intentional but you won't have to overthink it when coordinating the entire outfit.