The Easiest Way To Style Your Favorite Trenchcoat

What's one of the few benefits of the weather getting colder and dryer each day? An excuse to shop for a new coat, of course.

When you shop for outerwear, you'll likely encounter endless options, so think about what you want from a coat before choosing one. Silhouette is always something to consider before you buy your next coat, as some styles are significantly more flattering. For instance, trenchcoats never go out of style and look good on everyone; whether you're a short girl hoping to master coating season or a tall girl searching for some new outerwear, trenchcoats are effortlessly flattering on women of all heights, shapes, and ages. You can never go wrong with the long, figure-flattering silhouette, so every style-savvy shopper should have at least one trenchcoat in their closet.

Thanks to trenchcoats, you can stay warm on chilly days without losing your physique like you would when wearing puffy, short, awkward-looking coats. Plus, trenchcoats look excellent with many styles and aesthetics, whether you like to dress minimalistic, edgy, or quirky. We have some tips for styling these famously sleek outerwear garments.

Dress it down with cozy pants and sneakers

Yes, trenchcoats are famous for being flattering, but flattering doesn't have to mean fancy. Trenchcoats are practical for casual everyday wear, not only for special occasions and events. So if you want to dress your trenchcoat down for a chill day or night, pair it with your favorite sweatpants, joggers, yoga pants, or leggings and sneakers for a stylish yet low-key look.

You can't go wrong with jeans and a neutral top

A trenchcoat is a versatile classic. So are denim jeans. And neutral tops are too. So, what do you get when you combine these three wardrobe staples? Chic, minimalistic style perfection. Wearing your favorite trenchcoat with jeans and a cute basic top will give off effortlessly stylish energy for a pretty girl-next-door look.

Make a statement with neon

Of course, ensembles featuring trenchcoats can be minimalistic, but they don't have to be if you don't want a minimalist look. Consider pairing a classic gray, white, or black trenchcoat with a neon garment such as vibrant pants or a bright top. A bold outfit featuring a trenchcoat and a neon piece of clothing underneath will never be boring.

Add fun, quirky accessories

Trenchcoats are so versatile that you can just as easily make them look cute and quirky as you can dress them up and down. Consider exploring TikTok's frazzled English woman trend by pairing a traditional brown trenchcoat with an offbeat, colorful scarf or bold hat, as this trend is about embracing outlandish fashion.

Pair a pretty pastel trenchcoat and bag with a monochromatic neutral outfit

A beautiful light pink, mint green, or lavender trenchcoat and purse will instantly make you look adorable. Since these playful coats make a statement, you can simply wear them over white, black, beige, or gray outfits to avoid taking attention away from the sweet-looking trenchcoat. The combination of the pastel coat and neutral outfit will provide balance and contrast.

Opt for a flattering all-black ensemble

Everyone who knows anything about fashion knows that black clothing is as flattering as it gets for people of all ages, shapes, genders, and sizes. Therefore, wearing a chic black trenchcoat over a monochromatic black outfit will appear sleek and edgy, making you look like a supermodel or movie star wherever you wear it.

Rock an upbeat yellow trenchcoat with a classic black and white top

We know that you probably weren't expecting to see the words "yellow" and "coat" in the same sentence, as this cheerful hue is typically more associated with spring and summer outfits. However, yellow trenchcoats are super fun and can instantly brighten your mood — and ensemble — on a dull fall or winter day. Wearing the vibrant yellow coat over a more practical black-and-white top is an excellent way to mix bold and sensible pieces for an adorable outfit.

Stay warm with a turtleneck

While coats can be super stylish, their primary purpose is to help you stay warm and comfortable in the chilly weather. So, you should wear clothes that keep you warm and cozy under your trenchcoat, like turtlenecks. Although those high necklines might appear unflattering with puffier coats, the turtleneck design will look sleek and chic under a stylish trench.