Our Best Tips For Short Girls To Master Coating Season

Coats are necessary for chilly weather, as they help us feel warm and comfortable in those not-so-pleasant temperatures. But as thankful as we are for those cozy coats because they keep us warm, they're not always so flattering. After all, these warm garments cover up our bodies and can appear a bit overpowering to our outfits and figures. This problem is arguably most challenging for short girls, so your height is something to consider before you buy your next winter coat.

If you're a short girly, you shouldn't be insecure about your height — just think of all the iconic petite celebrities; if being short was a bad thing, how would shorter celebrities like Ariana Grande, Jenna Ortega, Sarah Hyland, and Sabrina Carpenter be some of the most famous people in the world? While coat shopping can be difficult for short girls, you can still look as stunning as your favorite short celebrities in a coat, especially if you keep these tips in mind.

Choose a coat that accentuates your shape

One of the most prominent issues with coats is they're so large. Short girls should look for more fitted coats to show off their figures and avoid making themselves look shorter. For instance, coats that hug your waist and flare out at the end accentuate curves and won't lose your figure. Thus, you should opt for coats that show off your body while keeping you warm instead of overly puffy coats that take away your shape.

Go for glamour with a faux fur coat

Faux fur coats are all about glamour, so if you're into glamorous looks, you should invest in one of these stylish coats. When you wear such a bold, dramatic piece, no one will pay attention to your height. Instead, they'll likely be amazed by the statement-making look and ask you where you got it and if the style is still available at the store.

You can never go wrong with black

There's no arguing with the fact that black clothes are flattering on everyone. When in doubt, we wear black to every event and occasion. The same rule applies to coats. If you're concerned that a colorful, bright coat will make you look like a little kid all bundled up for school, wear a black coat instead to eliminate that risk.

Pick one that won't clash with the rest of your outfit

While black is always a flattering choice, you should think about the rest of your wardrobe when shopping for a coat because wearing a coat that doesn't pair well with the rest of your ensemble's color scheme can appear distracting or sloppy. For example, if you wear mainly green and blue, you might want to avoid red, pink, or orange coats. White coats look great with most outfits, though!

Consider a sexy or sophisticated pattern

If you want to choose a coat that looks attractive on your short frame, look for an alluring pattern. For instance, a long tan or brown statement coat with a daring cheetah print pattern will appear sophisticated and sexy. Flaunting those bold, chic styles will appear mature and keep you hot, and not just in temperature.

Think about your shoes

Shoes are a crucial aspect of every outfit. Boots naturally pair well with coats, so consider wearing boots with heels if you want a few extra inches to seem taller. Or, consider wearing pointy boots to make your legs appear longer. Meanwhile, wearing boots in the color or pattern that matches your coat will help you look put-together and sleek.

Confidence is the most important

Whether you're 4'11, 5'4, or 6'0, confidence is everything. When you exude confidence and feel good about yourself, it won't matter to you or anyone else that you're short. Confidence is the best accessory for people of all heights, shapes, ages, and sizes, so remember to be confident, not only when you're wearing a coat but also every day!