Our Proof That Gingham Isn't Just For The Farm Anymore

There are some classic fabrics, popular prints, and versatile designs that never seem to go out of style and will surely always be reliable fashion staples. That includes gingham. A relatively straightforward pattern that involves countless small squares, it relies more on solid blocks of color that sharply contrast with white. That's as opposed to plaid, which can feature a range of colors woven in sometimes intricate patterns. A look that you might associate with the adorable blue and white dress that Judy Garland famously wore as Dorothy in (the colorized version of) "The Wizard of Oz," it has definitely been associated with farm-worthy fashion in the past. However, these days, gingham has been given new life thanks to the fact that people are wearing it in chic, modern ways.

"While gingham is a tried-and-true spring pattern, [it's] dominating with a playful, fresh perspective,"  fashion director of Anthropologie Wendy Wurtzburger explained while talking to The Zoe Report back in 2021. Since then, it's continued to have a revival. Wurtzburger added, "The pattern exudes both youthful optimism and nostalgia at the same time. Similar to the explosive popularity of checkerboard pattern, gingham feeds into that landscape of Y2K nostalgia mixed with cottagecore, resulting in lust for graphic squares."

Although that may have you wondering if you could pull off a contemporary country vibe, we have proof that gingham isn't just for the farm anymore.

Two-in-one gingham print wrap dress

Why settle for one kind of gingham when you can enjoy two at the same time? This simple yet lovely dress features a larger pattern on one side while the other sticks with the same black and white squares that are slightly smaller. Thanks to the fact that the dress has been designed as a wrap that pulls in at the waist and ties at the hip, the two patterns are almost layered in a way that certainly catches the eye and makes the piece wonderfully modern.

Gingham halter crop top

There's no doubt that this gingham item could be the highlight of a number of fabulously fashionable outfits. Its design, which is both a halter and crop top that's been pinched in the center, would work with various skirts or shorts in a range of colors. However, in this case, it's been paired with somewhat loose white pants as well as a light cardigan that's on the longer side. By adding large, puffy pink earrings to finish things off, you could turn this style from a day look into one that would suit a night out.

Gingham pants

Anchor your outfit by opting to wear pants with a bold gingham print. If you pick out a pattern that relies on white and another neutral color such as black, grey, or beige, then they would be an ideal choice for the office. On the other hand, if you choose something with a brighter shade like purple, yellow, or baby blue, then you might end up with a more casual style that's just as hip. Roll up the sleeves of a crisp white shirt and pop on a pair of colorful running shoes for a complete look.

Lengthy and layered gingham dress

This dress may extend all the way down to the ankles, however, it's saved from looking monotonous and shapeless with the help of a few specific details. First, a collar (which has been flipped up for a little extra flair) and small shirt buttons have been added to the top area. Beyond that, the skirt section has been layered in multiple tiers as it bells out. The dress is given even more of a modern twist with the addition of pristine hightop sneakers, posh sunnies, and a stunning blue velvet coat.

Flashy (or fluffy) gingham ensemble

If you were wondering if you can wear your favorite gingham outfit to the club with your besties, out to dinner with a special someone, or to a fun semi-formal event with friends, then you'll surely be thrilled to find out that the answer is most definitely yes. Just take a look at this enviable ensemble. Along with a stunning orange and white gingham dress that boasts a strap that extends across the chest, the shade is enhanced by the fluffy hat that's fantastically flashy and beyond perfect for anyone who likes to stand out.

Gingham overalls

Just like gingham, overalls have come a long way and are now a super-fashionable option. While some are pant-length, this piece keeps things short and sweet. There are also plenty of additional details and accents that make this item much more than it might seem at first. For instance, take a peek at the frilly trim around the legs which you can also spot on the straps and in the shape of a heart on the front. Worn with a simple V-neck T-shirt underneath, it's the perfect choice for the warmer weather.

Gingham athleisure

Whether you're about to tackle some hardcore physical activity or just like the cozy clothes that come along with working out, you may want to pick up some gingham athleisure. Although these items may have a purpose that focuses on being comfortable as well as functional, this timeless pattern can also make it undeniably fashionable. You certainly can't go wrong with a fitted tank top along with leggings that are either shorts or full-length. Prep things up with a fun color like a cool blue, pretty peach, or minty green.