Fashion Staples You Should Add To Your Closet In 2023

It's always fun to go shopping to add new items to your wardrobe, but it's important to buy things you're actually going to wear. There's nothing worse than buying an item on a whim only for it to hang in your closet for months with the tags still attached, leaving you wishing you had thought that purchase through before dropping your hard-earned cash on something you will never wear. Whether you're on a budget, trying to minimize your shopping, or simply hoping to be more intentional with your purchases, buying certain fashion staples can help make your wardrobe wearable.


Not only does buying fashion staples help ensure they'll go with items you already own, but they're often classic pieces that won't be out of style before you get a chance to wear them more than a handful of times. If you've ever stared at your closet wondering what you're going to wear, you may want to consider investing in a few fashion staples to help take the decision-making out of getting dressed.

Owning some key fashion staples doesn't mean you can't add some trendier fashion pieces into your wardrobe or that you have to subscribe to a capsule wardrobe mentality. It simply means these are pieces that should last you a few seasons and look good with those seasonal items you may want to add. Here are some fashion staples you should add to your closet for 2023 to not only stay on trend but also make getting dressed easier and more fashionable.


A great pair of sneakers

You don't have to sacrifice your comfort to be stylish, and that's why a great pair of sneakers is one of 2023's must-have fashion staples. The chic, white tennis shoe has skyrocketed in popularity over the last year, making our feet giddy. A great pair of white sneakers look great not only with athleisurewear but can also be paired with almost anything in your closet, including skirts, dresses, shorts, and dress pants.


You can't go wrong adding a pair of great performance trainers to your wardrobe this year either. Whether you wear them for walking, hitting the gym, or simply for comfort as you run your daily errands, cute trainers are quickly becoming a practical fashion staple. As fashion stylist Heather Newberger told Insider, "they are becoming cool now because of this idea of, like, oh, right, you do have to walk everywhere." Whatever your personal style, a new pair of running shoes, trainers, tennis shoes, or casual sneakers are the comfortable addition to your wardrobe you must have this year. 

A puffer jacket

It's no coincidence that we're seeing a trend toward comfort and functionality in 2023. After a few years of working from home, we've prioritized these factors when it comes to getting dressed. Now that many people are heading back to the office, at least part-time, the desire to maintain comfort while still being fashionable is important. The puffer jacket is the perfect example of this. Not only does the puffer keep you warm and cozy when it's cold outside, but you'll also look great wearing it.


Puffer coats come in a variety of styles and lengths, giving you the versatility you need as a wardrobe staple. You can opt for a full-length puffer if you have to deal with very cold winters or choose something lighter and shorter if weather conditions aren't too drastic. Since puffers have become so popular you have so many different options to choose from. Whether you like a classic solid color or want to add a pattern to your wardrobe, there's something for everyone and every budget with the puffer jacket.

A crisp white tee

There are a few fashion items that everyone should have in their closet, and one of them is a crisp white tee. Finding the perfect shirt can be a challenge, but once you do, you'll find you can wear it with almost anything in your closet — and it will look amazing. A nice, crisp white tee shirt can elevate a basic jeans and tee look, pair perfectly with a longer skirt, be worn under a blazer with a pair of trousers, and make your Sunday sweats look comfy and chic.


The white tee shirt is a staple in capsule wardrobes and for those who prefer a monochromatic style, but the beauty of this shirt is its versatility and that it can be worn with any other color or pattern. Regardless of whether you like a fitted tee or one that's boxy, a longer fit, or one that's cropped, a good white tee shirt will quickly become one of your favorite wardrobe staples. 

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are back and bigger than ever this year. Maybe we can thank the popularity of shows like "Yellowstone," but cowboy boots have quickly become an outfit staple that people can't get enough of. The resurgence of the cowboy boot as a trend isn't that surprising, as we've seen lots of the late '90s and Y2K trends gain popularity once more. "Looking at past trends and analytics and the fashion cycle in general, it makes sense that [cowboy boots] would be coming back around this time, especially in mainstream fashion," fashion content creator Mikayla Stephenson tells Nylon. "We've seen a lot of Western-style lately, and nothing says Western more than cowboy boots."


Like most fashion staples, cowboy boots are versatile and can be worn during every season with almost any outfit. Pair them with shorts and a tank for a sexy summer outfit or with jeans and a blazer for a chic look perfect for work or a dinner out. Cowboy boots can replace other boots you may have worn in the past. "They're starting to be more casual and more of a staple piece than a statement piece," Stephenson adds (via Nylon).

Neutral color cardigan

Cardigans are like a magic clothing item just hanging in your closet, being completely underrated. Not only do cardigans look great on all body types, but they serve so many fashion purposes. They can be worn when you need a bit of extra warmth but not so much that you need a jacket, they can be thrown over a basic tee shirt to add a bit of style, and paired with a skirt or dress. These also look great worn as an accessory, either thrown over your shoulders or tied at your waist.


A neutral color cardigan, ideally one that's black, white, or light brown, is a wardrobe staple everyone should add to their closet for 2023. Cardigans don't have to be big and baggy, either. You can opt for a longer, open cardigan or one that is cropped and fitted with a button closure depending on your personal style. Whichever style you choose, you won't regret it because this is one wardrobe staple that you'll find yourself reaching for regularly. 

Denim shirt

Denim is going to be a huge trend in 2023, and with the resurgence of Western-inspired looks, it should come as no surprise that the denim shirt is a must-have fashion staple this year. "Denim shirts are versatile and can be worn almost every season, depending on the cut and fit," style coach Leena Alsulaiman explains (via Byrdie). "You need to select the right design and fabric for the aesthetic you're aiming to achieve and keep in mind what will work best for your wardrobe."


You can pair your denim shirt with baggy jeans for a Canadian tuxedo look, wear an oversized shirt with leggings for a casual look, or rock a more tailored cut with trousers for something a bit dressier. The denim shirt is a great alternative to a white button-down while still being classic and chic. Whether you choose lighter or darker denim, this shirt will quickly become a favorite wardrobe staple thanks to its versatility, comfort, and style options. 

Preppy staples

Western styling may be in for 2023 but so is a more classic, preppy look. While minimalist styling and the capsule wardrobe will always be in style, there's good news for those who enjoy adding more color and prints to their wardrobe. "Prep gets playful this spring," Nordstrom Senior Managing Fashion Editor Kate Bellman explains to The Zoe Report. "Staple preppy prints, such as stripes, gingham, and madras, are explosive and [multicolored] while the tweed set and mini skirt will see a comeback."


You don't have to choose one style or the other when it comes to your wardrobe. These preppy staples work well with your other wardrobe pieces giving you a myriad of outfit options depending on the occasion. Embrace your inner "Gossip Girl" by pairing a classic white tee with a plaid pleated mini skirt or a gingham print blouse with a pair of baggy jeans. The versatility of these classic pieces will ensure you get lots of wear out of them in 2023.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are no longer the shoes you have to shove in your purse for when you need to ditch the high heels in favor of something more comfortable. In 2023 the ballet flat will take center stage and become the must-have wardrobe staple your feet will thank you for! You're no longer limited to the plain, rounded-toe ballet flat of the '90s; instead, we're seeing a wide range of shapes and styles with the modern ballet flat. A rounded-toe flat gives a more classic, low-key vibe, while a pointed-toe flat automatically gives off a more polished and chic look to any outfit.


There's a ballet flat for everyone, including some that feature mary jane straps, ribbon styling, and patterns. These shoes can be worn with many different outfits, giving you a more comfortable and durable alternative to high heels. Grabbing a pair of ballet flats doesn't mean you have to ditch your high heels for good, but it's nice to know you have a fashionable alternative to your pumps if you want it.

'90s-style jeans

It's time to put your skinny jeans away, at least for a little while, and add a pair of '90s-style baggy jeans to your wardrobe. Comfort seems to be the name of the game in 2023 and that includes your jeans. Jeans are such a prominent item in most people's closets because they're comfortable, durable, and can be dressed up, down, or baggy — or at least baggier because they have the extra bonus of being so comfortable.


"Baggy jeans are a trend that is very young at heart, yet it can be tailored to fit any age and lifestyle," stylist Brigid McGrath Stasen tells our sister site The List. "Women of all ages can rock the baggy jean look in 2023 by choosing pieces that flatter their body shape and accessorizing them with items such as statement belts or bold jewelry." She went on to add that "the key to making the trend work for you is to ensure the pieces are tailored specifically for your body shape, creating a comfortable yet stylish look." 

Elevated athleisure

Athleisure has grown in popularity since the pandemic, with so many people transitioning from the office to work to working from home. Leggings, hoodies, and sweats became the outfit of choice for many, and, naturally, it's been hard to transition away from those comfortable clothes into more formal wear. Thankfully, elevated athleisurewear is here — and the ultimate addition to any wardrobe.


While your Nike hoodie and Gym Shark leggings are comfortable gym staples, you may want to add a few trendier pieces to mix and match for everyday wear. "To avoid looking like you've just stepped out of the gym, pick just one sporty item and style with more ready-to-wear pieces, for example, a crop top style sports bra under a blazer or a bomber jacket worn over a dress" explains Woman & Home deputy fashion editor Charlie Bell. "This high-low mix will give you the fashion elite's stamp of approval." 

The bodysuit

Just like a great T–shirt, a good bodysuit will quickly become a wardrobe staple because it can be worn with almost anything. Fashion stylist and editor Audree Kate Lopez explains to Today that part of the appeal of the bodysuit is how versatile a clothing item it is. "No matter what your personal style is — minimalist, feminine, modest, or a risk-taker — bodysuits can work with your current wardrobe and act like a trend-forward basic," she explains.


Bodysuits are also great because you don't need to constantly adjust your shirt throughout the day. They look good on all body types and can be worn alone as a shirt or as a base layer under a cardigan or blazer. Bodysuits look amazing paired with this year's hot baggy jeans or with a pair of tailored trousers. They come in a variety of sleeve lengths and neck shapes, so you're sure to find the bodysuit that works best for you.

Black turtleneck

A well-fitting black turtleneck will not only be a closet staple for 2023 but also for many years to come. Depending on the fabric you choose, this turtleneck can be worn for multiple seasons over many years. Not only will it be a staple of your winter wardrobe but it will also be a great transition piece between seasons.


"The elegance, simplicity, and utility of a black turtleneck silhouette make it a focal point of every one of my Marcella collections," designer Siyana Huszar of the minimalist label Marcella tells Harper's Bazaar. Like other staple pieces, a good black turtleneck can be worn with multiple items in your closet and can dress up or down outfits. You can opt for a fitted turtleneck with a snug neck or a looser sweater-like option with a cowl neck. You also don't have to limit yourself to just one style of the turtleneck. Adding in a few different cuts and fits will give you endless wardrobe options and allow you to always look chic. 

Oversized blazer

While a well-tailored blazer will never go out of style, an oversized blazer is going to be a must-have for 2023. We're going to see a lot of mixing of tailored and oversize pieces this year (we're looking at you, baggy jeans) and an oversized blazer is a great way to balance a pair of tailored trousers or slim skirt. The oversized blazer also gives off a more street-style vibe than a tailored blazer, which is much more office friendly. You can also pair your oversized blazer with baggy jeans or oversized pants for a look that's very on-trend this year.


The oversized blazer is a great way to update your look while still incorporating items you already have in your closet. If you choose a neutral color you'll be able to wear it with more options, but if you wanted to show off some personality, you can choose a pattern or vibrant color. Oversized blazers are also functional because they're big enough to double as a jacket, with enough room to fit a warm sweater underneath on cooler days. 

Tailored dress pants

Like many wardrobe staples, a well-fitted pair of dress pants is always going to be in style. You'll want to ensure you have a pair in your closet that are neutral in color and fit you well. It's worth investing in one pair of great-fitting pants than spending less on multiple pairs of trousers that don't quite fit perfectly. These will look just as good paired with a basic cotton T-shirt, as they will when worn with a designer silk blouse.


Stylist Gayle Perry explained to the Daily Mail why a classic pair of tailored pants are such a great addition to any wardrobe, stating that they "can be worn with countless tops and when paired with a blazer, provides a suiting effect." These are pants that can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear them with and will always make you feel good because they fit you so well. 

Fair Isle sweater

Just because you're building your wardrobe with fashion staples doesn't mean everything has to be a neutral color or part of a monochromatic palette. It's always nice to add a few items that bring a pop of color and flair to your closet while being able to mix and match with your other staple pieces. Fair Isle sweaters are a terrific way to add some color and pattern to your wardrobe while also adding some much-needed functional knitwear. These sweaters, identifiable by their geometric patterns and colorful knits, have been a winter staple for decades.


"Nothing says winter essential like a Fair Isle sweater. This season, look for amped-up versions in electrifying colors or all-over patterns," Nordstrom's senior managing fashion editor Kate Bellman tells Refinery29. You can find Fair Isle sweaters available in a variety of different styles, including pullovers, cardigans, and turtlenecks. If you've been looking to add new knitwear to your wardrobe, the Fair Isle sweater is both fashionable and functional.

Slip dress

The slip dress is a classic silhouette that never goes out of style, so if you don't already own one (or two or more) you should definitely think about adding one to your wardrobe this year. Not only are slip dresses the ultimate cool girl vibe, but they're comfortable too! A slip dress can be worn for a casual afternoon out or to more formal functions like weddings. And while you may think your slip dress is only wearable in warmer months, that is no longer the case. "They are extremely versatile and can be worn transitioning through seasons as they can be easily layered upon and underneath at any age," Katie Kolodinski, the founder and creative director of Silk Laundry explains to InStyle.


The best part about a slip dress is the multitude of styling options you have when wearing one. You can dress it down with a pair of white tennis shoes and a jean jacket, or wear it with a pair of stilettos and the perfect jewelry for a night on the town. Slip dresses have come a long way since they first rose to popularity in the '90s and how you have the option of choosing a variety of different hemlines and necklines to find the fit that's just right for you. 

Neutral color handbag

It's important not to skip the accessories when adding fashion staples to your wardrobe. Finding the right clothing staples can be a challenge, especially if you're starting from scratch or trying to build a different aesthetic, but accessories like handbags and shoes are just as important. A neutral-colored handbag will last you years and never go out of style, so feel free to splurge on that designer bag you've been coveting. If a designer brand isn't in your budget, search for something neutral in a classic shape that will work for you.


Handbag designer Marina Raphael tells People that when adding staple pieces to your wardrobe, "the most important items are versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways, as well as staple items that you can combine and layer with the rest of the articles of clothing in your wardrobe." A good handbag is a staple item. Agee Leinberry, the co-founder of Couper, agrees that handbags are a solid investment. "I'd opt for a classic style that works for multiple seasons and multiple aesthetics in a neutral color." 


Another way to add some color and personality to your closet in 2023 is by adding metallic pieces, and we're not talking about jewelry! Metallics are going to be huge this year, and from jackets to jeans, there's something for everyone. "Between the futuristic chrome colors and the various foil-like textures and fabrics, metallics are definitely in this season," style expert Jenee Naylor tells Good Morning America.


Another throwback to the trends of the '90s and Y2K, metallics are once again making their comeback. "Silver, in particular, is going to be getting its well-deserved spotlight in 2023," Naylor notes, adding that the addition of metallic to wardrobe staples can take them from "casual to extra." Matchesfashion Head of Womenswear Liane Wiggins agrees, telling The Zoe Report, "Strong statement metallics will be a standout trend of the season." If metallic jeans or jackets are too much for you but you still think you'd like to add some shine, consider adding a pair of metallic boots or a handbag to capitalize on this hot trend.


You can never have too much floral, right? The stunning pattern is a staple for the spring and summer months, and 2023 will be no different. The beauty of this pattern is it can be as subtle as you like or as bold as you need. From dresses to skirts and pants to shorts, this is a pattern that you can wear year-round. Expect to see more of this feminine pattern this year. "A timeless trend, florals will always have a part to play in your spring/summer wardrobe. For 2023 however you can go bigger, bolder than ever before," fashion stylist and editor Antonia Kraskowski told Woman & Home.


Florals are also a great way to express yourself through your clothes and add some color and fun to your wardrobe. They're also a way to signal the change of seasons, shifting from the monochromatic colors we typically associate with the cooler months to the bright, bold colors of spring and summer. 

Mary Janes

If you've been looking to up your shoe game in 2023 but aren't quite sure where to spend your hard-earned dollars, look no further than a pair of classic mary jane-style shoes. The shoe, defined by the closed, typically rounded toe and at least one strap that crosses over the top of your foot, has always been a classic style. Often called a "doll shoe" from the design it takes its inspiration from, the mary jane has come a long way.


You're no longer limited to the standard black, rounded-toe style that made the shoe famous, although if that's a style you love then buy a pair for your wardrobe. Designers have expanded on the classic Mary Jane styling to include bolder colors, vibrant patterns, luxe embellishments, multiple straps, and chunkier, higher heels. The rounded toe is still the standard, but you can also find shoes with a square or pointed toe. 

A 'going out' top

Every woman needs at least one "going out" top in their closet. For 2023, the style that is dominating trends everywhere is the modern tube top and the corset top. Perhaps we can thank shows like Netflix's "Bridgerton" for popularizing the Regencycore fashion trend and bringing corsets back into mainstream fashion. Regardless, this style is super sexy, super flattering, and ideal for a night out on the town.


"In the past, corsets were all about achieving a cinched waist, but this season it's all about rocking a corset with more of a bustier vibe," Lauren Rae Levy Vigneron, the founder of the LRL Group, tells USA Today. "Expect to see these in vibrant colors and pair them with a cargo or wide-legged pant." Corset tops and modern tube tops are great for wearing year-round, as they can be worn alone in warmer months or layered under a blazer or white dress shirt as the weather gets cooler. 

Longer skirt

In the past few seasons, we've seen the mini shirt reign supreme, and although you won't need to put those to the back of your closet for 2023, you may want to add a few longer skirts to your wardrobe because this year is all about longer hemlines. Midi and maxi skirts are making headlines this year, proving the '90s influence has no limits when it comes to this season's hottest trends. Combine a floor-length hem with an oversized fit and you have one of 2023's hottest looks.


Whether it's an ankle-grazing denim skirt or a tailored, column skirt that hits you at mid-calf, you now have a stylish and functional alternative to the mini skirt. "The midi to maxi and even pencil skirts are going to reign supreme after the mini made its comeback," Liz Teich of The New York Stylist tells the Daily Mail. This is great news for anyone who's looking for options when it comes to wearing skirts and doesn't love the mini skirt. 

Tote bag

If you've been wondering whether you need a tote bag in your life, the answer is yes! It seems that every major brand has created its own line of totes for 2023, giving the consumer endless choices when it comes to choosing a size, color, and style that works best for them. Tote bags are amazing because they can fit so much stuff while still looking chic.


"We see sales picking up on totes again as brands have put more emphasis on this shape, providing the perfect balance between fashion and functionality," Tiffany Hsu, the vice president of fashion buying at MyTheresa, tells Refinery29. Today's totes can't be too big, either. This bag will let you carry your laptop, keys, makeup, water bottle, gym clothes, and more if you choose. If you're tired of carrying multiple bags just to transport everything you need, it's time to get yourself a tote bag.

Dressier leggings

It turns out that leggings are pants after all! As many people transition back to office work, or at least some form of hybrid work schedule, comfort once again dominates priorities. It wasn't so long ago that we reserved our comfiest leggings for working out and weekend errands, but now with so many companies making dressier leggings, you can have that comfort without sacrificing style.


Dressier leggings offer a higher waist and come in luxe fabrics like faux or vegan leather, making this ideal for day or evening wear. These have replaced skinny jeans for those looking for a fitted silhouette. Pair them with an oversized sweater, blazer, or cardigan and chunky heeled shoes, tall boots, or ballet flats. The outfit options are endless. But just remember, not all leggings are created equally, and some are truly more suitable for gym attire. If you want to wear your leggings to the office or for a night on the town, opt for a faux leather pair or ones with a sheen. 

The crisp white button-down

If you add just one item from this list to your closet this year, it should be a crisp white button-down shirt. Crisp button-up shirts are a huge fashion staple in 2023, so you will never go wrong adding one to your wardrobe. They're so versatile that they can be worn with literally everything in your closet. "When I don't know what to wear, it's what I choose," designer Carolina Herrera says of the closet staple (via InStyle). "I find it fascinating; it makes me feel secure."


A white button-down can be paired with jeans for a chic, casual look or with a pair of trousers for the ultimate business outfit. It can make you look sexy and professional at the same time. It truly is an amazing item of clothing. It may take you some time to experiment to find the fit and fabric that works best for you, but once you find it, you'll agree that this is one article of clothing that will always be a fashion staple in your closet.