8 Prints You'll Be Seeing Everywhere In Fashion In 2023

Every year, experts and fashionistas try to guess what's going to be on trend based on what's walking down the runway and what's coming back into fashion. Designers plan their collections seasons in advance, so taking a look at what they have coming out in a few months can provide clues to what might be popular in a few years. But trends are also determined on social media, where influencers and celebrities share some of the styles they love.

With how quickly the trend cycle moves, it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Having some ideas of what's going to be popular in a few months can help you prepare your wardrobe. And knowing how to use the upcoming trends makes it easier to know which ones to buy. Being able to pair a trendy piece with one of your favorites or staples of your closet will ensure that you'll wear it long after the hype wears down, according to Elements of Image. What's ideal about these prints is that you can find them on a variety of pieces, so you can fit them into your 2023 wardrobe in the best way you see fit.

Colorful stripes

Stripes are a classic pattern, but they're getting a vibrant revamp in 2023. Great news for anyone looking to infuse some color into their wardrobe. Bright stripe tops can pair well with denim — both jeans and skirts –- as well as dressier options for work or date night. Striped skirts and dresses add a playful twist to the classic print. This pattern also has the power to lengthen if you choose a vertical option. Vertical stripe pants can make your legs look longer and slimmer, according to Carrie Colbert.

Florals inspired by the topics

You don't need to go on vacation to wear florals inspired by the tropics. But don't think of this like the traditional Hawaiian shirts. The vacation favorite is getting a major upgrade with bold colors and bright blooms on dresses, jumpsuits, and shirts. White and black are the most common base colors for tropical prints, according to Forever Unique. This allows you to pair it with more options because black and white go with everything. But you can also go with the more is more approach and pair tropical florals with other prints.

Bright checkers

Checker print rose to popularity on runways in 2019, according to Hola!, and it's not going anywhere any time soon. It's an option that allows you to get a little bolder with color. From shoes to tops to jackets, nearly every piece can be checker printed. Large checkers are especially popular. Yes, checker print can be loud, but it's also simple. So it can be a great introduction if you're just beginning to add more colors, patterns, or maximalist style to your wardrobe. And by choosing one that uses a neutral, you can tone down the look a little more.


Camouflage gets a lot of debate on whether it's fashionable, in style, or not. But you can expect to see more camouflage in the upcoming year. The print had a height of popularity in the 90s and early 2000s, according to Sanctuary Clothing, and with the rise in influence of Y2K fashion, it only makes sense that this print is making a comeback. One of the best ways to wear this trend is with military-inspired cargo pants. But you can lean into the Y2K aesthetic by choosing a camo mini skirt.


Animal print is no stranger to being on-trend, as noted by See Rose Go. But zebra is pushing out the typical cheetah and leopard as the go-to print for the upcoming year. Zebra print makes a statement in a more unique way. It has all the connotations of being wild and fierce, but can also act as a neutral since it is traditionally black and white. But if you're not one to forgo color, don't worry; you can find the pattern in every color of the rainbow. Sleek dresses and laid-back jackets will be getting the zebra treatment this coming year.


Women's fashion has long been inspired by menswear. A little bit of traditional tailoring with feminine touches creates unique outfits that feel both like edgy street style and feminine power, according to Editorialist. Pinstripes are a common pattern in men's suites and shirts, and this classic pattern will be an on-trend print in 2023. Go sleek and chic with blazer dresses or laid back with an oversized blazer over a pair of straight-leg jeans. Or lean into menswear, complete with a matching suit that commands attention.

Psychedelic swirls

Another decade that's coming back into trend is the 1970s. The swirls that evoke the psychedelic Seventies have risen in popularity over 2022 and aren't going anywhere as the trending decade continues into the next years. Simple monochromatic prints and rainbow swirls will both be popular, as showcased by Stylist. Find midi dresses, jackets, and pants in this statement print to add some color to your wardrobe. Incorporate the trend a little by pairing a swirly top with your favorite pair of jeans or choosing a matching set for a maximalist outfit.

Futuristic polka dots

Current aesthetics are becoming very specific, giving way to unique ways of fashion expression. CyberPunk, with roots in Sci-Fi, manifests in shiny clothing, and Y2K, with its bright, flashy colors, are both surging in fashion, according to Bubblegum Club. Enter cyber polka dots, a print with colorful graphic dots, usually contoured to the body. This trend creates a colorful and futuristic look that looks sleek and cool. Check out options that have different-sized dots to create a contouring and slimming shape.