Venus Has Officially Entered Gemini - Here's What That Means

Venus, the planet named after the mythological Roman goddess of fertility, moved from the earthy sign of Taurus into airy Gemini on April 11, 2023, and will remain there until May 7. This means exactly what you'd think it would: that matters of the heart are about to be shaken up compared to the past month of comfort and stability. There is no need to panic, however; there's no reason to assume the shakeup will be negative in nature.


There is a bit of a wildcard involved with this transit, though, and that is the fact that many people aren't aware that Venus rules over more than just love and romance. The Roman goddess, Venus, was modeled after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sex, and all forms of desire. Astrologically, Venus follows suit, influencing all things relating to romance, beauty, and financial prosperity. Now, here's what you can expect for the next several weeks.

Love, money, and beauty

When a planet travels through a particular zodiac sign, it can be thought of as a collision between the astrological properties of that planet, the sign it currently inhabits, and the planet that rules that particular zodiac sign. Venus is ruled by the water element, and Gemini is an air sign ruled by the planet Mercury, which is associated with the earth element. But what does this all mean?


Although Gemini is an air sign, it's grounded by the earth element. This makes it heavy on the intellect and dry wit and a little less likely to exhibit the spaciness typical of other air signs. When Venus enters this unique sign, you're likely to experience love and romance in a completely new way. Rather than coming home to a clean house and a bouquet of flowers, as inspired by the past month of Venus in Taurus, you may find yourself staying up late with your partner to gossip and crack witty jokes about all your neighbors. If you're single, you might experience less attraction to practical, traditional potential partners and more toward those who appear a bit intellectual and aloof. 

Communication, intelligence, and travel

Gemini is a social sign that rules intellect, travel, and communication. When Venus travels through it, any of its themes could collide with Gemini. For instance, comradery, especially in the form of friendships that thrive on wit and intellect, is well within Gemini's wheelhouse. When Venus moves in, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for a spark to ignite between you and someone you'd never before thought of as more than a friend.


Since Venus also rules over money, your finances could be affected by Gemini's witty social, intellectual, or travel themes. Maybe you'll land your first paid standup gig or get an unexpected summer bonus that helps you finance a trip you've been dying to go on. Anything can happen when April theory, Venus, Gemini, and Mercury all come together. Just be sure to keep an eye on both your heart and your wallet.