April Theory: The TikTok Trend That Proves Life Gets Better When Spring Starts

While the spring equinox officially took place in late March, it isn't until mid-April that the true nature of the season typically settles in for most of the Northern hemisphere. For many people, there seems to be a major change that takes place mentally, physically, and even spiritually when the calendar flips over from March to April. This phenomenon of human renewal is so widespread that it's kicked off an entire TikTok trend, known as April theory (not to be confused with March theory).


Unlike many TikTok trends, the idea of April bringing a spring into the step of nearly everyone is hard to debunk. But, why does this phenomenon ring so true? We took a deep dive into potential explanations for the energetic boost that seems to come along with the emergence of the month of April each year. Here's what we identified as the main factors to consider. 

Sunlight and weather changes

There is no denying that the shift in the outdoor temperatures and the amount of daily sunlight can have a significant effect of the moods of many people. This is especially true for those who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a disorder that causes depressive symptoms to emerge during periods of low sunlight, which typically correspond with the fall and winter seasons. When spring enters full swing in April, the days become longer and sunshine more abundant — which can ease these symptoms and provide a renewed sense of hope.


Even those who don't experience full-blown SAD can experience a milder form of "winter blues" that can leave them feeling down, tired, and antsy as the dark days of winter dredge on seemingly forever. When April finally ushers in the warmer and sunnier weather, it's normal and natural for human biology to respond by releasing serotonin, which results in a surge of energy and a boosted mood. 

Astrological new year

While the Gregorian calendar marks the month of January as the beginning of the year, the astrological year actually begins with the sun's shift out of the sign of Pisces and back into Aries. This event coincides with the spring equinox in late March each year. Fiery, invigorating Aries energy is a stark contrast to the slow, serene vibes of watery Pisces. As Aries season unfolds into April, this shift from planning mode to initiation mode aligns perfectly with TikTok's April theory.


Whether you're more inclined to believe that astrology or simple biology is behind the collective sensation of the veil being lifted from our eyes when the month of April arrives, the phenomenon does appear to be real. Lean in by fully embracing the sun, warmth, and rebirth of the spring and summer seasons. Plant a flower, take a walk in the sun, and appreciate the cyclical nature of life on Earth.