Having A Strategy Is The Key To Success On Dating Apps - Here's How To Get One

The purpose of dating apps is to eventually land a date with someone you were destined to meet. However, most people who use dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Bumble are getting to the chatting point when they find someone interesting, but that's as far as they go. In fact, CNBC reports that only 34% of Hinge users actually plan a date within three days of matching with someone they are interested in. This statistic has many wondering what's stopping daters from following through to the meeting in real life stage.


One of the components of attempting to date online is the absence of a strategy. The main problem seems to be the approach with which the daters are coming to the app, leaving their potential partnership in limbo. Having a strategy when approaching a dating app is beneficial because then you're more likely to take your dating experience to the final step. If you've got a plan, it will be easier to follow through when meeting that special someone for a movie or a dinner date, and you may just meet the person of your dreams when you're emotionally ready to meet them in person.

Be honest about your expectations in advance

Once you've decided which dating app is right for you, begin building a very honest profile that make your expectations clear. If you want a relationship, say so from the get-go.

When it comes to sharing your hobbies, your religion, and even your relationship history, honesty is the best policy. That way when you do finally decide to set up the in-person date, many of the topics that make a meeting in real life awkward are already out in the open. This will weed out the people who aren't suited to you, or don't have the same expectations. It can also help to decrease any unhealthy dating anxiety that can come from meeting up in real life, as you will have taken the steps to curb the small talk that can make dating painful, and the chance of meeting time-wasters. 


Not only is this a good time to be clear and honest about your preferences, but it is also beneficial to mention some of your red flags or deal breakers. 

Set your intentions

When you find someone with whom you connect, set some intentions and solid plans. Give yourself an allotted time when it feels right to take things to the next level of dating. If you feel like texting for a week can turn into talking over the phone or Facetime, then the next step may be to try to set up an in-person date within two weeks. If this doesn't work out or you notice your desired partner is dragging their feet, it may be a sign that you want different things from this dating app. By giving yourself a few targets within a timeframe that feels natural, you'll know in advance if this is a waste of time or the real deal.


Plans not only help things to actually take off, but they can also make dating easier and less overwhelming. One of the best plans you can set in advance is a time limit to your dates. Having an end time will allow you and your potential partner an expected time of departure, making it less difficult to get out of a date if you aren't having fun. This safety net may give you the courage you need to actually meet up with your match in the first place, setting you off on the course to finding the relationship of your dreams.