Astrologer Susan Miller's Forecast For Jupiter In Taurus Ranked By Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will be in Taurus from May 16, 2023, to May 25, 2024, and with it comes the usual things that Jupiter is known for: expansion and abundance. Of course, Taurus has benefits to add to the mix, too. This earth sign is known for its connection to money and comfort, as well as the need for self-indulgence, which will assist in Jupiter's big rewards. Still, you may want to focus on not overdoing things — at least in some cases.


Susan Miller, the founder of Astrology Zone, held an interactive presentation at Liberate Yourself in Sherman Oaks, California, on April 23, and let attendees know what's in store astrologically for the rest of 2023 and early 2024. She spoke about long-term shifts in societal thinking, short and long-term journeys for individual signs, and so much more. When it comes to the alignment of Jupiter in Taurus, which approaches at breakneck speed, Miller said, "Jupiter in Taurus is going to help the food supply because think about it: The bull who helps the farmer sow the seeds, the ox — he's really tied to real estate and the land," according to a Glam reporter in attendance. Miller then discussed each sign and what it can expect during this year-long period. 


Pisces is hitting all the right buttons

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac but our first sign in this ranking because, according to Susan Miller, this outgoing fish is going to keep the abundance flow it started prior to Jupiter entering Taurus. One thing this water sign has going for them additionally is Saturn in its sign right now, lasting into 2025. Rewards are coming this sign's way, but so too could delays and limitations.


On Pisces, Susan Miller told attendees, "When I had what you have, Saturn right above my head, I started Astrology Zone. And everybody said, 'Oh, well you won't last.' ... No, what you start with Saturn, you get to keep. ... Saturn teaches you the ropes." This means that all of those successes you've been experiencing will stay with you. Miller suggests you look to things that have you writing and speaking to gain more abundance. "You might start a podcast; you might write a book; you might write a screenplay," Miller offered, "you might be the spokesperson for your company; you might be in advertising; you might be a publicist. And just, wow, be hitting everything right." If you fall under this sign, why not give one of these ventures a shot?


Taurus' year of money and abundance

Of course, Taurus would be near the top of the list since this sign is hanging out with the planet of growth for the next year. Money-loving Taurus is more than happy to eat up all of the abundance coming its way. While we placed Pisces ahead of this sign because it can't seem to do anything wrong right now, Susan Miller did say, "Taurus will have the crown — I call it the emerald year. You only get eight of these in a lifetime if you live until [age] 96. So think about, 'I'm holding eight beautifully cut emeralds from Tiffany's.'" You just need to take extra care of each one as it arrives.


There is a limit to the reign of the king or queen holding this crown, she pointed out. "This is your year, and it's the beginning of a 12-year cycle. So it's more important than just a year. You get it for 12 months, and then you have to hand it over." However, she did tell her Sherman Oaks attendees that once you pass the crown, everything you started prior begins to "pay off." Everything will bear fruit and put into motion a new era for you, so Taurus mustn't be afraid to get dirty and plant a lot of seeds over the next year.

Leo is filling its bank account

Leo exemplifies strength and creativity, and when it comes to Jupiter in Taurus, it looks like something big is coming its way. This sign's bold personality is going to make it stand out during this time, according to Susan Miller. In fact, this sign will "be making headlines." As a natural-born star, Miller pointed out, "You have five planets in the house of honors, awards, achievements, fame."


According to Miller, it's time to break out your fancy dress or tuxedo. "All I can say is [to] get your [acceptance] speech ready," she said, adding, "Leo, you've not seen anything like this. ... You're going to be making a lot more money, but you could get into trouble with the tax people because you're not used to putting that much aside for taxes." This isn't going to be something you have to wait long to see, either. Miller said, "You're going up fast, so you better have monthly conversations with your accountant. Be conservative with the spending." So, while that dough is sure to roll in quickly, you don't want to end up on the bad side of the IRS.

Virgo should travel with its flow of funds

Virgo likes to work hard, so when it's time, it wants to play hard, too. Now is the time to take that ostentatious vacation it's only ever dreamed of, according to Susan Miller. She pointed out that Jupiter sits in the house of foreign places for this sign, saying, "I would like you to take a foreign trip, okay?" You spent the last year working your butt off and possibly pulling in more money than you ever had. Being sensible, you probably put a good amount of the cash away.


On this, Miller added, "Use some of it: Go to Paris — go to Rome or Seville. Anywhere that you've wanted to go [...] Here [in Los Angeles], I think you go more to Bali, Hawai'i. But you could go to Asia ..." We think that whatever foreign lands you've dreamed of visiting should be on your list of choices, and Miller agreed, adding, "There's nothing out of the question for Virgo. You can go anywhere you want." 

Capricorn is looking at love prospects

Capricorn is the workaholic of the zodiac — that's simply common knowledge. But the goat has been putting all of its focus on work, and now is when love can come into the picture, according to Susan Miller. "Capricorn has Jupiter going into [its] house of love. We all want to be Capricorn. ... It's such a nice aspect to have because you tend to attract love like a little magnet, and it's the house of creativity," she explained. And she had more to say about that creativity bit, as well. "You might take courses in creative writing," she said, adding, "It's a good time to write a book, a screenplay, or design something."


We say that if you don't already have love that you're going to rekindle now that you're not so focused on work, perhaps you'll meet someone in that creative writing course. And, while you may have been having some money issues that pushed you to keep focused on work, Miller said things are not only looking up but also making strides. "Capricorn, you've had your money held down. No matter what you did, you could not shake money out of that tree. There was a wage freeze; there was some kind of freeze." Luckily, the freeze has thawed for you.

Aquarius' luck is in buildings

When it comes to abundance for this air sign, Aquarius should let that innovative flag fly because, according to Susan Miller, your luck is coming in the form of real estate while Jupiter is in Taurus. She said your emerald year was in 2021, so you won't reap the full benefits of this time of abundance, but you're not totally out of luck. In fact, you may find some big wins when it comes to homes.


Miller suggested, "If you want to buy your first home or you want to fix it up ... now you can renovate it, or maybe you can list it and a location scout starts paying you to [film] a movie there." If you're obsessed with renovation shows and always dreamed of flipping homes, or at least redoing your own, now is the time to dive right in. Take a risk: When it comes to real estate matters, you're going to have no problems coming up with everything you need to make things happen. In fact, Miller added, "You'll also get great family support. Mother and father will support what you're doing and help you."

Sagittarius will make creative money

It's time to win people over with your creative side, and we all know you have one. After all, Sagittarius does fall into the camp of the most artistic zodiac signs. You may like to dabble in a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but Susan Miller says it's time to start performing if you want to bring some fresh cash into your life. At her Sherman Oaks event, she told the audience, "You're making money in the same way Virgo had made money. Commissions, royalties -– it's side money. It's money coming in from performance. It's not a flat salary, okay?" 


This is the time to dive into those side hustles, pull out all the stops on that comedy career you always knew you'd be good at, or start selling your creativity in other ways, like making arts and crafts. There's no limit to where your creative mind can take you right now. Miller added, "If you have the choice, take performance-based money. It's just so much money." And, to make things even sweeter for you while Jupiter is in Taurus, Miller added, "Sagittarius has really nice love aspects." So, if you're in the market for a relationship, now is the time to put yourself out there.

Cancer is about to shift its focus to fun

Cautious Cancer, you've been so focused on work and career; now it's time to have a little fun. "Get out more. You like to be home; you don't like to go out, but this time, I want you to go out because, in the past year, what you knew was very important," Susan Miller explained. "But now who you know will be more important." She also said, "Starting on May 16, you can think about love and fun. You're going to expand your circle of friends. I want you to join a club, maybe something like Women in Film or something professional." Of course, her suggestions are all about sticking with your professional edge but making it more sociable.


You've got the career; now spend some time enjoying life more. You've got what it takes to make some really close friendships. In fact, Miller is quite fond of them, saying, "This is a very modest sign. [It is] wonderful. Wonderful friends. [This sign will] cook for you, too. Usually, [those that belong to this sign] are great cooks. Some of them don't know they're great cooks yet, but it'll come out sooner or later." 

Furthermore, as far as work goes, things may slow down a little, so before the focus switches to fun, Miller said, "Cancer, you only have another few weeks. Put in a proposal [and] do whatever you need for your career. If you want a title, ask for it now."

Gemini will make monetary goals

You're outgoing and social with a need to be around people as often as you can. However, according to Susan Miller, it might be time for you to bow out of the limelight for a little bit during Jupiter's stay in Taurus. "Gemini, it's in your 12th house, so you're standing off stage –- you're getting ready to go into the spotlight on May 25, 2024 –- but not yet." Yes, you read that right — your emerald year starts in 2024, so now is the time to start preparing. "But the funny thing about this is you have to know what you want," she added. Whether you're hoping for abundance in money, work, love, or something else entirely, you have to know what it is before you grab that crown next year. You have to be as specific as possible.


When it comes to your socialite needs, Miller said, "Gemini does well working alone right now, behind the scenes from May until May next year -– that's perfect for writing a book, okay? Or doing research or if you're a scientist in a lab. You know, go in and work without the cacophony of voices around you." The silence will help you focus, and by spending more time on your own, you can really hone in on what you want to do next year when abundance truly comes your way.

Libra will let go of some money stress

Libra is often frivolous with money, and those money troubles have really been showing lately. In fact, Susan Miller pointed out "surprise expenses" and "surprise tax things" as specific issues for this sign, adding, "The eclipses have been brutal. The one coming May 5? Horrible. The one [on] November 8, six months ago? Horrible." Of course, for most folks, eclipses bring a fresh new beginning, but with beginnings naturally come endings. Because Libra hasn't had a fresh start, the universe may be expressing some guilt about this, according to Miller. So God is sending Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your house of taxes, inheritance, bonuses, commissions, residuals, even severance if your company's going under," Miller explained


So, what does this really mean for Libra? While you may not be rolling in the money and able to plan fancy vacations or invest in real estate, you will be able to start digging yourself up from the hole your recent monetary issues have buried you in. Miller said, "You are lucky with money -– finally, enough with all that stress."

Aries should ask for what it wants

Aries wants to be in control and do things on its own, but Jupiter in Taurus is telling you it's time to eat some humble pie and stop being a controlling loner. While Susan Miller essentially stated that you just need to ask the universe for what you want, we're telling you that you need to work with others if you want to reap the good stuff. "It's your money house. You are gonna do better with money than you have ever in your life ... Don't be afraid to ask for a lot," Miller told this sign.


Part of your reward will be having wonderful people depending on you, which will give you that sense of leadership you love. "[It is] so good at being a leader in [its] group. [It] need[s] a certain autonomy," Miller added for this sign. Those perfect conditions come from letting go of control when it comes to working together — there are other people out there with just as many smarts as you. Lead, but don't be a dictator.

Scorpio will find beauty in work

You like to work independently, but now is the time to enjoy the people you work with and the work itself. Your coworkers love you; after all, your magnetic personality draws them in. This year, don't push them away. If you're the boss, Susan Miller explained that "you will have a beautiful work environment, and you will be able to hire people who are gems who support the effort." Leo has a focus on work during this time as well, but Miller says you won't get the elevation that sign is getting, adding, "That comes eventually — not right this minute, not this year."


The thing is, last year was a stellar year for you. "Something in your personal life was really nice," Miller explained. "You may have fallen in love. You may have had a baby. Or you may have done a creative project that you're very proud of. And that will stay with you; you don't turn into a pumpkin when Jupiter leaves." So, have no fear. Just because you're not getting an abundance of money this year doesn't mean you're not still enjoying the fruits of your labors from last year, even if other signs are experiencing more abundance this year. Your turn will come around again with patience.