The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Artistic

A whole lot goes into creativity, and each zodiac sign has at least some sense of creativity — but some dive far deeper into the world of art than others. Whether you like to draw, paint, sing, write poetry, take pictures, or make something out of nothing, you're creative. Without the arts, we would have no technology, no buildings — nothing new at all. Art and creativity exist in more places than we ever imagine. Without someone's creative skills, we wouldn't have fancy phone holders — and someone had to invent that phone in the first place, which is also a creative endeavor.


Looking at the signs themselves — and even sometimes their ruling planets — helps discover who is predisposed to creativity. While we can all be creative in some way, some people don't necessarily have the drive to craft or paint, while others may want to do something else with their time such as travel the world. 

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the creativity of each zodiac sign, starting with the most creative of all.

Creatively-fueled Leo

Leo the Lion finds themselves at the bottom of some creativity lists, claiming that Leo is too easily bored by creativity or just doesn't want to make time for art. These lists are incorrect and miss one key factor about Leo that makes them inherently artistic — they are ruled by the sun, one of three celestial bodies most often associated with creativity. Plus, if you think about it, the sun is one of the biggest artists of all — for, without it, we would have fewer flowers (like paint on a landscape), we'd spend less time eating veggies (a rainbow of nutrients), and we'd simply be less creative. That last part is because sunlight lifts our moods and inspires us to make things.


Leo uses their creative side to express themselves. Other aspects of your birth chart where Leo may fall can say even more about how this sun-fueled sign inspires you to create, because, let's face it, we're not just products of our sun signs. If you are a Leo moon, you may use creativity to express your emotions. If you are a Leo rising, you may dive deep into multiple forms of art to better understand yourself and others. When it comes to creativity, Leo likes to go all in, so you may find them on the stage or screen showcasing their artistic talents.

Imaginative Pisces

As one of the most imaginative signs, Pisces tend to live in an imaginary world inside their heads. While some of them may struggle to find ways to get these thoughts on paper, others use their big dreams to create art whether through writing poetry or drawing whatever they're imagining. Pisces is also one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and often combines their creative and intuitive skills to create art that makes people think and feel.


Pisces like to bring their creativity into their career, so some Pisces lean toward working specifically in the arts while others use their imagination to enhance their current career path. They may be natural storytellers, chatting away easily with people while working in fields such as insurance or IT. They do well in careers in divination, blending their creativity with their innate intuitive skills. Pisces are so creative that they'll do well on screen, on stage singing, walking the catwalk, or even telling creative jokes. Pisces can do any creative job if they put their minds to it.

Artistic Scorpio

From Pablo Picasso to Georgia O'Keeffe, many famous artists were born under the sun sign of Scorpio. Like Leo, Scorpio enjoys using art as a form of expression. Honestly, it's not uncommon for any water sign to lean into the creative side of things, and, as you've seen, two of three signs are in the top three, with Cancer not far behind.


When it comes to art, Scorpio can lean toward the dark side. We all know Scorpio is dark and mysterious and often can be quite cynical. This sign may often find themselves inspired by pain and heartbreak in their creativity — though not always. We're not saying Scorpios can't make bright and happy art; they just sometimes like to make dark and foreboding art as well. O'Keeffe's flower paintings definitely show this quality. And, while Scorpio may have a dark side, they like beautiful things, too.

Scorpios also like to make art of themselves — often making changes to their careers, looks, and personas throughout their lifetimes. They may be trendsetters when it comes to hair, makeup, and fashion. They may also turn their looks into art, wearing outlandish clothing and getting daring with their appearance.


Amazing Aquarius

The Water Bearer may be an air sign, but they have the creative aspects of the water signs nonetheless. What makes this sign stand out from the others (aside from perhaps Scorpio) is that, for them, creativity angles to the unique side of things. They have all sorts of creative ideas and aren't afraid to share them and inspire those around them. They will creatively solve problems as well. Aquarius also likes to be as weird and wonderful as possible with their creativity, so, like Scorpio, expect them to be trendsetters, but in brighter colors. Paris Hilton is a great example of a creative Aquarius trendsetter who may come off as eccentric to some.


Of course, we're looking more at creativity as art, and, in doing so, Aquarius leans toward writing, painting, or drawing. Look for Aquarians writing short stories, poetry, or even essays — a way they can share their ideas with even more people. Oprah is a great example of this creative type of Aquarius — a writer who puts herself out there for the good of others.

Therapeutic Cancer

Those born under the sign of Cancer can attest to being emotional messes — it's not only because they're a water sign, but the moon is the ruling planet. Of course, the moon also makes them creative folks, but they use their creativity as therapy more than anything else. Cancers would rather paint to understand what they're feeling than make something to market and sell or hang at a gallery — unless the showing was somehow helping people deal with their own emotional issues.


Cancer also has a vivid and lively imagination, which comes out when they put pen or brush to paper. But, again, they're doing the creating to let something out as a way to deal with stress. Prone to moodiness, having an artistic interest helps Cancer balance themselves better. Splatter painting offers a great way to unleash anger while creating something beautiful. Writing sad poetry helps them through their rough moments and lets the tears drain out so they can get back to the more important things in life, such as reading an adventurous novel or spending time perusing an antique shop for a new thimble to add to their collection.

Curious Sagittarius

Sagittarius is definitely an artistic soul, but we put them down the list a wee bit because they have a tendency to dabble in a little bit of everything. Because they are such outgoing folks who love new experiences and traveling, they're more likely to leave a bunch of art projects half-done than finish something in any set time frame. They'll finish the work in their own time, but if they're inspired to seek out some other excitement, they'll step away without a second thought. However, when they do finish an art project, they'll be sure to show it off to their friends.


Sagittarians are those who probably excelled in art class in school, but who also joined band and choir because they couldn't decide exactly what field of creativity they should pursue. For a sign that loves to be on the move, we suggest becoming a musician or even a photojournalist, as these are both careers that can take you on the road and may have you traveling from country to country. While traveling, get your creative fix by visiting art museums wherever you stop. 

Passionate Virgo

Virgo is passionate about all art, but, then again, they tend to be passionate about anything they set their minds to. Again, they're lower on the list because their passions for gossip and helping friends out can easily be more influential than completing a work of art. They'll get back to it when the chat session is done, but, until then, that piece of art will be the last thing on their mind.


Because Virgo is a practical person, there are times when art seems like an impractical endeavor. They aren't the type to put much hope and faith into making a living as an artist, as some signs might be likely to do. They know that the life of a starving artist isn't for them, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy creative hobbies. Whether they enjoy painting a Bob Ross nature scene from time to time or they once dreamed of becoming a professional dancer, Virgo prefers to keep their focus on methodical practices to ensure they can live the life they want. They also have a lot of energy, and art forms such as painting aren't enough to keep them hooked for long.

Cultural Libra

Libra are creative individuals, but, rather than creating art, they prefer to be on the other side. They'll get their hands dirty, but rather share it with the world than create it, as their creativity comes from sharing other people's creations. They're art connoisseurs, from loving the look of a stretched canvas on the wall to enjoying the design of a new fabric soon to be turned into a dress or jacket.


Though they have little interest in creating their own art, Libra is likely to work in a field such as fashion design. They may run their own art gallery or practice interior design, as they have an eye for color, style, and display. Another creative field ideal for a Libra is event planning since they can put their creative mind to work by designing table displays and helping people choose a theme and decor for their big day. As a Libra, you could be planning weddings, birthday parties, or even masquerades.

Entrepreneurial Aries

Aries wants to be creative, but they look at art as another form of work. Aries likes trying new things and doing things differently, so it's not shocking for them to become architects or touring musicians. Their need to be in charge makes them better at being solo musicians or finding other creative careers where they can take the lead. That doesn't mean they can't learn to get along with other creatives, but they definitely need to have some say in the creative aspects of group artistic endeavors.


Turning creativity into work sometimes takes the fun out of it, and Aries likes to be serious about whatever they put their energies into. Luckily, they are just ambitious enough to make their creative careers take off, even if making it their job makes it not seem as much fun to those around them. If they can't make it right away, Aries is talented at managing their time so they can hold a day job while they work on launching that creative career.

Flighty Gemini

Gemini is known to have two personalities, and while one of them may be creative, the other can't focus on finishing something that needs any undivided attention. They have a need to be creative, but they struggle to stick with it. In fact, if you know a Gemini, it's likely they have a bunch of partially finished art projects all over the place and a ton of arts and crafts supplies just waiting for them to find a moment to get started.


Because Gemini loves to socialize and has an impulsive side, they may find time to finish an art piece under some circumstances — by joining in on a paint-and-sip style gathering, for example. Here, they can talk to people and be their funny and fun-loving selves, while still finding a moment of focus to be creative. For Gemini to be successful at a creative career, they need to find focus — they may need to dip their toes in a few different projects to hone in on what inspires them most. Famous Geminis include Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe.

Dabbling Taurus

Taurus is another dabbler in creativity. Stubborn Taurus doesn't always want to follow rules when it comes to creativity, so while they'll sing along to songs they love, they may not be the greatest at being on pitch, though they don't care. Being artistic, to them, has two sides — they're either being creative to have fun or to bring some kind of major monetary reward. They're not making arts and crafts as a hobby unless it comes with friends and laughs or cash.


The need for money comes from being an earth sign focused on income and being able to show off that they have money. This is yet another sign that would do well putting their interest in creativity to work for them, perhaps as a party planner where they can spend time connecting with people, but also be compensated for the artistic works they've done with planning, scheduling, and hosting. Yes, they also make great hosts because they refuse to put up with anyone who refuses to have fun — they'll do what they can to get everyone singing karaoke (even if it means putting their own poor singing on display) or dancing on the dance floor.

Focused Capricorn

If you know a creative Capricorn, be sure to look at their natal chart to see which of the more creative signs are pushing their minds to play with color and creation. We're not saying Capricorn is not creative; they just tend to go at it differently. This industrious and hard working sign is usually innovative rather than creative. They're more likely to work in a lab, create robots, or mess with AI than grab a paintbrush. You may find them drawing schematics, though.


As a detailed and down-to-earth sign, Capricorn wants to get their hands on things and see how they work. They're not usually ones for flights of fancy, so you won't likely see them writing fairy tales or dreaming up Bob Ross-style landscapes on canvas. Of course, there are famously creative Capricorns, such as Dolly Parton. The singer not only shares her voice, but she's written books and created an entire country queen theme park with her name on it — because she's innovative and wants to get the most out of her talents. That's Capricorn when creativity does strike.