The Zodiac Signs That Seem To Be Good At Everything

Have you ever known someone who just seemed to excel at everything they try? From the arts to sports to business, they just have that special something that puts them one step ahead of the rest. Natural-born talent might seem to be genetic — or even random — but could it instead have something to do with the stars? Most astrologers would respond with a resounding yes.


Each sun sign has inherent skill in one area or another. Leos tend to have an aptitude for acting, while Taurus can really thrive in the kitchen (via StyleCaster). But when it comes to the multitalented, are mutable signs the truly blessed ones? "All four of these signs are dualistic and able to tap into many different interests with ease," Desiree Roby Antila, astrologer and author of "Sun Signs in Love," told Bustle. "They have the ability to become flexible in any environment."

Let's take a closer look at which zodiac signs seem to turn all they touch into gold.


The mutable Gemini zodiac sign is known for intellect, curiosity, and the capacity to do and be many things all at once. Symbolized by the twins, Gemini is an air sign and craves mental stimulation like no other. "The combination of their mutable modality and ruling planet Mercury, makes them incredibly versatile and intelligent," Desiree Roby Antila told Bustle. "They are known to learn different languages the easiest."


Gemini is open-minded and nonjudgemental, which may aid them in their pursuit of conquering uncharted territory. They inherently understand the concept of "mind over matter" and won't place limiting beliefs on themselves when they try something new. If you're a Gemini, you've likely been referred to as a shapeshifter who holds the power of embodying whatever energy a situation might require. This, along with an unparalleled sense of humor, is a stellar combination when it comes to success (via CoStar Astrology). Geminis rarely abandon a project and see hurdles as opportunities for expansion — a tip we could all benefit from when it comes to learning new skills.


The adventurous archers of the zodiac, happy-go-lucky Sagittariuses are also mutable signs, and if you're close with one, you likely know them to be a jack of all trades. These fire signs tend to be quite fearless, so jumping into a new hobby or vocation is done readily with a positive outlook (via Your Tango). "Because of their learnings along their adventurous lives, they pick up different languages, religions, and philosophies along the way," Desiree Roby Antila told Bustle.


While adventure tends to find Sagittarius, they also can't help but seek it out. When you're looking for new avenues to add an element of novelty and excitement into the mundane, chances are high that you'll find new skills along the way. Sagittarius is known to break the limiting shell of what's perceived as impossible, showing us new heights we couldn't previously fathom (via CoStar Astrology). They travel light, internally and externally, and without that baggage weighing them down, they are truly free to explore both the globe and the vastness of the psyche. 


Chances are high Virgo was one of the zodiac signs to pop into your mind when considering who seems to be good at just about everything, and there's ample reason for that. Virgos are known for their organization, perfectionism, drive, and determination (via Your Tango). Basically, if a Virgo wants to accomplish something, they will, and nothing can get in their way. Of the mutable signs, Sagittarius and Gemini may have a little more fun reaching their goals, but Virgo doesn't tire and is likely to be first at the finish line.


Virgos are some of the most independent people of the zodiac and they don't have time for distractions — which means 100% of that energy and focus is applied to their aspirations (via EliteDaily). While success is huge for Virgos, they tend to be humble, and their trophies truly are for their own pleasure, not something to boast about or show off to others.


As a fixed sign, Aquarius is committed to being the change they wish to see in the world. They are sturdy in their determination, and their creativity is unmatched (well, perhaps with the exception of Pisces). These qualities are the perfect concoction for success, meaning Aquarius also makes the list of zodiac signs that seem to be good at everything. While they may have an air of stubbornness about them, this characteristic is more of an anchor that prevents Aquarius from giving up too soon (via liveaboutdotcom).


Aquarius are the change makers, and it's their innovation that may help them approach learning a new skill in a way no one else has. They also have the capacity to self-reflect and see where they might have done better, giving them a step up from the competition (via Your Tango). Aquarius signs are great entrepreneurs and inventors, always concerning themselves with the future rather than the past.