4 Zodiac Signs That Are One With Nature

Some crave the quiet and solace of the natural world more than others and it's possible this could have something to do with the cosmic thumbprint of our astrological charts. You may guess that those who seem to be highly in sync with the natural world are the earth signs. But while they may have an affinity for the outdoors and gardening, that doesn't exactly paint the whole picture. Some thrive on the bright lights of big cities while others need the replenishment of fresh mountain air, hiking trails, and clear streams in order to feel grounded, whole, and well.


If your ideal weekend involves hiking boots or a tent, chances are strong you have strong Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, or Sagittarius placements in your birth chart. Not only do these signs spend a lot of time in nature, but they are also likely to embody the magnetic mother nature energy we all know and love. Here's a closer look at the signs that are one with nature.

Intuitive Cancer

Ruled by the moon, this luminary sign is bound to be caught near the seaside and tends to be highly in tune with the rhythms of mother nature. A nurturer at heart, Cancer is known as the mother of the zodiac and can easily tap into the calming, empathetic energies of nature with little to no effort. They are likely to spend a lot of time outdoors with their families and if they become parents, Cancer will pass on their love of the natural world to their children.


Highly in touch with the waters of their emotional world, Cancers tend to be healers — just as nature is. If you're ever in a rough spot, try calling up your Cancer friend and ask them to join you for a walk in the woods. It's hard not to feel soothed by the sign and the magic of the earth. And remember, Cancers tend to be givers, so make sure you are filling their cup in return too.

Earthy Taurus

Luxurious, yet laid-back Taurus embodies the earthy energy we all associate with a nature lover. This grounded, fixed sign tends to have an impressive green thumb and can often be found clipping herbs in their garden and watering their numerous house plants. While they may not always be up for the more rigorous outdoor activities, Taurus can easily spend hours reading in a hammock surrounded by the lush green of their backyard or on a picnic blanket with friends, taking in the scenery and indulging in some fine foods.


Taurus placements may also enjoy going barefoot and earthing to feel a connection to the planet or revive a sense of well-being and joy within themselves. These bulls tend to be most compatible with other earth signs and water signs, who will no doubt enjoy nature too. They radiate Earth goddess vibes everywhere they go and tend to take a more natural approach to beauty, style, and aesthetics. They may also gravitate towards natural color palettes in their home decor and personal fashion.

Dreamy Pisces

Highly intuitive and deeply spiritual, Pisces needs to regularly immerse themselves in the calm, mystery of nature to cleanse and release. These intuitive souls are deeply connected to the psychic realms and can sometimes feel drained by the happenings of the physical reality. Being in the presence of trees, rivers, lakes, mountains, and oceans is like a spiritual revamp for Pisces placements who just seem to gravitate to the serenity of nature.


As a water sign, Pisces is attuned to the rhythms of mother nature and will feel claustrophobic in the congestion of town if they don't regularly set out to convene with the motion of the rivers and streams. Meditating, journaling, and practicing breathwork in the wild while gaining a sense of alignment are key for these dreamy placements. Pisces show their love in relationships through deep connection and will likely want to share their favorite wilderness destinations with you. These fish truly are one with nature and if they don't have a chance to regularly fill their well with the magic of the outdoors, there will likely be an obvious imbalance in their energy levels.

Adventurous Sagittarius

While these archers may take a different approach to connect with nature than the water and earth signs, Sagittarius is the brave adventurer of the zodiac, and exploring the great outdoors comes naturally to them. Backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, ziplining — whatever has the potential to give these fiery signs a thrill, they are sure to seek out. Their up-for-anything attitude makes them the ideal travel buddy and you're likely to find them on the mountain tops, howling with joy.


If you have a Sagittarius in your life, you've likely heard them daydream about selling all their possessions and living the simple life in a van, endlessly exploring the natural wonders of the country. While many of us may share this fantasy, Sagittarius is most likely to actually make it happen. They aren't ones to be bound by society, responsibilities, or desk jobs. These signs are one with nature in the wildest sense of the word.