How Does A Pisces Show Love In Relationships?

Love languages are one of the defining forms of communication in a relationship. When it comes to learning more about you or your partner's love expression, one of the best places to look is someone's birth chart. The astrological birth chart holds a wealth of knowledge with different planet placements and houses that represent a layered array of detailed personal attributes (via Astrology). If you happen to see any Pisces, you can bet you've found signs of a hopeless romantic, even in the slightest form.

According to expert astrologers at Tarot, Pisces thrive off love because of their ability to see the best in everyone. They are incredibly idyllic and connect on a soul level with everyone in their life. Love is constantly seeping through the fabric of their reality, and they are endlessly looking to create magic with themselves and others. If you find yourself in a relationship with these dreamers, there are countless ways you could feel their love

Love for them is a fantasy made real

As a water sign, Pisces are immensely creative and feel on a deep heartfelt level, according to Café Astrology. They are almost psychic in nature, operating from a soul level that has deep desires and emotional needs. Their water energy makes them vessels of creativity, bursting with feelings at all times. Their inspirational nature, paired with a need for emotional connection, makes them incredibly creative in showing love. Someone with heavy Pisces energy has likely written a poem for a lover, sang a song to their partner, or planned a surprise dinner with plot twists and turns. Not only will they adore devising a love-filled date, but they'll equally cherish your enjoyment, being the intuitive lovers they are.

According to astrologers at The Times of India, the Pisces fish is extraordinarily imaginative. As the last sign of the zodiac, they represent ascension, connection to the divine, and spiritual attunement. These lovers crave fantasy and want nothing more than to experience it with a lover. They would easily plan a date at the park to read poetry together and hopefully merge souls. 

They genuinely love everyone

Pisces are the last sign of the zodiac, and according to Astrotalk, that gives them the superpower of empathy. As the final zodiac, they represent having transcended all stages of the human experience and therefore have the ability to relate to everyone. They essentially have a little bit of each sign in their cosmic makeup. So not only are they hyper-sensitive and intuitive, but they are hyper-empathic. They have a genuine love for all beings and want everyone to feel comfortable for the sake of lightness in the air.

Making conversation with a Pisces is easy and nurturing. They can relate to anyone on the planet and, despite constantly being in their own world, would make friends with a stranger in a heartbeat. These heartthrobs are constantly loving on those around them simply because they believe everyone deserves it. As natural empaths, they are perceptive to more than most and probably notice things you wouldn't even about yourself (via The Times of India). They are some of the best gift-givers because they'll notice small things like something that caught your eye in a store months ago. There is no stopping these hopeless romantics from endlessly giving their partners what they deserve. Careful, though. Pisces are constantly living and creating their own fairytale. If you're not willing to put on the rose-tinted lenses with them, don't bother.